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Image categorization API based on machine learning

Image categorization API based on machine learning Automatically categorize your image content. See Demo Get started in a minute, make sense of your image content with Imagga! Image content. Let’s say your project relies on user-generated or crawled image content. There might be tons of images and here comes the big hassle…. 

Hassle. These images come without any structured meta-data, so you can’t really take advantage of them. So far you could either sort the images manually, using expensive human labor, or in most of the cases – present them in a random order. Using Imagga’s Categorization API, you can categorize all these photos in an automated fashion! Your images are parsed through our Categorization API, we analyze them and suggest the categories they represent. 

The API can be trained to recognize if the user-uploaded image has a chair, sofa, table, TV set, bath, and so on. Then the website can present the products in a neatly sorted set of categories instead of a random unsorted mess of images. Processing large volumes of photos is a problem, which every organization that needs to handle image content relates to. They benefit from Imagga’s Categorization API that automatically sorts their carpet images based on custom-defined patterns types like ‘solid’, ‘linear’, ‘geometric’, and ‘graphic’. The Designer Pages’ team saves hundreds of hours that would otherwise be spent to manually categorize carpet images. 

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Autoblogging Software to Schedule and Automate WordPress Posting

Professional blog posting software to post or schedule posts on your WordPress blogs instantly. You can drip feed posts, randomize, and schedule posts all automatically. To automate and schedule WP posting! Schedule 1000’s of SEO friendly articles to drip feed your blogs and maintain post velocity. Instantly build high quality, high PageRank, ‘Google Friendly’ blogs automatically! 

Schedule articles to be posted in randomized orders – prevents footprints! Load article directories in bulk to Automate WordPress blogs. Automatically grabs correct post titles and tags from the article to post. Scheduled posts can be ‘post dated’ or ‘future dated’ for easy automation! Choose random posting intervals – Days, Hours, Minutes, or Seconds. 

Maintain posting times to post during certain times of the day! Set the maximum number of posts to be posted per day on each blog. Drip feed you money sites with high quality content to maintain posting velocity! Create valuable blog networks with the click of a button. Automate ALL WordPress posting months, EVEN YEARS in advance! 

Get all your backlinks crawled instantly through indexing blogs. I can’t believe how easily I can post and schedule blog posts on my sites now. It helped me create several money making sites that rank well from the consistent posting of quality content in minutes. It takes me only about 15 minutes to produce a new site with scheduled posts using my articles and this WordPress poster. 

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Automatic Content Website Builder Software

Content Website Builder is an easy to use software to build content Websites with hundreds of self-updating dynamic WebPages. With Content Website Builder, you can make any number of Websites with Keyword rich text, images and streaming video clips. Content of your Website will be updated regularly without any intervention from you. Multiple ways to Make Money from your Content Websites. Content Website Builder is the most advanced 2-click system ever invented that pulls in automatic profits for you! 

Its fully automated, just two steps, takes less than 3 minutes and with absolutely no programming knowledge on your part. To be frank, Content Website Builder Software is specially made for the technically, graphically and content creation challenged. Your Adsense ID, Ebay Affiliate ID and Amazon Affiliate links will be automatically embedded in all pages of your automatically generated content rich website. Click on the above screen-shots to visit Baby Items Website. You can create a website in 2 easy steps: Fill-up a simple form, Click on a button and your full professional website is Ready! 

When you create a new website with Content Website Builder, the system will create a Search Engine friendly HTML Sitemap and XML Sitemap for you. Join today and see what huge potential is being offered with Content Website Builder for this low, one-time only payment. Download a Free Version of Content Website Builder from the following link. 

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Marketing Automation Tips: 10 Ideas For Automated Drip Marketing Campaigns

These are sometimes referred to as drip marketing campaigns. These are pre-written, automated emails sent over timed intervals in a series, triggered by a certain customer behavior. Automated drip marketing campaigns can be used in almost every industry for engaging, nurturing and building loyalty. These are all great examples of what drip marketing campaigns can do. Here are 10 ways to use automated drip marketing campaigns when it comes to sending emails. 

Great for: Software companies, telecoms, banks, airlines, Internet service providers, financial advisor automated drip marketing, and sports teams. Great for: Charities holding races, health clubs, fitness product manufacturers, sports marketing campaigns, yoga teachers and personal trainers. Automated drip marketing campaigns can remind fans to buy tickets after the latest game or emails that include surveys on their satisfaction of the venue. Whatever information you have, see how you can use it in an automated drip marketing campaign to engage the person and build a great loyalty. This is one of the most used forms of automated drip marketing campaigns as it is based on a person’s action of buying or signing up for something. 

SimplyCast’s 360 customer flow communication platform has ideal automated drip marketing tools. If you have any questions about automated drip marketing or any other aspect of the SimplyCast platform, don’t hesitate to contact us today! 

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