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Automation Mondays – Multi Modality Approach to Content Creation

Security Content Automation Protocol

What atsec offersThe Information Security Automation Program is a U.S. government initiative to enable automation and standardization of technical security operations. The Security Content Automation Protocol combines a number of open standards used to enumerate software flaws and configuration issues related to security. Atsec information security is an accredited testing laboratory under NVLAP. We have extensive expertise in testing, evaluation and validation support of software and hardware products. 

Formal laboratory conformance testing using NIST test suites. Verification that an application does not change any SCAP relevant settings. Why our services are important to youThe Office of Management and Budget requires the use of SCAP validated scanners for the automation of federal desktop configuration management and compliance verification. Agencies and other organizations can automate much of their FISMA technical security control compliance activities by regularly scanning information technology assets using SCAP checklists. 

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Cognitive Content Automation

Transition from simple to cognitive automation for judgement-intensive tasks. Cognitive Content Automation, a key offering in the Wipro Digital Experience Platform, is built on leading open source architecture that enables document classification and information extraction capabilities. The offering combines text analytics, natural language processing, pattern and visual recognition, along with machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, into a single platform. This unique solution is equipped to process business documents with multi-variant formats or templates, and can perform classification as well as key value pair information extraction across the document – irrespective of the location. Cognitive Content Automation enables streamlined and efficient document processing while lowering the overall cost of operations. 

The solution is highly scalable and can handle large volumes of documents with various formats, reducing deployment turnaround time with significantly lower Full Time Employee capacity. 

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Content Automation & Analytics Enterprise Software

The demand to maintain and deliver accurate content across the enterprise is increasing at a rapid rate. It is essential that you exercise precise control over your content library. With AppaSense you can swiftly generate deep insights that will allow you to create, manage and publish your content with greater speed, accuracy and confidence than ever before. Using our powerful algorithm, AppaSense scans your entire content library to generate analytics, reports, and real-time notifications on every piece of content. Instead of spending hundreds of hours reading, searching, and categorizing your content library, our cloud-based software will analyze your library so you don’t have to. 

AppaSense automates the monotonous, painstaking process of sifting through all of your content. Its user friendly interface provides detailed analytics about your digital library, reports on key relationships between content entered, and identifies where and how content is used across the enterprise. 

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Marketing Automation Runs on Content

Marketing automation is one of the fastest growing technology segments in business. More than a quarter of all Fortune 500 companies have invested in the software, and analysts predict it will grow to a $4.6 billion industry by 2016. More than 75% of those who’ve invested in marketing automation say that processes and content are instrumental to success with the technology. In other words, to connect with the right buyers at the right time, companies need to combine a streamlined content operation-which includes processes for producing, distributing, and analyzing content-with marketing automation software. How to create buyer personas, and map your content directly to them. 

How to build content for every stage of your sales cycle. How to divide up roles and responsibilities on your content team. How content boosts marketing’s quantifiable impact. 

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Email Marketing & Content Automation

From here, we’re able to start planning out what the streams of communication might look like, what the lead magnets and end goals are. Once we have our content and angle nailed down, we move into the creative design phase. In almost all cases we see, brands come to us having been sold an online email tool, a content automation tool, or some other form of DIY email marketing setup. Whilst these tools are great, they do not offer the ability to create visuals that reflect the brand or ooze quality. As a result, whilst the content might be okay, the execution of the design is poor and the emails look poor as a result. 

For our clients, image is everything, and first impressions always count. 

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Case Study: How HSN Lifted Revenue with Content Automation

Promoting daily deals across your website and email campaigns can be difficult to coordinate but not if you’re using email content automation. Every day, the HSN features one amazing deal on their website. They relied on email to promote those deals, but their email production process was tedious. They had to produce and proof multiple sets of assets across several teams. That is, until the team discovered email content automation. 

Using email content automation, HSN created a campaign that not only drove revenue to their daily deals, but also lifted web traffic by 31%. Oh, and it decreased their email production time from 1.5 hours to less than five minutes. 

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Tripwire Enterprise and Security Content Automation Protocol

Tripwire is the first configuration security vendor to achive NIST certification for SCAP 1.2. With Tripwire® Enterprise’s latest SCAP capabilities, users in federal government IT groups now have a solution that is a validated as an Authenticated Configuration Scanner along with the CVE option that makes it easy to assess security settings across their critical infrastructure. Because this capability is built on top of the industry’s best solution for file integrity monitoring, policy management and automated remediation, they have added assurance that their SCAP content is leveraged, in real time, to its fullest extent. 

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