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Share and PowerShell

We had a client who had a fairly complicated Content Type scenario, over 150 Content Types spread over 8 levels of inheritance with untold columns. Then we discovered an issue and needed to publish every single one of those content types. This is the classic example of where PowerShell should be used but awkwardly they’d been burnt with PowerShell publishing before. As such we had a flat edict, no PowerShell publishing of content types. It must go through the GUI. 

A post i’d seen recently by Dr James McCaffrey popped into my head. It was about using PowerShell to automate testing of web applications using PowerShell. In our case we want to go to the page to publish one of our content types. Now PowerShell moves fast, so we’ll need to wait for Javascript to catch up. Now we’re there, let’s get the publish button. 

Now you might think that we’ve done all we need to do here and slap it into a foreach loop and be done with it. Of course you can’t do that as you need to give IE time to send that request using our good old friend Javascript. Nor does it need any significant rights, as long as the account you use has permision to get into that site collection and publish content types then that’s all they need. In this case, the GUI that microsoft were kind enough to provide us for when it’s too awkward to find the PowerShell console. 

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automated content marketing – Learn More about Software for Content Automation

It’s exciting, exhilarating, and yes, exhausting all at the same time. One of your biggest problems, whether you have a brick and mortar business or one that’s strictly online, is probably getting and keeping customers buying your products or services. If it’s an online business, you may have tried SEO and even PPC to get your site noticed. Either way, it’s important to be fully aware that your best bet is effective automated online marketing. At KioMedia we offer an automated content marketing system that gives you an entire arsenal of marketing tools for delivering consistent relevant content. 

This includes launching articles, editorials, social media posts, video marketing summaries, and so much more in the world of online marketing. All of this will build the crucial authority for your website, as well as your products, services, and brand in the online marketplace. No Robots or AI. In addition, we will post all of the content for you, both on social media and on your website. We’ll get your online marketing campaign where it needs to be in 15 minutes or less. 

Yes, it’ll be up-and-running and live in that amount of time. When you have us handle all of your online marketing, you can spend your time focusing on your business. Sometimes it probably seems like there are not enough hours in the day to just run your business. 

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You can create a pack when you want to share WFA content with the Storage Automation Store. You can create a pack by creating the pack information file and merging it with the WFA content thatis saved as a.dar file. Export the content to be shared as a.dar file. Create the pack information file: Navigate to the WFA Install base/bin/ directory. Enter values for the following mandatory options in the pack information file: Pack name. 

Create the pack: wfa-pack pack create -info=pack info file -dar=dar file path – output=new pack file path. You can save user-created OnCommand Workflow Automation content as a.dar file and share the content with other users. The WFA content might include the entire user-created content or specific items such as workflows, finders, commands, and dictionary terms. Export the necessary content: If you want to… Do this… 

Export all user-created content as a single. Dar file a. Click Administration > Export All.b. In the Export As dialog box, specify a file name for the. Export specific content a. 

Navigate to the required window from where you want to export content. b. Select one or more content from the window and click c. In the Export As dialog box, specify a file name for the. 

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Automation Organizer

Automation Organizer is the IDEC automation software suite that combines the intuitive WindLDR and WindO/I-NV2, NV3, NV4 software with the new system layout and configuration tool, WindCFG, into one package. The combined software will give users a powerful tool to design, debug and document their control systems. Existing Automation Organizer users can easily upgrade their current AO software to the up-to-date version providing all the recent feature additions, enhancements and bug fixes for FREE! Our latest software suite Automation Organizer combines our most intuitive WindLDR, WindO/I-NV2, and the new WindO/I-NV3 and WindO/I-NV4 software with the configuration tool, WindCFG. Download Automation Organizer. 

Try the full version of AO software free for 30 days. Installing the Demo version will expose you to the complete Automation Organizer experience and provide you with access to the intuitive WindLDR PLC, WindO/I-NV2 HMI and WindO/I-NV3 SmartAXIS Touch programming software. In addition you will be able to create projects, save programs, and use every feature found in a fully licensed version. Once you decide to purchase the licensed version you can use any of the saved projects and programs created in the DEMO software. Click below to download or request a mailing of the Demo installation file. 

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