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Automated Content Marketing: How To Build a Content Marketing Automation Strategy

Automated content marketing helps you to save some time, money and effort. You might think of robots producing videos and blog posts when you hear the phrase automated content marketing. Content marketing automation can involve content creation. Automated content marketing isn’t just one thing or another. It’s a range of tools to help marketers and brands improve their overall content marketing strategy. 

Perhaps the biggest benefit of automated content marketing is that it saves time. Content discovery tools, which recommend content based on specific keywords, allow you to easily relevant content. Saving time isn’t the only benefit of automated content marketing, nor is it the only way save money. Another benefit of content marketing automation is that it can often do the work of one or two people. Content curation tools rely on algorithms to mine content from across the web, and to recommend the content that’d be most relevant to your audience. 

Email marketing software, which sends out messages to customers based on their past behavior or purchases, is one example of automated content distribution. Putting together an automated content marketing strategy is pretty similar to putting together any other type of content marketing strategy. 

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Radio Automation

AudioVAULT FleX is a new look for the new world of radio. AudioVAULT FleX creates an environment that encourages talent to be creative as possible in delivering compelling content, building audience and increasing sales. AudioVAULT FleX provides the tools you need to work smarter and achieve more. Just like you, AudioVAULT FleX is focused on what goes out on the air. AudioVAULT FleX is an entire suite of powerful, specialized tools designed to support you in delivering the best, the richest, content to your listeners. 

All the Tools you need for managing, creating and delivering great content. You set up your AudioVAULT with screen presets based on your preferences and add modules as you need them. For one station or multiple stations, whether on-air, HD2 or internet-only. All the production tools you’ll ever need to create, download, rip and edit audio in advance or on the fly. Collaborate live with talent teams and update schedules across a cluster. 

Mobile App! – Brand New to FleX. Now you can stay connected with your AudioVAULT FleX system while away from the station. Whether you’re an engineer or air talent the FleX Mobile App gives you the features you need to securely interface with your AudioVAULT FleX while on the go. 

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DocStar Document Management and Automated AP Solutions

GovernmentThe cost effective, compliant solution for the Public Sector: Local, state and federal government agencies need to be more efficient to better serve citizens. Compliance with regulations and policies require agencies to keep records for several years, consuming human resources and increasing costs. DocStar government document management improves document retention timelines and provides instant access to any document; including invoices, contracts, personnel records, correspondence, compliance forms, spreadsheets, manuals, and citizen records. Historically, the most common means of obtaining situational awareness would be to identify what information is required for the mission and search through printed material, data repositories, Web links, news media, and voice communication. As many of you know, this manual process is very time-consuming and may not produce timely results. 

IT infrastructure and systems have to be developed to collect data and information from disparate sources, process the data into logical outputs, and push it to the user to make better and more informed decisions. The systematic process of obtaining the right information at the right place and time is optimized by geographic information. 

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Automated Marketing: Drip vs. Nurture

Earlier this week, I was interviewed by a reporter doing an article on nurture campaigns and, as I had been in so many conversations before, was surprised that she did not differentiate between drip and nurture marketing. I know many seasoned marketers who also do not follow separate protocols for these two disparate approaches to marketing. While you may well disagree with me, here’s how I see it and how we develop campaigns for our clients. BlastBlast campaigns are not automated, though you might well schedule a blast to deploy automatically. You’ll send out a single email making this announcement. 

Let’s suppose that you have a podcast series and each episode posts early Monday morning. DripDrip marketing is designed to keep you top of mind when your recipient is ready to enter or reenter the sales funnel-gentle reminders. The message is general and is sent to a general list. Think of the drip-irrigation system, from which this campaign style acquired its moniker. In order to determine the frequency of the drip, or touch, you will need to test or survey your audience. 

If you’re selling enterprise software, perhaps it’s more like once every two weeks. The span of time in between drips does not change the definition or purpose. 

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Local Marketing Automation & Solutions

The Swiss Army Knife of marketing tools, BrandBuilder® Local Marketing Suite is the only platform you need for compliant traditional and digital marketing materials. This all-in-one solution for funding, creating and executing local marketing campaigns binds your look, legal, and pricing standards in a sophisticated rules-and-database driven environment, with pre-approved creative templates to ensure compliance. Our SaaS platform dramatically reduces, and often eliminates, ad versioning and one-off requests all together, saving brands real money. Our platform guides local businesses through an easy workflow process to quickly locate creative templates for both traditional and digital tactics, allowing them to customize for local market differences and distribute each to local media or production vendors. Intuitive UX makes creating and editing any type of media easy, letting users see their materials during the customization process. 

Easy security setup lets you control who can edit specific materials. Seamless integration with co-op and print-on-demand. One shopping cart that uses corporate bill, credit card, and/or co-op. Advanced reporting and dashboards to track usage, logins, and performance of marketing campaigns. 

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