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Gleanings from Gilbane: 3 Content Automation Tools to Make Your Digital Marketing More Human

Last week Gilbane Advisor held its fourteenth annual Digital Content Conference where marketing and technology strategists, analysts, investors, managers, and innovators engaged in a variety of panels and break-out sessions on how to provide a competitive digital experience through thoughtful content. Many brands have become accustomed to haphazardly pushing out content like robots simply because they can with all of the increasingly automated marketing tools and processes at their disposal. While advances in advertising technology driven by artificial intelligence and big data have created incredible opportunities for brands to scale and refine their digital strategies, marketers and technologists alike need to work together to leverage the power of automation to generate truly thoughtful content that’s intuitive, adaptive, and personal to its users. This process of bridging the age of information and the age of the consumer can be daunting, but there were three presentations at Gilbane that gave great insight into what tools today’s digital marketer can turn towards to provide their audiences with valuable content while also maximizing ROC.1. With products like Affdex, a cloud-based solution that facially codes consumer’s emotional response to digital content, marketers can gather critical data that predicts success metrics such as purchase intent, brand recall, and thus influence future content creation. 

Adaptive Content, also referred to as smart content, is often associated with the ease in which a piece of content transfers across different devices. Juhee Garg, Senior Product Manager at Adobe, gave an in-depth overview of how digital content has evolved since the advent of the web to today’s constantly expanding digital ecosystem, where immersive and nimble content isn’t just preferred by consumers, but expected. Embedded intelligence within a landing page, a mobile app, or any other digital environment can adjust fields within a piece of content so that it’s contextually relevant. If a user is visiting a product info page on a site for the tenth time, adaptive content can identify the devices from which the user has accessed the content, how long the user interacted with specific areas of the page and then customize the heading, creative, and copy of the product page appropriately to leave the user with the most relevant information to close the purchase. Although automation tools like emotional AI and adaptive content can create an extremely personal digital experience, they’re still evolving and not completely scalable without an effective and customized delivery strategy. 

Upon leaving Gilbane’s Digital Content Conference it was clear that despite how essential digital content is to engaging and converting users, if the way in which that content is created, adapted, and delivered isn’t valuable to the people consuming it, then it’s of no value to today’s digital marketer either. I’m excited to keep up with these innovations in content marketing and how they can create more personal digital experiences for advertisers and their audiences. 

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The Clear Leader in Content Automation: Quark Software Inc.

Located in Denver, Quark Software was founded in 1981 with the mission to reinvent how content creators and creative professionals bring their visions to life. Today, with the leading content automation platform, the company infuses automation into every stage of the creation, management, publishing and delivery of today’s most important content. Quark Enterprise Solutions is the only end-to-end content automation platform that enables the creation, management, publishing and delivery of content across print, Web and digital channels. Global organizations that create, manage, and publish a high volume of similar content that needs to be distributed across one or many channels, leverage Quark’s content automation platform to streamline their content processes, enabling them to deliver business-critical content with precision. Quark offers clients an opportunity to create reusable content components with a structured content schema that allows content to be easily stored, searched and reused. 

Componentized content also helps organizations deliver content across print, Web and mobile formats, meet compliance and regulatory mandates, and reduce time to market. This is in stark contrast to traditional solutions for content creation and management solutions that either require authors to create unstructured documents that trap content in one format, or are too complex for non-technical writers to use. Though there is a broad spectrum of vendors in the content automation space, from content management solutions and Web content management solutions to XML authoring and mobile app delivery solutions, no single vendor can deliver the end-to-end platform that Quark offers. Quark’s content automation platform is also unique because it makes it much easier and more intuitive for non-technical authors to create structured content. Non-technical authors, those who typically create content using Microsoft Word, for example, need simpler tools that hide all the complexity of XML. 

Quark solves this problem with Smart Content, an XML schema that is the foundation for content automation. When non-technical authors create structured, reusable, searchable and trackable content, companies are able to meet growing content demands across any channel, which means delivering the right content to the right people at the right time. Ray Schiavone, President and CEOSince Ray Schiavone joined Quark in 2006, the company has transformed into a leading player in enterprise content automation. 

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