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UNICEF Drives Efficiency and Relief Funds with Content Automation

How to Automate Social Media: Build a Content Cannon And Load It with Social Ammo [VIDEO]

This post will show you how to automate social media posting to make social sharing more efficient and effective. How to get those posts into repeating rotation with a one-time effort. We’re going to fill our social streams with a consistent flow of well-timed posts. This will also be useful for anyone who wondered how to automate social postings or wondered how some accounts post so much so easily. These tools have link shorteners with click tracking so they can show you reports of which social posts got clicked the most. 

Now you can see how many subscribers each post attracted! So if you’ve been using one of these services, you can just go look at your own stream and see when they’ve scheduled social media posts. Step #3: Load the posts and the times into the automation tool. These posts are going to be shared many times, so make them good. This can add a lot of visual prominence within a social stream! 

That’s probably why posts with images are 35 percent more likely to be shared. Since I set up this process a few weeks ago, I save 15 – 20 minutes per day picking out content, writing posts, choosing images and scheduling shares. If these automated social posts are the only thing in your stream, that’s not good. 

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Security Content Automation Protocol Compliance Checker

SCC is a SCAP 1.2 Validated Scanner, with support for SCAP versions 1.0 and 1.1, and an Open Vulnerability Assessment Language adopter, capable of performing compliance verification using SCAP content, and authenticated vulnerability scanning using OVAL content. No per seat license costs for Federal government/contractor computers. Performs manual interview checks using OCIL content. Creates HTML and text based single computer reports. Creates HTML and spreadsheet based multi-computer summary reports. 

Allows for installation of custom SCAP and OVAL content. Allows for organizationally defined compliance thresholds. The SCC was originally funded by the Internal Revenue Service with later funding from the National Security Agency, and is currently funded by Defense Information Systems Agency. For US Government Employees and contractors with or. Mil email address, the software can be obtained via the Office of Management and Budget hosted MAX.omb. 

Users will be required to self-activate an account in order to obtain the files. SCC is available for any government employee or contractor to the US government; it is not available to the general public. 

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Security Content Automation Protocol

The Security Content Automation Protocol is a synthesis of interoperable specifications derived from community ideas. Community participation is a great strength for SCAP, because the security automation community ensures the broadest possible range of use cases is reflected in SCAP functionality. This Web site is provided to support continued community involvement. From this site, you will find information about both existing SCAP specifications and emerging specifications relevant to NIST’s security automation agenda. You are invited to participate, whether monitoring community dialog or leading more substantive activities like specification authorship. 

NIST’s security automation agenda is broader than the vulnerability management application of modern day SCAP. Many different security activities and disciplines can benefit from standardized expression and reporting. We envision further expansion in compliance, remediation, and network monitoring, and encourage your contribution relative to these and additional disciplines. NIST is also working on this expansion plan, so please communicate with the SCAP Team early and often to ensure proper coordination of efforts. 

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Managing Security: The Security Content Automation Protocol

Abstract: Managing information systems security is an expensive and challenging task. Many different and complex software components- including firmware, operating systems, and applications-must be configured securely, patched when needed, and continuously monitored for security. Most organizations have an extensive set of security requirements. For commercial firms, such requirements are established through complex interactions of business goals, government regulations, and insurance requirements; for government organizations, security requirements are mandated. Meeting these requirements has been time consuming and error prone, because organizations have lacked standardized, automated ways of performing the tasks and reporting on results. 

To overcome these deficiencies and reduce security administration costs, the National Institute of Standards and Technology developed the security content automation protocol using community supported security resources. SCAP is a suite of specifications that standardizes the format and nomenclature by which security software products communicate information about software identification, software flaws, and security configurations. 

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What Is Content Automation In SEO

Content Automation: Content Automation is a process of creating content of the website in a automatic matter by using a tool or script. It means the content of the website will be automatically generate using a tool and published on the website. In Content Automation, total article or page is automatically generate. It means you are not putting any effort to give title, heading, tags and the rest of the content. Content automation is good for some time on SEO point of view. 

Very soon it will be detected as a spam website and removed or black listed from the search engine. Benefits Of Content Automation For The Website Your website will become a very large at less time. Your man effort will be less, as the content are generating automatically. So it will give you a sudden growth in SERP Disadvantage of Content Automation Sudden dropdown of the website will occur. Doorway pages will occur, as the content are automatic generating and the link will be generate automatically. 

Keyword stuffing will occur, as the content are generating using tools, So it will follow a frame to creating the content. Your website may be banned or blacklisted from the search engine. 

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