Zaphne – Content Automation News for 07-12-2018

Drives & Motors

We offer a wide selection of PowerFlex® AC and DC variable frequency drives and Kinetix® servo drives that are all designed for flexibility, productivity, and ease of use. Our VFDs handle both low voltage and medium voltage applications, with a wide range of power ratings. Kinetix servo drives offer the right size and feature set to handle a broad range of applications from single axis component drives to multi-axis modular drives. We offer solutions that are designed to help you simplify machine design while you improve system performance. Various motors that are designed for optimum performance and service life round out this offering. 

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Workflow and Content Automation

One of the first things enterprises must do to improve business processes is identify and migrate workflows away from paper-based systems. Workflow and Content Automation is a new enterprise software category for automating business workflows, document processes, and transactions. WCA technologies can automate workflows and produce intelligent documents with valuable data analytics that make businesses more productive. We help our clients choose WCA solutions that accelerate how quickly information flows between enterprises, people, and important business systems to accelerate process cycle times and increase accuracy. 

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Robotic Process Automation Leader

In Bancolombia we are leveraging our Intelligent Process Automation ecosystem to transform our business and meet our strategic objectives. Automation Anywhere has been a fundamental ally in the development of our transformation. With the help of our partners, we have implemented more than 100 bots in our first year and continue to expand our digital workforce combining human capabilities, RPA, cognitive and analytics to deliver a world-class customer experience. Our partners are leading change across industries, around the globe We Have Automated. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. 

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Workflow Automation & Management

Nintex prefers to call what we do workflow and content automation, but we recognize that a lot of people are familiar with other terms like Business Process Management, Business Process Modeling, Business Process Improvement, Business Process Reengineering, Business Process Automation, and others. We’re not interested in getting academic about it and splitting hairs about things like what’s BPM vs. BPA. We help companies improve the way they work. With the Nintex Workflow Platform you can create, improve, and reengineer business processes. 

We go about it a different – dare we say better – way. 

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Design Automation Conference

EXHIBITOR BOOTH STAFF REGISTRATION. A booth staff badge allows access to your company’s booth on the exhibit floor including before, during, and after exhibit hours, and all Keynote Sessions. Each person working your booth must register for a badge; badges are required inside the convention center at all times. If you have 10 or more booth staff personell to register at one time, please use this upload template for easier registration. Qualified journalists and bloggers are invited to register for DAC Media Credentials. 

All requests for press and/or blogger credentials are subject to review and approval. 

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Test Automation for GUI Testing

Accelerate testing for desktop, web and mobile applications. Ranorex Studio empowers testers with a complete toolset for end-to-end testing of desktop, web and mobile applications in a single license. Automate tests on a Windows desktop, and then execute them locally or remotely, on real iOS or Android mobile devices or on simulators/emulators. Run tests in parallel and accelerate cross-browser testing for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and more. With Ranorex Studio, you and your team will spend less time resolving issues with unstable tests and more time assessing the quality of your application. 

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Test Automation Solution Accelerator

In this digital age, the presence of too many platforms, OS versions and different screen sizes is challenging for developers and testers, to release bug-free apps, on time. Specialized resources are required for writing different scripts for iOS and Android. Adding to the complexity is the Agile and DevOps world, wherein new features get developed and tested continuously. Test automation is getting increasingly adopted to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of software testing. This diagram illustrates the typical deployment architecture of AccuRate and integration to third party systems. 

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Behavioural email marketing

Improve your Behavioural email marketing with our hub page. Use our hub pages as a reference to get up-to-speed on all the main digital marketing techniques. They will help you quickly understand how to make the most of the technique through definitions and recommendations on our member resources and blog articles covering strategy, best practices and the latest statistics. Behavioural email marketing works by producing super-relevant emails since they’re sent based on previous customer behaviour like signing up for an email, purchasing a product, doing a search or baling out of a shopping basket. 

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The Marketing Language Cloud

ABOUT PERSADO Persado is the Marketing Language Cloud; AI generated language that resonates the most with any audience, segment or individual. Imagine having a data scientist and a copywriter for each person in your audience; you get the language that performs and the analytics explaining why, resulting in more business and unseen insights. Comprised of the world’s largest database, with over a million words and phrases tagged and scored for consumer marketing, Persado’s Marketing Language Cloud enables brands to increase acquisition and retention while building long term consumer relationships. 

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