Zaphne – Content Automation News for 07-16-2018

Broadcast Automation

Is a leading developer and supplier of automation, channel in a box and content management solutions for TV broadcasters, service providers, and cable and satellite operators. Our products are flexible, reliable and scalable, and designed to cater for all channel types. Our innovative solutions manage acquisition, file-based workflows, archiving and multi-channel playout at large and small installations worldwide. 

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JoomConnect: The MSP Marketing, Website & ConnectWise Integration Platform

You understand the value of process and running your entire business in one, complete business operating system. Extend ConnectWise to your website with JoomConnect, and provide your users with a unified single login to your services and start automating your marketing campaigns, sales activities, and client requests. Updating the MSP Website is fast and simple; never suffer from stagnant content ever again! 

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Automated Bill Payment & Accounts Payable Solutions

Procure-to-Pay automation is all about eliminating manual processes and becoming more efficient. Believe it, or not, some companies still cut checks, process paper invoices, and have other manual purchasing processes in place. P2P Automation streamlines the entire process from procurement all the way through payment for enhanced reporting, optimal spending, and better budgeting for your entire organization. 

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Your Connection for Home Theater, Electronics, Automation, Reviews, Photos, Info and More.

Whether it’s Home Theater, Whole-House Audio, or Smart Home Controls and Lighting, the Electronic House Email Newsletter has all the know-how, information and inspiration you need to embark on making your home an Electronic House. Delivered to your inbox twice weekly, our newsletter includes a look at our latest Homes of the Week, technology products and solutions, tips for project planning, and more. 

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Harnessing marketing automation for B2B content marketing

Our study adds to current literature, as it investigates Social Media mainly from a perspective of enterprises providing information, rather than utilizing information via Social Media. 2016 find that the usage of social media within B2B marketing saves time for buyers, linking it to their buying behavior. We suggest that buying frequency might hereby be an influential factor on using Social media. 

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Automated Text & Data Processing Freeware

Replace Genius is a free, versatile automation utility for manipulating text and data files, including Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. Think of it like a Find & Replace command on steroids! It is built to process each line according to the rules you set. With ten specialized functions and a rich set of options and filters it will let you quickly process your data to suit your unique needs. 

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The Source for Critical Information and Insight.

Who We Are We are the leading source of information, insight and analytics in critical areas that shape the technology ecosystem-from materials and components, to devices and equipment, to end markets and consumers. Clients worldwide rely on the independent insights of our 300+ analysts in sectors spanning IT, telecom, media, industrial, automotive, electronics, solar and more. 

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Automated sample preparation experts

Proprietary Technology High turnover of fluid volume for rapid homogeneity and dissolution. Proprietary Technology, focused pulverization of whole solids into powders, enhancing rapid extraction. Proprietary Technology designed to enhance tortuous and turbulent flow for rapid extraction of dosage forms. Proprietary Technology, say goodbye to glassware, cleaning and carryover. 

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Automation Solutions

Today’s business world is more competitive than ever as advances in technology disrupt every industry. To remain relevant, you need to free up resources to focus on strategic imperatives that drive revenue, retain customers and enable agility. Automation solutions from CA achieve this by automating all business processes to deliver the fully automated agile enterprise. 

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Facebook Automation

Facebook is one of the hottest social media sites, and it is an effective way to reach new leads and build customer engagement. Share stories, pictures and videos, run special promotions and contests and keep your company page up to date with automated daily posting. Organize your time seamlessly with automated posting, campaign start and end dates and targeted posts. 

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SEO Automation Platform Content Marketing Automation

YO.CA CANADA’S YOUNG OLYMPIANS START HERE. With 1,000 youth athletes decending in August 2013 to connect, compete and strive for their future, The Canadian Legion wanted to harness the creative spirit of youth and each athlete as a Growth Hacker. In a private social network each each athlete has access to an array of content marketing tools. 

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Comprehensive IP Video Architecture

Harmonic helps content and service providers keep up – and stay ahead of the curve. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of video delivery infrastructure solutions, all optimized to make your production, distribution and delivery networks more efficient, less expensive to operate, and capable of delivering superior-quality video to any device. 

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Spirent iTest

Spirent iTest delivers a fully automated TaaS authoring and execution solution. Using iTest, manual testers and automation specialists produce automated and reusable tests quickly and efficiently. This empowers continuous testing within the development cycle to dramatically increase bug detection rates prior to product release or service production deployment. 

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Deliver better software, faster

In order to move faster and deliver better software, organizations need to scale automation broadly and deeply across their hybrid infrastructure and applications, including Dev and Ops. We call this the journey to pervasive automation, and while progress has its ups and downs, it’s how modern businesses prepare and adapt for tomorrow’s challenges. 

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