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Wiring Guide – Automated Home

My house does have as few as two CAT5 cables to some rooms while others have as many as 15. If you plan to cable your own home rather than use a smart home installer then it’s also important to employ an open-minded electrician. 2 coaxes allow you to have an upstream and downstream cable or perhaps the second cable may be used for a digital satellite tuner in the future. Each cable contains 4 coaxes and I ran 3 separate cables giving me 12 coaxes in total. Pull the longest runs first When pulling cables over cables you have already run use a slow steady pull. Jerking the cable will damage the conductors and cause friction burns to the sheath of existing cables. 

The view above Keith’s head. The 10 foot length of white conduit on the left being used to push a bundle of cables trough the cable and into the next section of the house. On the first morning that Keith and I climbed the ladder up to the first floor our initial task was to workout how we would route the cables from Node Zero to the various rooms around the house. We wouldn’t have to drill hundreds of holes across the first floor joists saving loads of work and at the same time keeping the data cables well away from the majority of the mains cables already running through those joists. In the end we used 2.5 kilometres of CAT5, 400m speaker cable, 500m CT-100 Coax and 1 kilometre of alarm cable. 

Lets AutomateA great place to buy all your cable and other home automation equipment on-line. LaserA great place to buy all your cable and other home automation equipment on-line. 

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Benefits of Workflow Automation

Automating a company’s workflow offers many benefits. Automation also helps companies to generate more accurate and consistent products. Companies can begin generating higher quality products with more features, with little or no additional increase in production time or resources. Automation can help improve the speed of a workflow because computer programs can perform tasks much faster than humans. While there is usually a cost involved in developing and maintaining an automated workflow, this is easily justified by the return on investment that will be gained from the automation. 

Read about the return on investment potential from implementing AppleScript solutions in a workflow AppleScript-ROI. Who Can Benefit from Automation. Any company utilizing Macs in their daily workflow can benefit from workflow automation. After implementing an AppleScript-based workflow, it took 1 designer about 20 minutes. In just three years, from 1997 to 1999, AppleScript allowed TV Guide’s Ad Production department to increase their advertising volume by over 20,000 ads a year. 

In 1999, TV Guide’s Ad Production department saved approximately $52,000 in supplies alone by utilizing AppleScript to automate the process of digital ad printing and proofing. Companies that implement fully automated workflow systems typically generate a 4.3 times return on their investment during the first year alone. Using AppleScript to automate a small workflow system can often result in an initial 2.8 times return on investment in the first year alone. 

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Google’s Matt Cutts Illuminates the Power of Content Curation

Over the course of answering that question, Cutts describes, perhaps unknowingly, the distinction between content curation and content aggregation within the context of content marketing. Matt mistakenly refers to content creation as content curation, and refers to aggregated content as auto-generated content. Below I have attempted to clarify his explanation along with providing clear distinctions between aggregated content, curated content, and created content. These range from aggregated content on one end, such as the press section of a company’s web site using auto-generation to repost existing articles, to curated content, all the way to the New York Times at the other end. He referred to original content such as from the New York Times as curation, when in fact such content is actually the output of creation. 

Content Creation At the right end of the spectrum is original created content. Like aggregated content, you can publish curated content regularly without too much effort. Like created content, curated content can be very relevant and informative for the end reader when done properly. With curated content however, an individual piece of content may not attract a lot of inbound links. Do leverage content curation as part of your content marketing strategy. 

Absent the latter two steps, your curation efforts may closely resemble those of someone aggregating content. For a comprehensive look at best practices in combining content creation with curation, check out Curata’s eBook, The Hands on Guide: How to Curate Content Like a Boss. 

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5 Tools for Automating Twitter

First, I want to make clear that I’m not a fan of 100% automated personal Twitter accounts. Let’s say, for example, that you have a business Twitter account that was created with the sole purpose of spitting out relevant articles and related business news to your followers. Or, maybe you use a combination of feeds, scheduled and live tweets with your account. Or maybe, most commonly, you just want to feed your blog into your Twitter account. In these cases, you can drastically improve your ability to provide useful and timely information to your followers by using a Twitter automation tool. 

HootSuite allows you to automate by scheduling tweets and adding RSS feeds. It also has other features that may not automate per se, but allow you to use Twitter more productively. SocialOomph is a social media productivity tool that focuses on automation. Some of the automated tasks you can create in SocialOomph include scheduling tweets, sending automatic and broadcast DMs, automatically following your followers, creating recurring and bulk tweets, and adding your blog RSS. Twaitter is a Twitter tool created just for automation. 

Some of the automation tasks you can do include scheduling tweets, translating tweets, adding RSS feeds and mass scheduling. Even automated Twitter accounts are subject to incoming tweets. It’s an automation tool that lets you auto follow and unfollow, schedule tweets, send automatic DMs, and mass delete DMs. A simple Twitter automation tool created for sending RSS feeds directly into your Twitter account. 

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