Zaphne – Content Automation News for 05-30-2018

Workflow and Content Automation

One of the first things enterprises must do to improve business processes is identify and migrate workflows away from paper-based systems. Workflow and Content Automation is a new enterprise software category for automating business workflows, document processes, and transactions. WCA technologies can automate workflows and produce intelligent documents with valuable data analytics that make businesses more productive. We help our clients choose WCA solutions that accelerate how quickly information flows between enterprises, people, and important business systems to accelerate process cycle times and increase accuracy. 

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Increase Your Bottom Line with Workflow and Content Automation

WebinarThe Digital Enterprise era is here and with it sky-high expectations for enterprise companies to operate faster and more efficiently. Forms and paper documents slow down the pace of business, costing companies up to 25% of revenue. Workflow and Content Automation technologies transform clunky, paper-based processes into those that generate revenue, giving those companies faster growth and competitive advantage. Join Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst of Aragon Research and HelloSign’s COO, Whitney Bouck, for an overview of how WCA technologies can be the key to your company’s growth and success. 

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Content Marketing & Automation

An excellent 2 days was had with many interesting and engaging conversations around the need to think strategically, segment and better target audiences. The Summit had been able to cover off powerful insights & case studies on;. Integrating and tailoring an automation platform which is fit-for-purpose Utilising insights and market intelligence to create share-worthy content Data-driven focus: Interpreting analytics to refine strategy. The 2018 Summit had focused on embracing digital and brought together some of New Zealand’s leaders in content creation, automation and content curation. 

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Digital Signage Software & Solutions

As an integral part of Dynasign Online technology, Dynasign Content Automation Engine does most of the work behind the scenes for content automation including content delivery, local caching, seamless updates and playback. If there is a content source you would like to automate for your digital signage screens, our content automation service will help you develop a content connector and content presentation template tailored to your requirements. After you prorgam the template once, up-to-date content will flow to your screens automatically without further manual programming effort. 

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Content Workflow Automation

Create content workflows that automatically inform the next person in line that they are up. Define each step and assign it once to a default role, or specific person and Mintent will take care of the rest – even publishing. Artboard 1 copy 15Free your time to explore strategies, topics and tactics. Artboard 1 copy 16Empower your creatives with more info, structure, and strategy. They’ll be enabled to do more for you – create new ideas based on a growing knowledge of your products or services, and Mintent will auto-pilot the whole team through to completion. 

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What is Content Automation?

In most companies, the tools and processes for creating, managing and publishing content haven’t changed in decades – authoring content in Microsoft Word, shuffling documents via email, and working with siloed print, web and mobile teams. Content Automation is a new approach to the process of creating, managing, publishing, distributing and analyzing content. Watch this short video to find out more and be sure to click on one of the relevant links at the end of the video to download our free eBook, the Beginner’s Guide to Content Automation. 

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Harnessing marketing automation for B2B content marketing

Joel Järvinen is a PhD candidate in the marketing program of the Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics. His research interests include marketing performance measurement, digital marketing, and the use of new technologies and analytics in marketing. Heini Taiminen is a postdoctoral researcher in the marketing department of the Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics. Her research interests include marketing communications, branding, digital marketing and social marketing. 

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Email Content Automation With a Drag and Drop Studio

StoryPorts customers find, curate, clip, stream and automate content from everywhere into their email campaigns while looking great on every device. That is why StoryPorts customers can customize every aspect of their email design, layout, fonts, colors, boarders, background and buttons. Use our Instant Previews by Litmus to preview your emails accross all major email clients. It’s never been easier to build elegant emails that look great on every device. 

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IBM Digital Business Automation

ECM solutions are scalable and often start with a department or line-of-business application. Once all stakeholders are engaged and have provided input, you develop a vision and measurable goals for the solution and, after thorough testing and user training, deploy the solution. Often, the success of the solution spreads to other departments, which start lobbying to be the next project. 

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Marketing Automation Agency Lead Nurturing Content Automation Strategies

We know marketing automation can be very overwhelming to implement. With all the moving pieces and processes to consider, you will be glad our automation consultants are here to help. In addition to automated content strategies, we will help you create landing pages, marketing workflows, lead nurturing programs, list segmentation, lead scoring, and CRM integration. 

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Quark Acquires Docurated To Bring Sales Enablement Into Content Automation Platform

Quark’s content automation platform is designed to streamline and optimize the content lifecycle – from planning and creation to content delivery. With the Docurated acquisition, Quark is positioned to bring this streamlined content lifecycle approach to the sales team in order to increase response rates and boost overall engagement. 

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