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Introducing the vRealize Automation 7.0 Content Pack for Log Insight

The vRealize Automation 7.0 Content Pack for Log Insight has just been released, and is packed full of content specific to the new version. Those who are familiar with version 7 of vRealize Automation are aware of some significant changes in the product, many of which make the previous content pack for version 6.1 / 6.2 incompatible. Ease of configuration – developed using Log Insight 3.3, the vRA 7 Content Pack leverages Agent Groups for agent setup Application Authoring Dashboard replaces the Application Services Dashboard as vRA 7 now includes this functionality in the core product and not as a separate tool. Authentication Dashboard replaces the SSO queries with new ones for VMware Identity Manager NSX Dashboard, specifically related to integration and data collection for vRA vRealize Orchestrator section has been removed as there is a separate Content Pack just for vRO now! With the Agent Groups built into the vRealize Automation 7 Content Pack, setting up the agents to collect logs is a breeze! 

You can copy the Agent Group template which comes as part of the content pack, provide a name, and save it. Then you just need to provide a filtered list of hosts which have already registered to Log Insight via the Agent, and save the Agent Group. The Extensibility Dashboard can be used to track Event Broker log events, including views over time, topic registration, errors, and logs by priority. If NSX is part of your SDDC solution, you will want to install and use the complete NSX Content Pack for Log Insight to compliment the vRA Content Pack. The previous release of the vRA Content Pack for 6.1/6.2 included a dedicated vRealize Orchestrator Dashboard. 

This has been removed for the version 7 Content Pack because a more robust vRO Content Pack has also been released. The vRealize Automation 7.0 Content Pack for Log Insight is available from the in-product Log Insight Marketplace or on VMware Solution Exchange. If you are looking for information on how to configure vRealize Automation components to log to Log Insight, see the Setup Instructions embedded in the Content Pack. 

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5 All-In-One Automation Platforms for SMBs

Now, hyperlocal vendors have set their sights on the SMB market, developing customized marketing automation tools to fit the unique needs of small business owners. LocBox: Leveraging multiple platforms to grow local businesses. An all-in-one online marketing solution for small businesses, LocBox combines the effectiveness of marketing tools like email, Facebook, Google, and Yelp, and provides business owners with integrated strategies to keep their campaigns running smoothly. Using LocBox’s platform, merchants can create their own online offers, email newsletters, and mobile marketing campaigns. LocBox brings the results of these separate campaigns under one roof, providing merchants with a clearer view of how certain areas of their marketing strategies are impacting other areas. 

The company says it personally designs, tests, and automates its clients’ social media updates and email newsletters. Developed for customers in the health, beauty, travel, real estate, education, and technology industries, LeadSquared is a marketing automation solution that focuses primarily on streamlining the customer acquisition process. Hiring an in-house online marketing expert is a cost that most small businesses can’t afford, which is why Spokal has developed a lower-priced, automated alternative. The company’s SMB marketing automation platform provides merchants with tools for creating their own online content, streamlining social media practices, and lead scoring. They can also research online marketing tactics to improve SEO effectiveness and social media reach. 

SALESmanago takes all the data that B2C and retail businesses have about their customers and uses that information to generate tailored offers, like birthday emails, welcome messages, and coupons that are tied to seasonal trends. A marketing automation platform with features like lead nurturing and generation, customer engagement indexing, real-time content personalization, and multi-channel marketing, SALESmanago provides small businesses with ways to identify visitors on their websites, maximize social media efforts, and manage email marketing campaigns. 

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Social Media Content Automation

According to an article on HubSpot, 92 percent of marketers state that social media has played an important role in their business, and 80 percent of those asked also claimed that their social media marketing efforts helped drive traffic to their website. This makes effective social media content tools in high demand. Social Media Content Automation, an app developed to help marketers with their social media content strategy, helps bring all platforms together for a streamlined social media content plan. Check out the benefits of Social Media Content Automation if you are serious about your social media content marketing plan. Once the social accounts are imported, you can create social media campaigns for each individual profile, or you can start creating content for social media campaigns that will be published across all platforms at once. 

When you use the social media content creator, you can pick and choose which platforms you want the content to be posted to, as well as when you would like for the content to be posted. One of the greatest advantages of this social media content manager is you can schedule posts and updates as far into the future as you like. Even if you don’t have time to log in and post updates, the social media automation happens without your involvement so you always appear present to online followers. Gain access to great social media content! If you’ve ever wondered where to get content for social media, the app makes this process a simple feat. 

Social Media Content Automation provides a huge content database that can be accessed by default in your campaign-creation dashboard. You are never left digging around and trying to figure out where to find content for social media posts. Using the simple social media content creation tools in the app, you can create your own social media content ideas for publication, find content for social media that are loaded and ready to use, and develop your own database of the best social media content to use for post creation down the road. If you like, you can even clone successful campaigns to deploy a campaign in seconds. 

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