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powerful image recognition APIs for automated categorization & tagging in the cloud and on-premises.

Imagga – powerful image recognition APIs for automated categorization & tagging in the cloud and on-premises. IDC named Imagga as one of the innovators for 2016 in Worldwide Image Analytics Market. Train our image A.I. to better organize your photos in your own list of categories. Let colors bring meaning to your product’s photos. 

Automated adult image content moderation trained on state of the art image recognition technology. Tavisca services power thousands of travel websites and enable tourists and business people all over the world to pick the right flight or hotel. By implementing Imagga’s powerful image categorization technology Tavisca was able to significantly improve the …. Read The Full Story. Imagga’s Auto-tagging API is used to automatically tag all photos from the Unsplash website. 

Providing relevant tags for the photo content is one of the most important and challenging tasks for every photography site offering huge amount of image content. 

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A Content Creation Toolkit

Phenomenal plugin, designed with a lot of careful thought and design. Makes it easy to create content from anything you find on the web. Bets plugin for content curation and comes with great support. In my search for curation plugins I had initially considered expresscurate as an option, but had not really started using it. Now that I have got a hand on how to use it, I really appreciate your thoughts that have gone in producing such a fine system for curation. 

For those looking for a content curation system this is perfect. I highly recommend this plugin for curating content. It is simple to setup and use and offers features found in paid plugins. A theme, plus a plugin, plus post creator, plus G+ authorship, plus a Chrome extension = expresscurate. Posting is very easy, especially when you use their Chrome plugin. 

All in all, great plugin and a great job to the team. Loving your plugin, and I’ve started testing it out and recommending it to my network of Bloggers/Podcasters/Facebook groups, etc. 

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Free Acrobat Automation Tools

These problems and more can be solved with Acrobat Automation. Acrobat provides methods for operating on multiple documents, creating custom toolbar buttons, compressing multi-step operations, and controlling Acrobat from external applications. The automation tools provided here are all examples showing how powerful using Acrobat JavaScript can be in decreasing task completion time, thus increasing productivity and efficiency. Other automation tools are available in the Members Only Area of this site. Feel free to browse the Download Library and read about the tools available. 

If you don’t see something you wish were there Contact us and let us know. We will be adding content on a regular basis and new content in always in development. We’ll happily add your request to the future content wish list. Each download is a zip file containing the automation script in a Folder Level JavaScript file and installation instructions. This toolbar button activates the automation script. 

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Enterprise Content Management Software

Delivering anywhere, anytime access to documents through the browser from any mobile device, GlobalSearch ECM software keeps processes consistent and your team productive, while offering the same power and capabilities as the desktop client. Integrate ECM software with the leading business programs including QuickBooks®, DropBox®, Salesforce®, Microsoft Dynamics™ and more. Gain full document capture and retrieval support right from the control panel of your office multi-functional printer. Granular security provides user-based sign-in access, keeping databases, archives, documents and feature-level security enforced. The audit trail logs all document actions by date and user with convenient filtering and export options, to provide full visibility into business output. 

GlobalForms web forms management provides a web-based alternative for replacing your paper forms with the efficiency of a digital forms process that steps up the flow of relevant information. 

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Workflow and Content Automation: The Smart Way Forward

Help your organization understand how to automate, manage and analyze your business processes, data and content. According to Aragon, the emerging Workflow and Content Automation category represents the consolidation of traditional workflow and content generation to support the needs of all businesses. WCA integrates workflow capabilities with document generation, then provides actionable insights through rich analytics. Digital Transformation: Workflow and content automation technologies are a key part of a content-focused digital business initiative. Digital Business Platforms: WCA is part of a larger trend that Aragon has identified as digital business platforms. 

These are platforms that automate all aspects of a business with different levels of focus. Empowered Users: As a business application WCA is designed to be used by business people and should require little to no programming. 

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