Zaphne – Content Automation News for 06-19-2018

RadioP1 � Internet Radio Broadcasting

Let’s face it, Internet radio is not just about the music anymore. Internet listeners have access to a myriad of free music sites. What the next generation of Internet radio listeners really want, is the unique content stations can provide – both Live and On-Demand. We make it easy for Internet radio stations to selectively deliver Live and On-Demand programming 24×7. Traditional Internet stations can stream all day, but if the listeners aren’t tuned in, they won’t hear it. 

RadioP1 automatically delivers your programming in studio-quality audio and rich multi-media, regardless of when it was aired. RadioP1 Media Center allows listeners to select from live streams, on-demand programs, podcasts or simply browse upcoming shows. The player offers advanced functionality supporting Live text Updates, RSS news feeds, listener chat rooms, website links and more. Ad Management Package is designed to maximize Internet advertising value. Stations can automate audio and video ad insertion pre, post and mid broadcast for maximum exposure. 

Automation Scheduler enables stations to easily schedule single or recurring programs as Live Stream and/or On-Demand events; assign each program a title, description and category; manage the program retention period; configure sponsors and ad insertions, and more. RadioP1 Portal has complete station setup and management functions along with sophisticated program scheduling and editing. Broadcasters can provide a network of value added services, connecting listeners with businesses via automated multimedia ad insertion and program sponsorships. 

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Drip Email Automation Teardown: Building a Content Marketing Funnel

There’s a lot you could do with Drip, but you’re probably wondering what you should do with Drip. My goal here is to help you build a strategy to put Drip to use when it comes to building out your marketing funnel. My 30-minute video teardown of our Drip account and workflows that power our own content marketing funnel here at Audience Ops. We routinely tweak our Drip workflows-which I recommend you do from time to time as you come out with new content, product changes, etc. Hat tip to Brennan Dunn, who teaches an advanced course on mastering Drip automation. 

As you’ll see, Drip automations alone won’t complete your funnel. At Audience Ops, we’ve built our content assets over the past 2+ years, and we continue to produce new assets that we work into our automated funnel. Content Upgrades are specific pieces of downloadable bonus content that are offered along with a specific blog article, in exchange for the visitor’s email address. It’s a 10-step checklist and framework for setting up your automation workflows in Drip. Through a mix of Drip workflows, campaigns, automation rules, and one-off emails, you can ensure that all subscribers are funneled into the right content pieces at the right time, depending on how far they’ve made it through your funnel. 

That’s why we built our own WordPress plugin to handle the creation of Content Upgrade forms, delivery of the bonus download, and automatic syncing of those subscribers into your Drip account. The way you structure your Drip workflows will depend on the type(s) of product(s) you sell and which content assets you’ve created. 

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4 Ways to Boost Content Marketing with Automation

Marketing automation platforms can provide a serious boost to our content marketing endeavors. Everything from strategy creation, to content positioning, flexibility, and analysis can be assisted by applying marketing automation. Instead, have the bulk of your content scheduled way in advance, giving you the opportunity to plan ahead of time and integrate content directly into your long term goals. The key here is to balance evergreen content with time-specific content, gaining the best from both worlds. Your content teams should be able to handle this endeavor but will find it difficult if the content queue is jammed up with additional, evergreen content pieces. 

This is a major labor-saver, freeing up your content team to produce great pieces of time-specific content when it’s needed. This has altered the landscape of traditional content marketing somewhat. True greatness – in the sense of content marketing – is achieved with flexibility and responsiveness. Marketing automation enables us to do this by handling the heavy lifting for us, leaving our content teams the swiftness and freedom required to get in quickly. Without marketing automation, we have to manually locate customers who are affected, divert other content initiatives while emergency content is drafted, and deploy the content where it is required. 

Our content teams are already free to draft up the important public service piece for hosting on our site and social media, and the content delivery architecture is already in place. There are many different ways to achieve success in the content marketing game. 

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WordPress Automatic Plugin by ValvePress

WordPress Automatic Plugin posts from various sources to WordPress automatically. Wordpress automatic can extract two specified parts of the original post by CSS id/class, XPath or REGEX and concat them to post to your wordpress. Wordpress automatic can set the post created at wordpress to the same time the post was created at the feed. Wordpress automatic plugin can post Facebook pages and Facebook open groups posts to wordpress automatically. Wordpress automatic plugin can post Twitter tweets to wordpress automatically. 

WordPress automatic plugin can post SoundCloud songs to wordpress automatically. Wordpress automatic plugin can auto post pinterest pins to wordpress automatically for specified keywords or from a specific user/board. Wordpress automatic plugin can auto post Instagram to wordpress automatically for specified tags or from a specific user. WordPress automatic plugin can import Itunes items to WordPress automatically by keyword or artist so it can post apps, songs, movies, ebooks, podcasts and more from Itunes. Wordpress automatic plugin can import form Envato markets like ThemeFores, CodeCanyon, VideoHive, AudioJungle,GraphicRiver and 3dOcean items to wordpress automatically by keyword , author, tag or category so it can post themes,plugins,html files,psd, audio and more. 

WordPress Automatic Plugin can import post Reddits to WordPress with the option to filter Reddits by type and also import comments. Wordpress Automatic Plugin can import Walmart products to WordPress with complete support to Woo-Commerce so posted items can get posted as woo products. 

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