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Convince and Convert: Social Media Consulting and Content Marketing Consulting

Manual Vs. Automated SEO With the thousands of SEO software and SEO platforms in the digital marketing world, it has become quite difficult to decide whether to hire a SEO agency or use the available SEO platforms. Most of these SEO platforms and software can do anything related to SEO like keyword research, social bookmarking, directory submission, blog commenting, forum posting, and more. Manual SEO involves an individual or team of SEO experts implementing the various on-page and off-page SEO strategies into a website by hand. Automated SEO, on the other hand, involves the use of software to implement SEO strategies into a site. 

To help you determine which between manual and automated SEO is better for your website, we’ll have a look at the pros and cons of each approach. Advantages of Manual SEO Although it can be tedious and time consuming, manual SEO has a few advantages, which you need to consider. With manual SEO, you are able to improve your off-page SEO by handpicking backlinks. Since the tasks are manual, you are forced to hire a big team of SEO experts. Manual SEO strategies take a lot of time to implement. 

Advantages of Automated SEO Automated SEO is the use of fully or semi-automated SEO software or platforms to implement SEO strategies with little effort on your part. You won’t need to hire a huge SEO team, thus increasing your ROI. Cons of Automated SEO When not used properly, SEO software can create low quality backlinks. You will likely find that a mixture of both automated and manual SEO will work for you and will be dependent on the tasks at hand. 

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The Show

Automate is the largest solutions-based showcase of automation technologies in North America. Formerly the International Robots, Vision & Motion Control Show which dates back to 1977, Automate now demonstrates the full spectrum of automation technologies and solutions for a broad array of industries. Right at the front of Automate, companies that provide integration of automation, robotics and machine vision will show actual demonstrations of systems. This will allow attendees to see live demos solving challenges they face in their industry, and also to learn from solutions used in other industries that may be beneficial to them. The rest of the show features the latest automation, robotic, vision and motion control technologies and systems on display from leading global suppliers. 

A comprehensive educational conference accompanies the Automate show. Featuring a broad array of classes from beginner to advanced skill levels, the conference offers something for all attendees – they can take one class or four full days of training. Classes are taught by experienced industry professionals who understand the industry challenges our attendees face. Our conference has been consistently rated high-quality and high-value, delivering a training experience that is immediately worthwhile. They are looking for the latest technologies to increase their competitiveness and automation solutions to help them enhance productivity and save money. 

More than 85% play a role in the purchasing process for the technologies on display at the show. Hundreds of industry-leading companies will exhibit at Automate. 

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The Social Media Automation Strategy Every Marketer Needs

The same holds for automation of one’s social media marketing. Based on that, here’s a strategy to achieve social media automation done right-both efficient and engaged. First things first: Social media marketing should not begin and end with automation. With proper use of social media automation, you can make your time spent on your social media online marketing as productive and profitable as possible. The rule states that for every 10 updates you post to a social media channel,. 

Automate your RSS. Bloggers generally want to share their latest posts to as many social places as possible, and since almost everything that ends up on the blog ends up on social media, automation is helpful here. Many big businesses have flows and funnels that begin with social media-lead capture from tweets, product improvements from social suggestions, troubleshooting, feedback, and more. Plus, customers appreciate unique and individual responses on social media, and many of them love social media as much as they do because of these interactions specifically. When you take the human out of social media, it isn’t all that social anymore. 

Let’s say you want to get ultra-specific on what times are indeed best for posting to social media. I’m not suggesting that you opt-in to every single email from your social media channels, but it’s definitely worth a look to see which alerts and notifications might be helpful. Beyond the four step process for a social media automation strategy, there are a few other best practices to be aware of when it comes to scheduling and automating your online presence. 

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Is a Content Arsenal in your strategy?

Maybe it’s jumping the gun, but when it comes to content marketing and your content strategy, I think you need to go beyond having an editorial calendar, assignments and the like. I think you need to have an arsenal of content you’re constantly building, evolving and stocking so that your worries about content are always distant. If I ran out of content ideas today, I want three, five, 10 weeks worth built up until inspiration hits me again. The content on those networks is different because the communities are different. Are you building up an arsenal of content there, too. 

They’ve got a neat feature that speaks to this notion of content arsenal I find really appealing. Their platform allows the corporate marketing team to build a content library for all the various locations to pull from. The content library can be built to provide turnkey messages that work at anytime for any store or location in the organization. Take that a step further and look at all the content posted by both the corporation, but then also locally driven content that active store manager post, and analyze each piece of content to see what’s the most engaging. Then take the most engaging content, regardless of its source, and pump that into your stockpile so other stores can benefit from one manager’s brilliant Facebook post. 

Sure, Expion has the platform that does all that automatically, but even if you don’t use an enterprise content or social media management system, you could take the same thinking and apply it to your business. Building a content arsenal then begins to seem a lot easier than you think. 

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