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The trend nobody is talking about yet: Email content automation

While delivering timely, personalized and relevant content, automation is a big step forward in email marketing maturity of any program. Few email marketers are currently using it but it’s about to be the hottest trend – and a trend that’s here to stay. Dustin, a re-seller of IT products and services in the Nordics, automate email content to show each individual recipient highly personalized products, specific to their individual browse behaviour. From one email, B2B customers will receive the exact products they have browsed with the B2B price, B2C customers will receive the exact products they have browsed with B2C pricing, all from one send. This has significantly reduced email build and creation time and has enabled Dustin to send email that is truly personalised at a 1-2-1 individual recipient level. 

Personal and up-to-date offers through email content automation. If someone has a high probability of buying dog products, the are shown dog products in the email they receive, if they have a propensity for cats they were shown cat products. The product data is pulled into the image at the moment of email open so the price and availability is always live making the email content relevant all the time. From what I have seen at several big senders, they know what they should do to make a kick-ass email marketing program, but often resources or technical limitations that is keeping them from doing email as they would like. Because of the time saving and I think Email Content Automation will be one of the email marketing trends we will be hearing a lot about in the coming year(s). 

Creating personalized email and content from every recipient beyond preference segmentation therefore, is a combined technology-resource challenge. No need for that anymore with email content automation. 

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TFM Insights

TFM interviews Founder and CEO of Automated Insights, Robbie Allen, on Wordsmith, content personalisation at scale and ways to wring more out of marketing data. First, meaningful content takes time and resources to produce; second, there are mountains of data being collected but not necessarily utilised effectively. That technology is content automation, or at least so says Automated Insights. The US firm, with its Wordsmith tool, has a plan to capitalise on both of these issues. Other uses include sending automated workout recaps to users of its BodySpace app and IoT electricity automation firm digitalSTROM which uses data from household devices to generate written and spoken reports for homeowners, so they can use resources more wisely. 

TFM asked Allen if consumers might have a problem with an automated content engine adding adjectives into previously subjective write-ups. We expect estate agents to get creative with property descriptions, but Automated Insights includes similarly florid examples of real estate descriptions on its website. Clients configure narratives in Wordsmith to employ whatever tone and style they want, or we can do it for them. Automated Insights wouldn’t be the first technology company attempting to remain agnostic as to how appropriately businesses use its tools-don’t shoot the messenger. Content automation seems like it could be slightly murkier however, in that the tool is also crafting the message. 

Allen sees that there is something in the suggestion that content automation could benefit such companies and help them convey the stories found within otherwise dense spreadsheets and dry data. TFM 2017 Keynotes and Seminar Sessions Learn from the achievements of Google, Shazam and BT, plus many more. 

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Automation & IT

This influence, both on hard- and software, will continue to grow stronger. Since the two scientific disciplines computer science and automation have a significant overlap and are increasingly forming one single field of knowledge, the objective of the Master’s program in Automation & IT is to deepen and broaden the students’ technical and methodical skills and knowledge. At the same time, the program fosters social and individual skills, preparing students for a position of responsibility in one of the following fields: research, development, planning and project development, production and management. The language of instruction is English, which supports the students’ individual competency development just as much as the intercultural exchange with students from Asia or the Americas. The standard duration of the Master’s program is four semesters. 

During the first two semesters, the focus is placed on imparting knowledge to build a sound foundation in terms of both expertise and methods for the Master’s degree. During the third semester, students conduct case studies which focus on the same topics as current research activities. These team projects aim at developing the students’ technical and methodical but also social and individual skills. The fourth semester is dedicated to the Master’s thesis on a current and complex topic. General Admission Requirements an excellent undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s degree or Diplom (FH in electrical engineering, automation or a comparable program from a German or international institution of higher education. 

An above-average, suitable and comparable university degree. Applicants must have adequate proficiency in English – and to a lesser extent in German – to successfully cope with the curriculum. 

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