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About Us Composite Solutions & Automation

Automated Dynamics specializes in the design and manufacturing of advanced composite structures and high-performance automation equipment. Our team of technical sales engineers works closely with every client to solve complex engineering challenges and offer a partnership for the future. At Automated Dynamics, we are driven by the belief that tomorrow’s innovations are the solutions for today. Since 1984, we have been actively working with our clients to develop industry-leading composite structures that are well-suited for even the most demanding engineering environments. Beginning with our state-of-the-art automated processing equipment, we strive to stay at the forefront of composites technology and tirelessly work to push the boundaries of composite manufacturing. 

From our first meeting to the finished product, we commit to providing you with high-performing parts and equipment. Automated Dynamics takes performance in composites to a higher level by empowering the world to conceptualize, manufacture, and implement advanced composite solutions. 

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Page Automation

Because PhantomJS can load and manipulate a web page, it is perfect to carry out various page automations. Since the script is executed as if it is running on a web browser, standard DOM scripting and CSS selectors work just fine. The above example also demonstrates a way to customize the user agent seen by the remote web server. As of version 1.6, you are also able to include jQuery into your page using a page. The above snippet will open up a web page, include the jQuery library into the page, and then click on all buttons using jQuery. 

Make sure to put the exit statement within the page. IncludeJs or else it may exit prematurely before the javascript code is included. It specifies which part of the screen will be taken in the screenshot. The current library path, usually it’s the directory where the script is executed from. Where the sqlite3 localstorage and other offline data are stored. 

The settings which currently only has the useragent string page. The name of the browser window that is assigned by the WM. page. 

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EBE’s expertise in document imaging and in-cab scanning has led to the development of SHIPS Enterprise Process Management Solutions leveraging Automated Decision Support technology. These paperless, mobile-enabled solutions provide functionality to improve efficiency and exception visibility in every department within transportation and logistics operations. Integrating content management and workflow solutions with carriers’ enterprise applications such as dispatch, accounting, log auditing, and mobile communications creates a true automated decision support environment. Being able to read, interpret, apply business rules, and execute transactions automatically allows transportation providers to reduce staffing levels necessary to manage the exception events and transactions only. Using your company’s business rules, SHIPS applications present only the out-of-standard transactions to your personnel for review. 

This streamlines your business process and reduces staffing requirements, driving down costs and increasing profits. 

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Web Test Tools

Suggestions for category improvement are welcome; see bottom of this page to send suggestions. Check listed tool/vendor sites for latest product capabilities, supported platforms/servers/clients, etc; new listings are periodically added to the top of each category section; date of latest update is shown at bottom of this page. Load and Performance Test Tools Return to top of web tools listing. Mobile Web/App Testing Tools Return to top of web tools listing. Visual Regression Testing Tools Return to top of web tools listing. 

Web Services Test Tools Return to top of web tools listing. Note that many tools in the ‘Web Functional/Regression Test Tools’ section also have cross-browser testing capabilities. Note that some tools in the this section also have cross-browser testing capabilities and some have visual regression testing capabilities. Web Site Security Test Tools Return to top of web tools listing. External Site Monitoring Services Return to top of web tools listing. 

Other Web Test Tools Return to top of web tools listing. 

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Accurate Automation Corporation

Accurate Automation Corporation develops automation of land, sea, and air platforms. Accurate Automation Corporation is an innovative high technology firm located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. AAC specializes in advanced Unmanned Vehicles, Transient Voltage Supression devices, and other supporting technologies. Accurate Automation has been responsible for the design, development, testing, and manufacturing of Unmanned Systems. Accurate Automation has developed a number of USVs for the Navy. 

Some of our programs include UAVs such as the X-43A-LS, LoFLYTE®,and GLOV™. AAC is currently working on several USV contracts including launch and retrieval of a UAV from a USV(seen below). AAC is the unmanned boat supplier for the Navy Expeditionary Overwatch System. Our vehicles feature technologies such as our family of unique jet engines, advanced adaptive controllers, telemetry subsystems, and data acquisition systems. We also have innovative image compression and authentication tools for secure real time transmission via satellite. 

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Omni Automation and Workflow App

Omni Automation scripts as encoded links can be easily executed by the free Workflow app on iOS. Simply add the URL action to your workflow document and paste an Omni Automation script link into its input field. Follow the URL action with the Open URLs action and save the workflow. TIP: You can use the Web Console page to turn your Omni Automation scripts into links. When the workflow is run, the Omni Automation script will be executed. 

Here’s a short video demonstrating using the saved example as a Workflow extension. Here’s a workflow that converts Omni Automation script code on the clipboard into an Omni Automation script link and executes it. Save it as a Workflow extension and it will be widely available. Here’s a workflow that will insert the clipboard text contents into an Omni Automation script that creates a textbox containing the text, in the open OmniGraffle document. The process requires the use of multiple workflow variables and the search and replacement of an arbitrary placeholder string. 

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