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Marketing Content Automation

By implementing automation, your team can simplify production tasks and create compliant marketing communications in record time. That’s exactly what one of our clients does using our automation system. Many of our clients cut their overall production time by 50% and get their communications out in record time. The key to achieving time-to-market goals is data velocity. That’s why our clients love us, because automating investment data management processes is our specialty. 

Our platform helps you collect data from every source, in any format into a centralized database. We validate, transform, and calculate the data and store it in one clean, central database for marketing use. Your whole team can rest assured that regulatory standards are met and DATA is reliably sourced and accurate. We streamline some of the most complex workflows imaginable, enabling global marketing and sales teams to get more work done with amazing results. Our automation software is very flexible, meaning it will wrap seamlessly around your designs, content, DATA, and communication plan to meet your exact needs. 

Centralize your key marketing assets in one place to generate compliant documents, web content,and emails. Store your images, copy, disclosures, art files, templates, and data feeds and leverage them to created automated content with accurate and consistent data across your communication mediums. 

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Word automation with Delphi

In current versions of my Windows Pk programs I have hard-coded a monitoring form which seem to satisfy no one. It occurred to me that the easiest way to do this would be to start with a template in M$ Word format which the user could customize to fit their needs. Considering the ubiquity of M$ Word, it is quite likely that most users have already designed their own monitoring forms in Word format. There would be specific words within the document that would be automatically replaced with patient specific data before printing. The only part I would need to code is the search and replace function in M$ Word. 

There are many experts on various support groups who have posted object pascal code which claims to automate this functionality in Word. None of these code samples worked for me, probably because I am still using Microsoft Office ’97. Don’t judge me, it still works and does everything that I need a so-called ‘word processor’ to do. After hours of googling and trial and error, I found the following code works in most versions of M$ Word. Here is the function to open, search and replace, and print a Word document in Delphi:[delphi]procedure PrintMonitor(PrinterName:String, WordDocName:String);var. 

ReplaceString, // replace with.2); // replace all. The code works on my ancient version of Word, and Word 2003, but I can’t guarantee that it will work in all versions. 

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Here’s Why You Should Automate Your Facebook Posts

You can’t be online ALL THE TIME to post updates, respond to comments, add friends, suggest likes, etc. Scheduling posts to decrease the time you have to be on Facebook. Sharing & re-sharing an event Running & sharing a Facebook contest on your page Spreading out your posts so you don’t flood your followers with tons of updates at once. According to Facebook, posts by 3rd party apps are not treated differently in the news feed than manual posts. So as a page owner, there’s no reason NOT to use a tool to schedule your posts. 

Doing so will free up time & help you be more organized than you’d be if you were posting whenever you felt like it – or whenever you happen to be on your page. Commenting on posts – some 3rd party apps let you do this Sending Direct Messages on Twitter. There are also some tools out there – I won’t mention any names – that allow page owners to automatically send a reply to posts, comments and/or messages on pages. I’ve seen pages post the same exact regurgitated response on their page to 5 people in a row – completely turning everyone off & exposing them for the fakes they are! I’m obviously going to recommend Post Planner to achieve this! 

Sometimes Post Planner will be the best fit, sometimes it won’t. If that means not diluting the product by making it post to Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and every other social network, then we won’t do it. 

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Automatic Table of Contents

Any long page of content with distinct and well marked up content can benefit from a table to contents. A table of contents provides a quick way to jump down the page to the desired section. Of course you can create a table of contents manually, but it may be smart to build it dynamically on-the-fly with JavaScript. It’s easier – write the JavaScript once and it can create the Table on Contents on every page you need it. It’s still accessible – A table of contents is good for the general concept of accessibility, but it is a bonus and nearly all screen readers run JavaScript. 

A long page of different parts you wish to link to could be marked up a bunch of ways. A perfectly legit page full of headers with IDs and the content between them. Our goal is to inject HTML on the page in the form of a table of contents. The

‘s on our page indicate each section we wish to link to, so we’ll find them all with a jQuery selector, then loop through each of them. We need 1) the text of each header, which we will turn into a link and 2) the ID of each header which we can turn into a href attribute for that link. 

Now you’ll need to decide just exactly where you want this newly formed table to contents to be injected onto the page. For a bit of extra flair in the demo, I used the :target selector to highlight the title of the question when you jump down the page to it. 

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