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Using information policies to set up automated “content review” emails for your SharePoint document libraries

It’s easy to wish the weeds of your SharePoint environment didn’t exist, but let’s be realistic: People love creating documents, and SharePoint stores documents. Well-organized document libraries that make use of content types, metadata tagging, customized views and information policies do exist. It uses information management policies and workflows to send automated reminder emails to document owners once a document review/expiration date is reached. The ABC Company uses a SharePoint document library to store all of our help desk support documents. We want SharePoint to automatically email the document’s creator when the review date is reached, advising the author that they should review their support document and either delete it or reset its Date for Review. 

The SharePoint workflow is responsible for sending the review notification emails to your document creators. Enables you to take a wide variety of actions, from sending emails and updating document metadata fields to performing calculations and logging workflow history messages. To see the options that come with SharePoint’s out-of-the-box workflows, go to your document library and select Settings > Document Library Settings > Workflow Settings. Go to the document library you want to update with an automated expiration and email review process. Since our document library is only using the default Document content type, we will click on the Document link to set up our information management policy. 

Click on the Add a retention stage hyperlink to set up the retention schedule for your documents. When the workflow runs, it will send an automated email to the person who originally uploaded the document, telling them the document needs to be reviewed. 

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45 Best Content Curation Tools For Fail-Proof Marketing Automation

The best way to do content curation, as a digital marketer, is to use purpose-built content curation tools to help you do it. Content curation tools help you get all the benefits of publishing excellent content – WITHOUT having to create it all yourself. We’ve picked the best content curation tools we know, and have divided them into free, freemium, paid, and enterprise tools, and there’s a table of contents for convenience. The next on our list of content curation tools is Content Studio. Like other content curation tools it lets you grab and organize content from different online sources. 

The tool curates content to help businesses create email newsletters quickly, share relevant content to social media sites, and curate content digests and lists for publication. In addition to pulling in external content via RSS feeds, this automated content curation tool allows you to mix in your own marketing content to create a rich social media experience for your followers. Its content curation tool monitors the keywords, authors, and domains you care about to give you an automatically updated list of the most relevant content. While this will help you discover and share content that’s likely to interest your audience, Triberr also has a specific content curation tool to automate content discovery and sharing. Plus Crowdynews will find social content to match the content you’ve already published, helping you to keep that content up to date and relevant. 

Kapost includes content tagging so you can assign content to the content categories that matter to your business. Its content curation tool pulls content from more than 15 channels, helping you to identify and share the most engaging content with your audience. 

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AppleScript: The Language of Automation

Powerful, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use automation for Macintosh systems. AppleScript is an English-like language used to create script files that control the actions of the computer and the applications that run on it. AppleScript scripts can automate much of what we do, make your time spent of the computer more productive, less stressful, and save us time and money. Every Macintosh, right out of the box, can be automated and controlled using AppleScript, which is an integral part of the Macintosh operating system. AppleScript is the language of automation for Mac OS X. 

The benefits of using AppleScript. Research has shown that a primary requirement of customers, professionals, and businesses alike is for customizable automation tools to enable them to be more productive. For individuals, AppleScript provides shortcuts for complex tasks like naming files, resetting preferences, or connecting to the Internet. For professionals, AppleScript is the extra pair of hands performing repetitive tasks, retrieving data and files from remote servers, and executing scheduled updates and errands. AppleScript can process hundreds of files while you’re free to focus on other issues. 

Most importantly, AppleScript-based automation solutions provide businesses with the means to scale their operations without incurring prohibitive expenditures for personnel increases. Developers and Solution Providers use AppleScript to create easy-to-use automation tools, delivered as custom scripts, applets, applications, and Automator actions, that deliver real-world value for their customers. Since its introduction in 1992, AppleScript has proven to be the best tool for making life with a computer a productive experience. 

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Content Curation: The Ultimate Guide to Discovering and Curating Content Online

If you’re looking for a competitive edge, a way to establish your authority, a way to get more followers, one of the best, proven paths to online success is content curation. We’ve partnered with the folks at Pocket, who’re a huge part of our curation process, to share our research and lessons with you about how to build a remarkable content curation strategy. The one-a-day formula for great content curation Content curation tools Where to find great content Advantages of being really good at content curation Who does it well: Curation heroes Curation automation Get this post as an e-book! Curating from curators helps to build a good base of discoverable content. Being able to see their content in the stream of all content is another. 

One of the toughest things you can do when it comes to curating content fast is to read every article on the site itself. Goodbits removes the middleman/woman/spreadsheet from the flow of collecting great content and emailing links to great content. With Goodbits, you simply collect the content using their browser extension, and all the content is placed automatically into a pretty email that you can send to your subscribers. Once people see that you curate great content, they’ll love to be considered along with the other great content you share. Curating content is one of the most generous things you can do online. 

A couple years ago, Courtney led our content suggestions feature, and she singlehandedly curated 30+ unique pieces of content for every day of the week. The content suggestions feature didn’t continue on, but Courtney’s work with curation was hugely instrumental toward delighting customers and teaching our marketing team what great content looked like. 

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