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Marketing Automation Trends 2018 | Trend # 4 – Content

13 Tools to Automate Your Content Marketing

Luckily, there are numerous software solutions out there to help automate. Hits their blog it is immediately promoted on social media and then we schedule it for future posting times as well. Is shared at different times of the day, increasing the chance that a larger percentage of their audience engages with the content. Buffer is a great tool to schedule future social media posts. As soon as you learn which pins generate the most traction across the social network, you’ll also be able to further hone and optimize your. 

Optimization suite helps me see exactly what’s ranking and the changes I need to make to my content. The learning curve is a bit steep, but our client results have been phenomenal compared to other automated systems for content. Strategy and then create an effective social media strategy that best matches your. Curalate uses image reading algorithms that allow you to, among other things, schedule content. Sprout Social allows you to schedule posts on various social media channels whenever you want. 

Social media helps companies gain more exposure everyday. Seventy-eight percent of salespeople using social media outsell their peers. 

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5 Ways to Boost Productivity with Content Automation

Businesses now have access to an array of digital channels they can use for customer outreach and new business development. The huge growth in mobile devices, emergence of social media platforms and other forms of electronic communication allows companies to affordably distribute content and generate new business on a scale that a print-only strategy just can’t match. The transition from a print-focused to a digital-first content distribution strategy can be challenging. Many companies find that the processes they’ve long relied on for creating, approving, publishing, distributing and tracking print content don’t work for distribution on digital platforms. According to a recent Quark-InfoTrends content usage survey, companies are still struggling to maximize content distribution efficiency. 

An effective content automation solution can ease the transition, helping companies preview and approve content across all platforms and media types. With the right content automation strategy, companies can significantly boost productivity. In this slideshow, Quark shares five ways to improve productivity with content automation best practices. 

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What Is Security Content Automation Protocol?

SCAP is an acronym for Security Content Automation Protocol. Its purpose is to apply an already-accepted security standard to organizations that don’t currently have one or that have weak implementations. In other words, it allows security administrators to scan computers, software, and other devices based on a predetermined security baseline to determine if the configuration and software patches are implemented to the standard that they are being compared to. SCAP content modules are freely available content developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technologies and its industry partners. A SCAP scanner is a tool that compares a target computer or application’s configuration and/or patch level against that of the SCAP content baseline. 

The tool will note any deviations and produce a report. Some SCAP scanners also have the ability to correct the target computer and bring it into compliance with the standard baseline. There are many commercial and open-source SCAP scanners available depending the feature set that is desired. Some scanners are meant for enterprise-level scanning while others are meant for individual PC use. 

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KPMG Government Intelligent Automation Forum

From tightened budgets to increased citizen demands, agencies need to fully process data, work with existing IT systems and constantly communicate with citizens in a more demanding environment than ever. Employees take on increased workloads while relying on dated technological systems to make it all work. Enter into the next stage of the technological revolution: Intelligent automation. These technologies will address speed, process improvement, quality, accuracy and even the citizen experience. At all levels of government, automating processes allows time to focus on high-value, strategic initiatives. 

In order to enhance programs and services, government agencies must first understand how to harness intelligent automation to reap maximum benefits. Join us on June 6 to hear public and private sector speakers discuss the future of governing as we enter the age of intelligent automation together. Join Us. -KPMG LLP endeavors to comply with the letter and spirit of federal, state and local executive and legislative gift laws and rules. KPMG LLP is a federal, state and local lobbying registrant and contractor. 

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Content Marketing Solutions, Content Automation

Producing great content is the first step in creating the traffic opportunity that is available through content marketing. Search engines like Google are seeking content that adds value to their users web experience. This applies to the relevance of the article and how many other websites or users agree that there is value. This is done through linking and social media sharing, this exposure helps build the article relevance and ultimately your authority. Often times, you need to get the ball rolling by sharing your content on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

The share is basically a link back to your original post with some descriptive copy to engage users. This method of syndication is a starting point to create exposure for your content; while also engaging your social media audience. There are additional syndication models that can create a vast amount of exposure through paid network channels. This includes having your content articles shared on major websites; such as: CNN, Mashable, People, Fortune, ESPN, The Washington Post, Fox News, New York Post and more. 

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