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Content Automation: A Comprehensive Guide

If you google for content, you mainly encounter with the phrase content marketing. Content marketing is one of the most effective strategies for inbound and digital marketing. Content marketing is mostly related to social media platform such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest since they are great publishing platform to reach out millions of people. Content marketing process is creating and distributing the content; then measuring the performance to enhance the quality of the content. If you take me to swimming on a snowy day, probably it would not be the best swimming experience I have ever had. 

So, the point is, the channel, time, frequency or rather content distribution are also as important as the content. Content writers, bloggers, marketers, journalist and even students are struggling to create unique content. As an audio content, podcasts or speeches would be better content in terms of marketing. Maybe not as marketing content but AI is able to create songs. In terms of marketing, content automation has a different meaning. 

Content automation means automating and constantly updating every stage of the content lifecycle, automating the process not only content generation. Überflip aggregates the contents and uses artificial intelligence and intent data to predict, recommend, and automate personalized content experience. You can save a lot of time by using marketing automation software for content writing, content creation and better content strategies. 

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Content Sharing: The Essential Guide to Content Sharing

If you don’t have a good content sharing strategy there is no point in writing content! In this article we look at how you can come up with an effective strategy and what content sharing tools can be used to help. There are various content sharing tools that can help automate the delivery of some of your content. By automating at least some of the social sharing this ensures that all new content is shared out consistently. Sharing content multiple times is a controversial issue but for a tool like twitter it doesn’t make sense to only share a great piece of content you wrote only once. 

If you have followers/fans in different time zones how is your Australian buddy going to see your content if you are based in Europe and post at 4 PM. It’s not about annoying your followers or fans but you just want to give people the best chance to see your content. Evergreen content is content that is just as valid as it was a year ago. Here are some other useful platforms to consider when sharing your content. You create boards of content around a particular content area and people start to follow, track and share the boards. 

A tribe is a group of people that have content around a similar area that get to know and trust your content. If you join the right tribes you can easily find great content but also get your great content shared out. The difference in having a content sharing strategy and not having one is a huge issue in relation to traffic you get to your posts. 

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customizable email parsing software by ITG

Supports a variety of email protocols including, MS Exchange, POP3, and IMAP email accounts. Create multiple custom parsing schemes for multiple email inboxes on one or multiple email servers. Take a quick look at some of the time and money saving features the ITG Email Parser offers. ITG Email Parser can be customized and integrated to best suit your enterprise needs. Have ITG Sales contact you to discuss a solution that meets your email parsing requirements. 

ITG’s email parsing software automates the everyday process of finding and sorting through bulk email data efficiently and effectively. The ITG Email Parser will parse incoming emails, parse attachments, parse files, and will then automatically update your database. The ITG Email Parser is an advanced email to database parsing software solution customized to fit your business needs. Constantly monitoring email accounts for user defined parsing schemes the ITG Email Parser performs a variety of actions such as saving email to database, parse attachments, automatic forward or reply, and many other automated actions. Increase productivity, save time and money with the ITG Email Parser. 

Effortlessly manage high volumes of email traffic and ensure valuable information is being captured and processed with ITG’s email capture software. ITG’s team of certified software developers can fully customize parsing schemes and help implement the ITG Email Parser to ensure that all of your business requirements are met. 

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Automated Commercial Environment Features

The ACE Secure Data Portal is a web-based entry point for ACE. It provides a centralized online access point to connect CBP, trade representatives and government agencies involved in importing goods into the United States. Set up payment options, review and respond to filings, Create blanket declarations for entry summary processing and nationwide view. Access reports tool to compile data and perform national trend analysis. In order to use the ACE Portal, companies must first submit an application for approval. 

Additional details are available our separate pages for: an overview of a Portal account, managing a Portal account, and applying for a Portal account. Management Aggregate and detail cargo entry and entry summary reports for ACS and ACE filed summaries, compliance reports, etc. Authorized Data Extract Extract reports that can be scheduled to run with up to 2,000,000 rows of data provided. Entry Summary Reports filed for ACE Entry Summaries with the exception of the CBP Form 28, 29, 4647 which includes both ACE and ACS filed summaries. Users can create customized reports in addition to those outlined above. 

A series of guides and videos on the ACE Training page provide support for using ACE Reports capabilities. Officially only the Microsoft Windows operating system and Internet Explorer web browser are supported for the ACE Portal. Java 1.8 is recommended, ACE should continue to function using Java 1.7 or higher. 

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