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The race to digital starts with workflow and content automation

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Fundamentally, automation design takes an existing or new process and automates it using simple- or not-so-simple-machines, such as robots. Whether you are part of a machine design company, a business that sells machine hardware, or even a manufacturing company that requires these well-oiled machines to produce a product- all are included in the growing landscape of automation. As more and more manufacturers adopt the idea of utilizing automated machines to improve productivity, companies have an increased demand for designers and automation experts. DISHER, a nationally recognized product-and-manufacturing solutions firm based in Zeeland, Mich. has several automation design experts on their team to meet this growing demand. 

DISHER has become a lead consultant in automation for customers who are seeking ways to increase their performance and grow their business. DISHER has not only led advancements in automation design, but has identified the need for the focused design of productivity improvements for the entire manufacturing process. The success of automation aside, the concern over job replacement remains a point of tension. Automation can step in and provide an immediate benefit. Perspectives are beginning to change through the understanding of automation. 

Automation will continue to lead to more advanced jobs for workers, and with innovative machine design and heightened engagement from shop floor team members, the outcome is going to be a positive one. Companies will continue to embrace automation design to gain productivity and profitability, but the human component of businesses will not dissolve. Automation design plays a crucial role in today’s manufacturing world. 

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Marketers bet big on automation, content marketing, video in 2018: Survey

MUMBAI: As the marketing landscape evolves, marketers bet big on automation, content marketing, and video in 2018, according to a survey. The survey was conducted among 779 marketers across India, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong between September and October 2017. Sharma said, as 2018 begins technology will underpin all marketing activities, and teams will focus on outsourcing technical expertise while retaining an in-house focus on improving customer experience. The survey revealed that 97 per cent Indian marketers plan to expand their teams in 2018. Along with team growth, marketers are increasingly looking for candidates soft skills in 2018, where Indian marketers rank cognitive skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and strategy, and account management skills such as communication, relationship building and time management, as the top skills they desire from new hires, it added. 

The survey also revealed that 74 per cent Indian marketers plan to increase their budget for 2018, much higher than Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Marketing automation, content and email marketing, video content and influencer marketing emerged as top areas of investment for Indian marketers, it said. It said, customer acquisition and retention were seen as the key areas of focus with regards to business outcomes. Data Analytics, machine learning and programmatic ad-buying are the top three technologies, marketers plan to implement to support their marketing activities, it said. Three in four Indian marketers feel very well prepared to deal with the impact of technology and 61 per cent see it as an opportunity for creation of new jobs and marketing roles, it added. 

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4 Useful Tools for Automating Content Distribution

Syndicating your content across the social web can be a monotonous chore, but there are a handful of tools that you can use to quickly distribute your content across many channels instead of logging into one service after another to post. Onlywire allows you to push your content to dozens of social networks, content aggregators and bookmarking sites via individual posts or automatically through your RSS feed, making content distribution an absolute snap. Onlywire starts free, with paid plans starting at only $5/month. IFTTT. Be careful with IFTTT – once you start diving in, it can hard to stop! 

IFTTT enables you to create cross-service triggered actions, and with numerous services being added all the time, the possibilities are pretty much endless. Zapier is similar to IFTTT, but with a heavier focus on business-related automation. All of the great content automation functions you can create in IFTTT can also be done in Zapier, so if your company uses several of the SaaS apps that can connect to Zapier, it’s worth trying out a Zapier account. Zapier starts free, then scales upward, with paid accounts starting at $20/month. Zapier really starts cooking when you get to their paid accounts, though the free version is useful, too. 

Buffer has a great reputation as a very useful tool for social publishing – and it definitely deserves it. Buffer is built from the ground-up with today’s social media manager in mind, with plenty of great tools included for syndicating both your content and content you curate. Just add content to your Buffer queue and you’re set. You can even make things easier by connecting your Buffer account to IFTTT and Zapier. 

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How to Create the Best Content For Your Marketing Automation System

When we think about creating the right content – not just the best content – it’s actually no surprise that the right content gets results, even if it might not be the highest-quality. Now, if you had instead taken those 20 hours of content creation and put them into creating a piece of content that filled a content gap in your buyers’ journey that content probably would get you results. If you create content that helps prospects through their buyer’s journey yes, if you put more effort into creating higher quality content, it will probably help your results. How content strategy fits into marketing automation. It’s how you end up with lots and lots of content – maybe even high-quality content – that often ends up getting very poor results. 

In the 2017 Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs B2B Content Marketing Trends report, only 54 percent of the content marketers who even have a strategy have well-defined business goals for their content. We can see this even more clearly in the 2017 Content Management and Strategy Survey, also from the Content Marketing Institute. Why Sales and Marketing need to talk about content gaps and marketing automation planning. While Sales is notorious for not using all of the sales enablement content marketing has created, it’s often because they don’t even know some of the content exists. It’s time for content marketing – and content marketers – to evolve. 

So a marketing automation system that delivers the best content to prospects should be the brainchild of both sales and marketing. A good marketing automation system does more than just deliver the right content to the right person at the right time. 

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