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CustomerHub Features: Membership Site, Content Management, Facebook Integration

CustomerHub is simple-to-use cloud-based software that lets you quickly and easily build a password-protected membership site where you can upload and share valuable multimedia content with thousands of subscribers at once. CustomerHub is perfect for a variety of business types, including information marketers, subject matter experts, training companies and subscription-based companies. If you have content to share, CustomerHub can help you do it-quickly and easily. CustomerHub is a subscription-based product that costs $79/month and includes unlimited storage for media files. Because CustomerHub is an Infusionsoft product, all you have to do is enter your Infusionsoft API key, Infusionsoft ID and merchant ID number on the setup screen and CustomerHub will do the rest. 

Using easy design tools, CustomerHub allows you to customize your membership site to match your brand. Your secure, password-protected CustomerHub website helps you protect your content from the public. You can also create content teasers to show members what kind of additional content they could access with an upgraded subscription. CustomerHub allows you to upload and share a variety of multimedia files, including videos, audio files, images and digital files like PDFs and documents. Together, Infusionsoft and CustomerHub make it easy to automate the delivery of content to subscribers on a time-based or a self-paced schedule. 

CustomerHub manages the content pages, and Infusionsoft manages subscriber permissions and the content delivery schedule. CustomerHub integrates with Facebook and allows you to create a space for members to interact, live stream events and attract new subscribers. 

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Wordsmith: Embracing Automated Content Creation

With Wordsmith there’s now no need to create your own blog posts, articles, even your own news content anymore. Driven by an AI engine and with a vocabulary that would put many amateur bloggers to shame, Wordsmith takes your data and research and produces copy and content that is, well, good. Articles by AI. The central selling feature of Wordsmith is its capability to take data and generate copy good enough to publish. On the Wordsmith site there are some examples of this sort of content. 

For many working in the media and content creation sectors, Wordsmith is a saving grace and readers won’t perceive much of a difference to the copy generated by real, live human beings. While Wordsmith could appeal to sectors ranging from e-commerce to real estate to business intelligence, media has been one of its target demographics. Automated Insights says Wordsmith has generated more than a billion articles, stories and reports to date. For others Wordsmith is one more part of a rapidly automating economy that will see humans sidelined as computers take over. For some the fear is that automated platforms like Wordsmith will mean that the displaced reporters are simply fired. 

For marketers with a story to tell or with products to sell, a tool like Wordsmith can be a godsend. Providing the data to Wordsmith and allowing the software to go to work making it more intelligible than even a simple Excel chart can manage is going to be a timesaver for business, as well as a boon for the client who would rather read words than numbers. As a marketing tool Wordsmith could help a company save time, money, and allocate resources where they can do the best work. 

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How to Create the Best Content For Your Marketing Automation System

When we think about creating the right content – not just the best content – it’s actually no surprise that the right content gets results, even if it might not be the highest-quality. Now, if you had instead taken those 20 hours of content creation and put them into creating a piece of content that filled a content gap in your buyers’ journey that content probably would get you results. If you create content that helps prospects through their buyer’s journey yes, if you put more effort into creating higher quality content, it will probably help your results. How content strategy fits into marketing automation. It’s how you end up with lots and lots of content – maybe even high-quality content – that often ends up getting very poor results. 

In the 2017 Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs B2B Content Marketing Trends report, only 54 percent of the content marketers who even have a strategy have well-defined business goals for their content. We can see this even more clearly in the 2017 Content Management and Strategy Survey, also from the Content Marketing Institute. Why Sales and Marketing need to talk about content gaps and marketing automation planning. While Sales is notorious for not using all of the sales enablement content marketing has created, it’s often because they don’t even know some of the content exists. It’s time for content marketing – and content marketers – to evolve. 

So a marketing automation system that delivers the best content to prospects should be the brainchild of both sales and marketing. A good marketing automation system does more than just deliver the right content to the right person at the right time. 

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