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The DNA of Effective Marketing: Content and Automation

Content Automation

For global organizations, keeping up with the demands to deliver the right content to the right people, to the right place and at the right time is creating a huge strain on content processes within organizations already wrestling to reduce costs. Quark’s content automation solutions help global organizations streamline their content processes, enabling them to deliver business-critical content with precision. Quark customers in industries such as finance, government, energy, manufacturing and more have leveraged our content management solutions to reduce costs and time to market by as much as 85%. Create. With content automation, your authors move from creating documents to creating reusable content components – Smart Content. 

Smart Content is the foundation for content automation, creating a single source of truth. From authoring through to review and approval, our content automation tools streamline the management of your content. If a content component is updated, the updated content must be reviewed and approved only once. Quark’s content automation platform automatically tracks these changes and dynamically updates all related documents. Content components are automatically assembled for the right media and audience, including text styling, table assembly, dynamic chart creation, insertion of the required legal text and even interactive elements, depending on the output. 

Content automation enables you to go beyond print and static PDFs to assemble content in responsive formats for the latest digital devices, all while ensuring the most up-to-date, approved content is being used. Quark’s content automation solutions seamlessly deliver your published content to a range of delivery systems, essential to a fully streamlined content lifecycle. Examples of content delivery include publishing a PDF to your enterprise content management system, XML to a Web CMS, or HTML5 to apps accessed by customers or employees using the latest mobile devices. 

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How Marketers Can Benefit from Automating Content Creation

One of the expected benefits of automating content creation is maintaining and updating content more easily, according to more than three-quarters of senior marketers in the US and Western Europe. Forrester Consulting, commissioned by cognitive content generation platform Persado, polled 100 senior marketers from a variety of industries in France, Germany, Italy, the UK and the US. In addition to maintaining and updating content more easily, 56% of respondents believed that by automating content creation, they’ll be able to create modular content to achieve dynamic content assembly, and nearly half said they’ll be able to adjust or respond in real time. Many senior marketers also thought that automating content creation can help improve customer engagement. 43% of respondents said that as a result of automating content creation, they expect to be able to customize content to achieve better customer engagement, and 38% said they’re able to leverage customer emotional triggers in order to deliver more impactful content. The ability to monitor and adjust copy based on customer response and increased customer loyalty engagement were other expected benefits of automating the content creation process. 

Generally, executives are producing large volumes of content, and they expect that volume to increase in the next two years. Data from Accenture revealed that 64% of business executives worldwide said their company produced moderate volumes of digital content and assets. That same survey also found that the amount of digital content produced will grow. 90% of respondents expect it to increase in the next two years. Those demands are likely why 41% of respondents to the Forrester Consulting/Persado survey had already implemented some type of automated content generation solution, and another 42% were planning to do so in the next 12 months. An additional 17% said they were interested in such a solution but that it wasn’t a priority. 

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The Pros and Cons of Content Automation

There are several content automation platforms available, from mass post uploading and scheduling platforms like SocialOomph to dashboards created to give more insights into the performance of your posts like Sprout Social. If you keep a running list of your onsite content, you can upload that list and automatically distribute those posts at regular intervals for any stretch of time. You can type in and schedule posts one by one until you have an even spread across your chosen time period. Rather than necessitating a login at a specific time to make an appropriate post, you can schedule your posts in advance. If you figure out that your posts get more responses at 1:00 pm than any other time, you can schedule your most important posts at 1:00 pm, and never have to worry about logging in at that time. 

With content automation, you can avoid the need to log in during holidays but still make posts announcing or celebrating the holiday. Whether you use an analytics-based scheduling platform or not, if you automate the posting of your content, you can measure your performance more consistently. If you post content at random times, sometimes once a day and sometimes ten times a day, you’ll have random data that doesn’t align into any one coherent picture. If you use automated content to post every hour, on the hour, every day of the week, it will soon be very clear which times and which post types are the most popular. Scheduling your posts in advance is a great way to save time and stabilize the consistency of your posts, but it also leaves you vulnerable to a handful of risks. 

A good way to avoid this is to shake up your scheduling by rotating the types of content you post or by alternating your posting schedule every once in a while. Automating your content posts also takes you out of the driver’s seat, and leaves you unable to immediately respond to people who are interested in your posts. 

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