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Content Conversion Specialists

We are a German software company specializing in the fields of Digital Libraries and Digital Press Reviews. Why a Digital Library – Easy access to a worldwide audience. Validator will automatically check if the digital files meet the demanded specifications – are all XML files well formed, are files missing, do image files have the right compression, is meta data consistent etc. NewsWorksnewsWorks is a software program used to create professional digital press reviews. A newsWorks digital press review is multimedia-based and can be forwarded as a download, email, RSS, or app to any number of recipients. 

No matter where you are or when, all devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets are served with the highest standard of press review. Why newsWorksA press review is the daily calling card of the company’s press department to the board of directors and other press-review recipients. NewsPressnewsPress is the standard module for selecting, assembling, and arranging press articles in a digital press review. Remote clipping serviceIf you want to select relevant articles for your press review, but want to outsource the laborious clipping – contact us. Automated assembly of the articles into a press review. 

Individual branding of press reviews with client CI- Capability to add workflow monitoring system. MagicBoxIntroducing MagicBox® – an innovative display cabinet that merges the physical and the digital, creating fascinating new ways of presenting original and animated content. 

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Content Automation

Today’s businesses create an overwhelming amount of content, most of which is critical to the vitality of their organization. While the way that people find and read content across multiple channels has changed beyond recognition, the traditional content process has essentially gone unchanged for decades. The problem with the traditional content process is that it’s simply not optimized for today’s omni-channel world. Content is often locked to one media type because the author and designer commit content to design very early in the process. Documents are typically disconnected, often leading to the same content being recreated and translated for multiple documents and mediums. 

With traditional content creation tools, content is reused by authors and designers by copying and pasting content between documents and media, increasing the opportunity for errors and inconsistencies. Reviews and approvals involve Word documents and PDFs being emailed back and forth, which is time-consuming, error-prone and expensive. Updates to content must be done manually across multiple documents and media, requiring further rounds of review and approval. Finally, content has traditionally been very document-centric, and doesn’t contain metadata, which makes the reuse of content to different audiences a manual and lengthy process. When you take a closer look at the problem, it’s clear that businesses can no longer afford to let the outdated content processes of yesterday slow them down. 

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6 Best Tools To Auto Share Posts On Social Media

Promoting your post to social media channels is as important as creating an engaging content to improve readership. Syndicating your posts to your relevant social networks can significantly enhance visitors to your site. It’s important to publish your posts to your own social networks every time you add a new content to your site. Not all bloggers have the time in the world to promote their new posts to G+, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites. Automating the way you promote your latest content to your social networks is now possible through social media auto-posting plug-ins. 

You don’t have to rush into getting a pro account as its basic version is already enough to automatically share posts to your important social networks. You’ll learn how to do publishing posts automatically to your social networking sites and embrace this useful tool. Use Google Analytics to see how much traffic you get from social media posts. You have the ability to view your social media performance such as how people are engaging with your posts, # of new followers, fans, retweets, mentions, etc. Like Hootsuite and Dlvr.It, you can set up feeds to auto-publish posts to your social networks when new blog posts are live. 

You can choose the number of posts this app will share in one day once it goes live. Plans: Free / Broadcast Add-on / Optimize Add-on / Express Add-on Free account can post unlimited feeds, unlimited Facebook targets, up to 300 posts per page, per month. 

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Automated Content Analysis

This month’s issue contains four Applications articles and two Open Access articles, all of which are freely available. MoveHMM: This R package allows ecologists to process GPS tracking data into series of step lengths and turning angles, and to fit a hidden Markov model to these data, allowing, in particular, for the incorporation of environmental covariates. BORIS: An open-source and multiplatform standalone program that allows a user-specific coding environment to be set for a computer-based review of previously recorded videos or live observations. Being open to user-specific settings, the program allows a project-based ethogram to be defined that can then be shared with collaborators, or can be imported or modified. InbreedR: An R package that provides functions to measure variance in inbreeding – through the strength of correlation in heterozygosity across marker loci – based on microsatellite and SNP markers with associated P-values and confidence intervals. 

Within the framework of Heterozygosity-fitness correlation theory, inbreedR also estimates the impact of inbreeding on marker heterozygosity and fitness. Terrestrial Precipitation Analysis: This package is comprised of the Precipitation Trends, Precipitation Attributes and Precipitation Manipulation tools. These web tools allow researchers to easily calculate fundamental precipitation statistics for past, present and projected future precipitation regimes for any terrestrial location in the world. 

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