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Manage Documents with Enterprise Content Management, Business Workflow, Accounts Payable and Invoice Automation

Securely manage information on-premises to improve business efficiency. The document management consultants at RSRS recommend and deploy Digitech Systems PaperVision Enterprise when you need to control access to information and increase information security. PaperVision Enterprise is a simple, searchable Enterprise Content Management system that enables automation and tracking of business processes throughout the information lifecycle. Reduce information retrieval times and enhance customer service with comprehensive ECM. Access and manage files directly from Microsoft® Office and other line-of-business applications. 

Give employees more time to focus on primary business objectives by automating document processes, including collecting information directly from electronic forms. Implement information policies with multiple levels of security and extensive user controls. Shield information with encryption both during transmission and when stored. Facilitate a disaster recovery strategy with automated backups and redundant copies of information. Enforce compliant disclosures by requiring users to record who received information and why. 

ExtendPaperVision Enterprise with Digitech Systems’ complete ECM Suite, including email management, automated document workflow, and print stream processing, placing critical business information securely in the hands of users the instant it is needed. PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow – Automate document routing to streamline business processes. With Digitech Systems ECM Suite, RSRS document management consulting services can help you reduce information management costs, enhance security and compliance, and simplify disaster recovery. 

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Content creation on automated steroids: Lessons from Associated Press

Curating, creating, and delivering fresh content pushes your marketing game to the next level. Your goal: Get the right content to the right people, when and where they want to see it. To learn about how to growthhack content creation, don’t miss this VB Live event. The Associated Press, or AP, is an independent news gathering company that supplies content to 1,400 daily U.S. newspapers and thousands of television and radio broadcasters. 

A huge chunk of that content is quarterly earnings, essential to providing fair and accurate business reporting and research. With structured data about earnings releases and report templates, they launched their first major automation project. Instead of the entire department of business news reporters having to drop whatever interesting story they were working on four times a year to pump up the volume, now they’re able to zero in on the corporate stories that were truly interesting, and dramatically increase the amount of investigative work and the amount of coverage in other areas. The company now has a cross-company automation and AI strategy committee that regularly brings together representatives from news, product, technology, and strategy to identify projects that they think would be worth exploring. She suggests starting small, as with any new technology investment. 

To learn more about the tools you need to make content production more efficient, the techniques you can use to magnify your message, and the data you need to optimize, optimize, optimize, don’t miss this VB Live event! Leverage data to increase consumer engagement with content. Increase the volume and scope of content, netting stronger conversions. 

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Why Marketing Automation Fails

I’m a long-time advocate of marketing automation, and the benefits are substantive. Despite these benefits, only a minority of marketers have actually deployed marketing automation systems. There’s a lot of talk about whether marketing automation software has crossed the chasm, but there’s no substantive research to show measurable market adoption. I’ve also spoken with many CMO’s and marketing leaders and can further corroborate that seldom is technology the single contributing factor for failed marketing software deployments. Marketing Software Risks and Untapped Potential From my research, conversations and personally managed deployments, here’s why marketing automation software most often fails to deliver. 

As has been the case with CRM for over two decades, marketing software adopters often lead with technology and then find themselves wondering why their marketing software investment fails to deliver payback. Simply put, marketing automation software enables marketing strategy, and if there is no strategy it has nothing to enable. In my most recent research report, The Best Practices of the Best Marketers, I surveyed marketers about their positive and negative experiences with marketing software. Marketing automation software needs remarkable content to advance leads through a buy cycle funnel of awareness to consideration to purchase. Marketing systems can bring automation and visibility to the revenue cycle, but like strategy, the model must first exist. 

Many marketers limit their reporting to the standard reports available in their marketing automation system. Few marketing software systems capture marketing costs making campaign ROI and ROMI reporting impossible. 

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Exploring the vRealize Automation 6.1+ Content Pack for Log Insight

The recently released vRealize Automation 6.1+ Content Pack was designed based on versions 6.1 and 6.2. Given the many different possible components of a vRealize Automation implementation, collecting and collating logs can be a challenge. vRealize Automation IaaS – Queries for the IaaS components running on one or more Windows hosts in your vRealize Automation environment, and IaaS workflow. vRealize Orchestrator – Content for vRealize Orchestrator which can be from the embedded instance on the vRealize Automation virtual appliance, or an external instance. There is other telemetry data, which is captured in log bundle collection but is not included in the logs, and therefore not reported within the content pack queries. 

This is the first iteration of a vRealize Orchestrator dashboard for Log Insight. Minor changes to the log format have improved the ability to query data from the vRealize Orchestrator logs, specifically related to workflow execution. There are two separate queries here based on workflows – one specifically for vRealize Automation stub callouts and one for general vRealize Orchestrator workflows. vRealize Code Stream 1.0 was released at the same time as vRealize Automation 6.2. It utilizes the same Catalina log as vRealize Automation for most of it’s logging, but we have extracted queries specific to Code Stream services here. 

The content pack is available from the in-product Log Insight marketplace or on VMware Solution Exchange. If you are looking for information on how to configure vRealize Automation components to log to Log Insight, see the Resources section of the Solution Exchange listing. 

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