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45 Best Content Curation Tools For Fail-Proof Marketing Automation

The best way to do content curation, as a digital marketer, is to use purpose-built content curation tools to help you do it. Content curation tools help you get all the benefits of publishing excellent content – WITHOUT having to create it all yourself. We’ve picked the best content curation tools we know, and have divided them into free, freemium, paid, and enterprise tools, and there’s a table of contents for convenience. The next on our list of content curation tools is Content Studio. Like other content curation tools it lets you grab and organize content from different online sources. 

The tool curates content to help businesses create email newsletters quickly, share relevant content to social media sites, and curate content digests and lists for publication. In addition to pulling in external content via RSS feeds, this automated content curation tool allows you to mix in your own marketing content to create a rich social media experience for your followers. Its content curation tool monitors the keywords, authors, and domains you care about to give you an automatically updated list of the most relevant content. While this will help you discover and share content that’s likely to interest your audience, Triberr also has a specific content curation tool to automate content discovery and sharing. Plus Crowdynews will find social content to match the content you’ve already published, helping you to keep that content up to date and relevant. 

Kapost includes content tagging so you can assign content to the content categories that matter to your business. Its content curation tool pulls content from more than 15 channels, helping you to identify and share the most engaging content with your audience. 

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Real-time content personalization – Marketing Automation & E-mail Marketing

The form normally appears as a pop-up window; its content and the timing of display may be ideally adjusted to the contact’s profile. The form may be displayed while the contact is still on your website. With SALESmanago Marketing Automation matching these products to a particular prospect is exceptionally easy and always based on up-to-the-minute visitor information, which makes the match even closer. The option of displaying various content within one particular banner is nothing short of exciting. Depending on individual profiles, users visiting a given website can see personalized content tailored specifically for them. 

This means that in the case of prospect behaviours defined as critical for the sales process you can act immediately by sending an email or text message from the Marketing Automation platform to a particular prospect. Such a message will reach its recipient at the right moment and its content will be adjusted to the behaviour of this particular person. Various behaviours of your contacts may trigger real-time alerts to be sent to your sales department or call center requesting contact with a particular prospect. The Marketing Automation system enables the user to automatically adjust the content displayed in RTB advertising networks. Particular behaviours of anonymous and identified contacts on a target website may trigger or disable specific messages displayed in the advertising network. 

This is yet another place where you can freely adjust the displayed content to particular users. Now, with the use of Marketing Automation platform you may run personalized one-to-one communication based on the current profile of your prospects and their interests also in mobile applications. 

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What is Content Marketing Automation?

Content marketing has been called many things, from one of the most effective inbound marketing tactics to just another buzzword that’s a sinkhole for your ROI. The criticisms often arise from the assumption that having and producing content is all there is to content marketing. Content lets you add your voice to a trending conversation or create timeless marketing materials that continue to bring in results long after a traditional marketing campaign has run its course. With the right tools, content marketing can even become the centerpiece of your inbound strategy. Those who dismiss content are missing the bigger picture; content marketing is more than cranking out blog posts, Tweets, or SlideShares. 

With content marketing, you need to see the forest for the trees – you need to step back and understand the four pillars that support your content. Effective content marketing is never a shot in the dark. The content experience is what makes your content convert. Marketing automation suffers in much the same way as content marketing. You can’t get insight into how all the parts of your content marketing machine are working together when they’re all working in silos. 

The Role of Content Marketing Automation Giving your content a context. By creating a content experience that makes sense to your audience, you can make sense of their needs as a marketer and adjust your content marketing accordingly to achieve greater results. Content Marketing Automation bridges the gap between the four pillars of content marketing and your marketing automation software, producing better results by providing a context for the buyer’s journey – that marketers can understand too – from beginning to end. 

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