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The New Battle Cry in Transformation is Automation

What Does Workflow and Content Automation Mean for the Digital Business?

That difference lies at the heart of what makes the new category of Workflow and Content Automation so powerful. WCA is a consolidation of workflow automation and content generation, pioneered by a new generation of integrated, cloud-based apps and programs. Because of those advantages, industry analyst firm Aragon Research has identified WCA as a major piece of the digital transformation that businesses should undergo if they want to remain relevant and competitive. That’s how the best WCA solutions are provided: as building blocks that you don’t have to be a programmer to arrange. Line of business managers – that is, the people who know the workflows and content at hand – can assemble the blocks themselves. 

A digitized workflow process could collect and produce all sorts of data about how it’s used, but it tends not to, because it wasn’t built with that in mind. Today’s WCA solutions are built with the full capabilities of digital in mind – which means tracking and reporting on frequency, participants, content utilized, impact, efficiency and other metrics. Workflows are uniquely poised to benefit from machine learning, and WCA will incorporate it more and more. WCA relieves the burden by putting the LOB manager in charge of their own workflows. People work better together as a result, workflows leverage content in disparate systems, and business users and IT teams can move faster. 

The most compelling benefit of WCA is also the most basic: The automation of simple to sophisticated actions and the ability to work across systems for better collaboration. A world-class WCA platform can be a key part of a company’s digital transformation. 

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4 Ways to Boost Content Marketing with Automation

That is not to say that our content marketing strategies can’t benefit from a little automation. Marketing automation platforms can provide a serious boost to our content marketing endeavors. Everything from strategy creation, to content positioning, flexibility, and analysis can be assisted by applying marketing automation. Instead, have the bulk of your content scheduled way in advance, giving you the opportunity to plan ahead of time and integrate content directly into your long term goals. The key here is to balance evergreen content with time-specific content, gaining the best from both worlds. 

Your content teams should be able to handle this endeavor but will find it difficult if the content queue is jammed up with additional, evergreen content pieces. This is a major labor-saver, freeing up your content team to produce great pieces of time-specific content when it’s needed. True greatness – in the sense of content marketing – is achieved with flexibility and responsiveness. Marketing automation enables us to do this by handling the heavy lifting for us, leaving our content teams the swiftness and freedom required to get in quickly. Without marketing automation, we have to manually locate customers who are affected, divert other content initiatives while emergency content is drafted, and deploy the content where it is required. 

Our content teams are already free to draft up the important public service piece for hosting on our site and social media, and the content delivery architecture is already in place. There are many different ways to achieve success in the content marketing game. 

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The 11 Best Social Media Automation Tools For Content Marketers

If you want to save your time while working on your digital marketing strategy, then you should take the assistance of some social media automation tools. From posting your content, to performing social media listening – these days, there is a tool for everything. To make things easier for you, I have shortlisted the 12 best social media automation tools that every content marketers should use in 2018. Agora Pulse has perhaps the most comprehensive feature-set out of any of these social media automation tools. Not only can you plan and schedule content across six different social networks, but you can also track your performance, collaborate with your team, and set up an evergreen sharing schedule for reposting content time and time again. 

Publish social media content according to your schedule across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube. Hootsuite is one of the most widely used social media automation tools out there. Apart from scheduling your content, you can also analyze which content worked well in the past and publish your previously posted content again. The bulk uploading of content and the maintenance of a social media calendar certainly makes it an automation tool of the future. The number of social media platforms might not be as extensive as other tools, but it has distinctive features for social listening and competitor monitoring as well. 

These social media automation tools are designed to be helpful and are sure to save you time in 2018. CoFounder of Socialert, he believes in coming up with engaging tools to redefine the face of social media marketing. 

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Emerging Category of “Workflow and Content Automation” Detailed in Aragon Research Report

Industry analyst firm identifies Nintex as a leading pioneer in workflow and content automation with its easy-to-use digital business platform. PRNewswire/ – Aragon Research,, today released a report on Workflow and Content Automation, an important emerging category that will consolidate the legacy technology markets of Business Process Management and Customer Communications Management into one. According to Aragon, the emerging WCA category represents the consolidation of traditional workflow and content generation to support the needs of all businesses. WCA combines workflow capabilities integrated with intelligent document generation to create smart document processes that can be quickly, easily analyzed to ensure the best processes are repeated and poorly performing ones are improved. As a business application, WCA is designed to be used by business people and should require little to no programming., as a company which offers advanced WCA for its easy-to-use workflow and document generation capabilities, workflow analytics, and overall power as a Digital Business Platform. Multiple advanced use cases using the Nintex platform across geographies, industries, and departments are described within the report. Highlights include contract lifecycle management, loan origination, and sales compensation plan automation leveraging the Nintex Workflow Cloud™ platform, Nintex Drawloop Document Generation, and Nintex Hawkeye™ analytics. Product or service names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. 

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