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Content is the fuel driving most marketing activities today, including social media, inbound marketing, and demand generation. Compelling content is an essential tool to help move prospects along the buyer’s journey to a closed sale. The creation of high quality content currently remains a time consuming and laborious process for marketing departments. Notably, content marketing is one of the few marketing disciplines that has yet to be automated. TechValidate is a pioneer and leader in the marketing content automation field. 

Our on-demand offering is the first and only automated platform that collects and transforms customer experience data into credible content for use across all key marketing and sales communication channels. Unlike other content marketing offerings that focus solely on managing the process of creating content, TechValidate is the industry’s only solution that systematically creates actual marketing content. Leveraging our leadership position in marketing content automation, we expanded our product suite in 2014 to include two new core offerings: Customer Insights and Market Research. Generate market research to inform B2B product and marketing decisions. TechValidate acts not only as a marketing content automation platform, but also as a trusted authority for the data our platform publishes. 

TechValidate was founded in 2007 by Brad O’Neill and Steve Norall, industry veterans who have spent their careers building world-class software companies, and is headquartered in Emeryville, CA. Now Part of SurveyMonkey. In August 2015, TechValidate was acquired by SurveyMonkey, the global leader in survey software. 

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The 11 Best Social Media Automation Tools For Content Marketers

If you want to save your time while working on your digital marketing strategy, then you should take the assistance of some social media automation tools. To make things easier for you, I have shortlisted the 12 best social media automation tools that every content marketers should use in 2018. Agora Pulse has perhaps the most comprehensive feature-set out of any of these social media automation tools. Not only can you plan and schedule content across six different social networks, but you can also track your performance, collaborate with your team, and set up an evergreen sharing schedule for reposting content time and time again. Publish social media content according to your schedule across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube. 

Hootsuite is one of the most widely used social media automation tools out there. Apart from scheduling your content, you can also analyze which content worked well in the past and publish your previously posted content again. The bulk uploading of content and the maintenance of a social media calendar certainly makes it an automation tool of the future. The number of social media platforms might not be as extensive as other tools, but it has distinctive features for social listening and competitor monitoring as well. These social media automation tools are designed to be helpful and are sure to save you time in 2018. 

Whether you are a small business owner or a social media manager in a large corporation, these tools will be of great assistance to you. CoFounder of Socialert, he believes in coming up with engaging tools to redefine the face of social media marketing. 

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Easy Content Automation with Zapier

Finding exciting and relevant content for an advocacy program is no easy task. There are tools out there that help make this easier, but nothing that allows for easy distribution of that content to others. What we need is a way to connect your advocates to a variety of content types and sources in a seamless way. This integration will allow you to source content with minimal effort in order to connect your advocates to the content that’s most important and relevant to them. Through Zapier, Bambu can now connect to over 500+ apps and content sources supported in the Zapier app directory, making your life that much easier. 

This allows content curators to automatically add content to Bambu from external sources such as websites, RSS feeds, social profiles, Feedly and more for a much easier curation and distribution process. Our Chrome extension allows for easy story curation when browsing the web, while our Original Stories feature gives you the power to create original content in Bambu quickly. With content automation through Sources, curating content for your advocates gets even easier. Scouring the web for new and interesting content is a thing of the past thanks to Zapier. We’ve put together a collection of frequently used content sources that illustrate how you can automatically source content easily into Bambu. 

We are always working hard to ensure that your organization can provide content to your advocates in an efficient and easy way. With Zapier, we’ve made it easier for you to connect to more content sources and applications in Bambu than ever before. 

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Why Automation is the Future of Content Creation

The future of content creation lies with intelligent content. Only by developing structured reusable content, enriched with metadata and supported by intelligent content technologies, can you hope to meet the ever-changing content needs of your customers and the proliferation of channels and devices they use to consume it. If you’re a small shop and you try to do more than simple content marketing you might find you’re overstretched. If you incorporate intelligent content strategies to multiply the reach of your content, you can be a so-called small company with a big footprint. Once the content is structured and tagged, the main work is done; everything else can be automated. 

Marketers should start in a small, manageable area where they can identify pain points, create an intelligent content strategy, and test their processes and technology before scaling up to a broader area. Good content delivered in a way that resonates with your customers with a little bit of added technology will be successful. Your content needs to be a set of LEGO building blocks. Determine an optimum way to structure all the types of content you create so that you can quickly and easily pick up a template and fill in the content. Stop wasting your time; design and develop intelligent content. 

Figure the structure out, pour your content into it, automatically extract content as needed, publish it everywhere! Spend your time on the part that adds value: the content! What authors won’t do is re-create the same content over and over for each channel and each usage. 

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