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UNICEF Drives Efficiency and Relief Funds with Content Automation

Workflow Review: Integrated Automation for iOS 8 – MacStories

Workflow, released today, tries to bring the deep system integration of Apple’s OS X utility to the iPhone and iPad, taking advantage of extensions in iOS 8 to make its automation features ubiquitous and compatible with any app. Workflow – first teased by Ari Weinstein and team in January 2014 – takes another approach: instead of relying heavily on a specific functionality or third-party apps and services, Workflow is primarily aimed at automating native iOS apps and features. Upon first launching the app, you’ll be presented with an interactive onboarding process aimed at explaining the basics of workflow creation by letting you create a workflow to generate and share a GIF. The core ideas behind Workflow are immediately showcased here: actions are arranged with drag & drop and you need to grant Workflow permission to system features such as the camera or your photo library. The demos featured by the Workflow team provided excellent building blocks for some of my most used workflows, such as the ability to append text to Evernote from Safari, or a workflow to display busy times from my Calendar. 

To understand why Workflow is a powerful new player in the iOS automation space, it’s important to explain how its Content Graph works. Connecting iOS As a heavy Launch Center Pro and Editorial user, it took me a while to fully figure out Workflow and the new kind of automation it brings to iOS. Besides the Content Graph a key aspect to understanding Workflow is the way workflows can be launched from action extensions and how they can seamlessly blend in with other apps through the share sheet. The Workflow team came up with a way to integrate workflows with extensions in iOS 8 – specifically, action extensions. To better explain the possibilities opened by Workflow, I evaluated areas of my iOS setup that were ripe for automation and put together workflows that are now helping me on a daily basis for MacStories and Relay-related tasks. 

On iOS 8, there isn’t a native app to browse every folder in iCloud Drive; Workflow, with its customizable actions, lets me bring up the full iCloud Drive browsing interface whenever I want and choose what to do with a file I select. Alas, due to memory constraints of iOS 8, this workflow will crash with articles like this one. Next Level iOS Automation Workflow wants to do something big: combine the interface of Automator and its deep system integration with iOS 8 features and extensions, native apps5, and an engine capable of transforming content intelligently. Because Workflow relies on native iOS 8 features so much, many of the bugs that I encountered in my tests weren’t bugs of the app itself – they had been left by Apple. 

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12 Benefits of Marketing Automation that Will Vastly Improve Your Life

New technologies are allowing marketers to get their messages out to the right people at the right time, and the benefits of marketing automation have made the promotion process easier, less taxing, and more convenient than ever before – freeing up marketers’ time and energy to focus on other important tasks. Marketing automation refers to the software that exists with the goal of automating marketing actions. We thought we could start introducing you to the wonders of marketing automation by laying out some of the most important marketing automation benefits; this way, you can get started considering why automated marketing strategy might be one you want to take advantage of – and how it can improve your everyday life. The following marketing automation benefits represent some of the best things that marketing automation can do for you. Luckily, one of the best benefits of marketing automation is that it allows you to nurture those leads without having to manually personalize and send emails when leads take action; technology like drip email campaigns and email personalization technology can make sure it all gets done for you – and at just the right time. 

According to a report about lead conversion time by Thomson Retuers, who decided to use Eloqua and Oracle Marketing Cloud to automate their marketing processes, leads were converted 72% more quickly once they turned to marketing automation – which was a significant and beneficial boost to their company. Users of marketing automation software Pardot said that marketing automation has boosted their sales 34%, on average. One of the most useful marketing automation benefits is that most marketing automation software can integrate with your CRM platform to show you which of your marketing automation strategies are working – and which are falling flat. Despite its name, marketing automation software is not just for marketers – it has many benefits for sales teams, too. Some of the best marketing automation benefits for sales folks are that it eliminates the need to make cold calls, helps keep marketing and sales teams on the same page, and allows salespeople to contact prospects in real time. 

Many marketing solutions can also send marketing materials to leads offline; this means that many marketing automation tools can send out a text, postcard, or phone call when a customer reaches a certain point in the funnel. Most marketing automation software can help handle the implementation of your marketing campaigns – but some software – like Oz – can also help you come up with content for your marketing, which will help ensure that you drive leads and engage the right audience. 

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