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HPE Automation :: Automation Specialists

HPE Automation originally started in business as Hydraulic & Pneumatic Engineering in 1980. Our primary mission at that time was helping customers design advanced hydraulic systems for heavy duty equipment. The market in Florida began to change for us from heavier duty equipment to high tech manufacturing. We changed our focus to advanced industrial automation and also changed our name to HPE Automation Corp. HPE Automation is the largest distributor for SMC Pneumatics in Florida and the oldest SMC distributor in the United States. Over the years we have selectively added additional lines: Intelligent Actuator, manufacturer of electric actuators and robots; Mitsubishi, one of the world leaders in robotics and motion control; and 80/20, manufacturer of aluminum extrusions used to build machine frames and guarding systems. HPE is proud to additionally represent a number of other fine companies that allow us to bring a “Complete automation solution” to our customers. It is our belief that having a thorough knowledge on a reasonable number of product lines serves our customers much better than having little knowledge on a long list of lines.

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The root node of the tree containing this AutomationNode. The purpose of the node, other than the role, if any. The value for this node: for example the value attribute of an element. The nodes, if any, which this node is specified to control via aria-controls. The nodes, if any, which form a description for this node. The nodes, if any, which form a label for this element. The node referred to by aria-activedescendant, where applicable. The value of aria-relevant if this node is inside a live region. The value of aria-atomic if this node is inside a live region. The value of aria-busy if this node is inside a live region. The index of this node in its parent node’s list of children. Gets the first node in this node’s subtree which matches the given CSS selector and is within the same DOM context. If the selector matches a node which doesn’t directly correspond to an automation node, this will return the nearest ancestor which does correspond to an automation node. Finds the first AutomationNode in this node’s subtree which matches the given search parameters. Finds all the AutomationNodes in this node’s subtree which matches the given search parameters.

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Overview of Service Management Automation

Service Management Automation is a set of tools that is integrated as the Automation extension in Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server. IT pros and IT developers can use Automation to construct, run, and manage runbooks to integrate, orchestrate, and automate IT business processes. Automation runbooks run on the Windows PowerShell workflow engine. Enables Automation management by using Windows PowerShell cmdlets. In System Center 2012, System Center 2012 SP1, and System Center 2012 R2, the Orchestrator component enables you to automate business processes and IT operations in your data center without scripting or programming. If you already have System Center 2012 installed, and you do not plan to install Windows Azure Pack, use Orchestrator. Automation in Windows Azure Pack enables you to automate processes within the Windows Azure Pack. Because Automation runs Windows PowerShell workflows, you can also use Windows PowerShell cmdlets to run other System Center 2012 components, including Orchestrator. If you are planning to use the Windows Azure Pack, use Automation, and then you can continue to leverage your System Center 2012 installation.

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World class technology, hometown service

For 40 years, Knoxville-based Machine Automation has been proud to serve the great industrial companies of East Tennessee with the latest technology and process-improvement innovations. Our core product lines focus on factory automation through electronic controls, sensors, and fluid power products. Machine Automation is an authorized distributor for some of the world’s leading brands. Some people might look at our business and think “Parts are parts.” But experienced procurement, engineering, and maintenance professionals know that could not be further from the truth! Our customers buy from us year after year because we are an established, trusted business partner who will be here when you need us most. Of course we’ll be competitive on price and unbeatable with our unrivaled customer service. We know those are simply tablestakes to earning your business. We’ll earn your business because of how we go above and beyond to proactively help you find more efficient, cost-effective and safer production solutions. Our engineers are the most highly-trained and experienced in the region. By all means, let us know how we can serve you!

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Conveyor & Automation Technologies, Inc.

Specializing in flexible automation, Conveyor & Automation Technologies skillfully engineers, manufactures and implements customized, integrated production lines with state-of-the-art controls. Whether your project requires integration of conveyor lines for multiple products, robotic case packing for multiple products, robotic assembly of multiple products or multiple-line robotic automation, our diverse and talented team of professionals can deliver a fully integrated line designed to meet a predetermined production rate with speed and flexibility. From new installations to retro-fits, our highly experienced engineers will design a packaging line that works for you. We are a single-source machinery and conveyor supplier and authorized Fanuc integrator with a wide range of equipment and controls for conveying, case packing, assembly and palletizing. For system integration with innovative line designs, elegant controls architecture and turnkey execution, look no further than Conveyor & Automation Technologies. We can convey, accumulate & package your products with a cost competitive solution to help you compete in the market place.

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