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Browser Automation

For a detailed explanation of the various command line options please see the section on command line switches. The iMacros Browser and the iMacros Sidebar for IE support several command line options that control the behaviour of the browser. The most important part of a batch file that starts iMacros is the command line to start the browser. This command supports several command line options that control the behaviour of the browser. Because the iMacros Browser emulates Internet Explorer the same dialogs appear in the iMacros Browser too. 

Important: You can insert the ONDIALOG, ONLOGIN dialog commands anywhere in the macro but it has to be before the TAG command that triggers the dialog. iMacros fills all login dialogs for you using the ONLOGIN command. iMacros handles all Javascript dialog boxes for you using the ONDIALOG command. iMacros will then insert a SAVEAS command in the macro, holding information about the format and the location where the file is saved. See SAVE ELEMENT SCREENSHOT. 

This command is similar to SAVEITEM, which is the default command for image downloading. Click on the element you wish to download and iMacros will produce a command like. The PROXY command instructs the iMacros Browser to connect to the Internet through a proxy server by using the settings you specify. 

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RicohDocs Document Management System Software, File Management System

RicohDocs is a complete office automation system that enables the users to automate all the business processes with absolute ease. No matter how complicated a task is, with RicohDocs you can handle it smoothly, within a short period of time. It’s a software that has been designed to create, store, collect, convey and manipulate different types of office information for handling basic business processes. Right from electronic transfer and raw data storage to managing the electronic business information, one can handle all the business processes using RicohDocs. A state of the art office automation software like RicohDocs helps businesses experience countless possibilities of expansion. 

There are certain definite benefits of using an office automation platform like RicohDocs. These include easy management, smart monitoring, significant energy savings, reduced operational costs, improved productivity, and optimum usage of resources. RicohDocs helps reduce the involvement of the professionals in the tedious regular tasks. It helps organize the process of documentation and record creation. As an advanced office automation tool, it helps in process automation using workflow, document management and records management. 

This, in turn, proves to be beneficial for organizations of different sizes. 

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The Case For Content Automation

Like marketing automation before it, content automation is about to take center stage. We don’t think of content as something that can be automated. In my most recent round of meetings with companies huge and not so huge, I continued to be struck by how difficult it can be to truly understand and organize all the content a company produces. This problem is not getting easier as publishers and content marketers explore more efficient ways to produce even more content at an increasing rate. Content automation extends from the developing fields of semantic analysis and natural language processing. 

Basically, these technologies make it possible to read and organize each individual piece of content in an automated way that’s standardized and reusable. What I do need to call out is the business case for content automation. As content marketing parallels the growth rate of marketing automation, its extension into content is inevitable. Content is an asset and, like every asset in the digital age, it will need to be automated. Given the sheer volume of content and customers, a manual approach to determining that engagement factor is no longer an option. 

There are other compelling reasons to urgently consider content automation. Your company undoubtedly has unleashed a vast amount of content. 

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Enterprise Content Management, Workflow Automation

Enterprise content management is crucial to your business. If your team doesn’t have access to the documents they need – when and where they need them – valuable resources are wasted while they search. With IntelliChief’s document management software, you’ll have a simpler and more intuitive way to securely store, share, and access your documents electronically. IntelliChief doesn’t just allow you to electronically store and retrieve documents. Our document management solutions can help you become more efficient across all of your company’s departments. 

Simplify audits by organizing records in an electronic document repository. Adhere to federal record retention requirements by automatically deleting documents at the end of their lifecycle. Avoid processing delays by immediately routing documents from one recipient to the next. An Enterprise Content Management System That Grows As You Do. You’re constantly thinking about growing your business – and we are too. 

Of course, when it comes to document management software, reliability is crucial. With this in mind, you can confidently choose IntelliChief as a long-term partner for enterprise content management. IntelliChief has helped countless companies work smarter with our automated document management services. 

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