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Globalization is part of our everyday lives, price pressures and legal requirements are increasing. To be successful in such an environment, you need more than clearly defined goals and promising strategies for the future. You must be able to rely on production plants that offer maximum uptime and optimal performance. WinCos® satisfies all these requirements, being an automation system that is guaranteed to be a secure investment. It offers a favourable price-to-performance ratio, an outstanding user experience and flexibility. Additionally WinCos is compatible with all commonly used systems, and can be customized to suit every company-specific need. With WinCos®, Bühler has developed an automation system which integrally combines process technology and automation. This is the key for achieving best production standards leading to highest competitiveness of your business, now and in the future. Besides providing automation systems like WinCos® and LiteCos, Bühler presents itself as the ideal life cycle partner:To continuously increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your plant, well-educated staff and up-to-date equipment and systems are of great importance. To achieve this goal, Bühler supports you with specific Automation Services.

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Pace Automation

With its flagship solution “ServeSmart”, Pace provides restaurant retail automation services to more than 3,500 restaurant outlets in India and abroad. Pace has developed and deployed best-in-class solutions in Sales Force Automation, Business Process Automation, Small, Medium as well as Large Format Retailing, Petroleum Retail, Online Lottery and Turf Club Automation and Remote Digital Content Delivery to the granularity of a single display and so on. The latest offering is “RetailSmart”, a solution to “IT” enable the Kirana shops across the country. The company’s vision is to have more than 150,000 Kirana merchants in its network by the year 2020. This will be the first time that any company will create such a large digitally connected network and will be known as the SmartKirana™ Network. The entire suite of solutions are cloud based and hosted on the IBM Cloud infrastructure with physically separated identical IBM cloud infrastructure for disaster recovery and business continuation. The backend processing engines are homegrown, fine honed, reliable and very powerful providing seamless transaction collection, processing and dissemination of MIS, Analytics and Business Intelligence to its stake holders in realtime.

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Home Automation System Companies in Dubai UAE

GREENTEC AUTOMATION DMCC was founded based on more than quarter century experience in Building Automation Solutions in Europe and the Middle East. A quarter century, with lots of challenges, Building Automation Technologies & Systems were introduced to the market in Europe and Overseas, seeking market acceptance. Some of them short‐lived and some others continued their journey, till they couldn’t manage to keep their momentum. Probably, the story of the “Rabbit and Turtle Race” best describes this, where the Rabbit can be characterized by few systems launched during this period of time, reaching different scale of success, and sometimes a dead end. The Turtle regarded as a simple technology satisfying the Building Automation world market by excellence and simplicity. This is the success story of the KNX technology which has been accepted by the standards regulatory bodies, as the Only Worldwide Standard for Home and Building Automation and achieving a record of 370 well known members in 2014. We proudly used to say that, no one can stop a Train with more than 370 wagons, relating to the enormous number of KNX associated members and if one decouples one or more wagon, the train will continue its successful Journey.

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Machine Vision and Automation Integration

Soft Automation provides integration and consulting services. With a strong expertise in Industrial Automation, Machine Vision and a strong background in software development, Soft Automation Inc prides itself, as a solution provider and systems integrator. We can marry many many different hardware / software technologes to build an integrated solution. 3D imaging Automation Industrial protocols Analogue probes Line scan cameras and lasers Databases and reports Remote control and access Experience with many different hardware manufacturers …. all are tailored to run harmoneously with each other How We do it. Using an in-house developed automation integration package called Automation Manager, we can bring together a multitude of automation components into a usable application via a drag drop environment. Please view some of the case studies or visit the Product Site – Automation Manager. To view the technology developed in house that lies behind this cross platform environment visit Thanks for coming and seeing us at Automate 2017 and making this show. The crowd were astonished beyond measure, saying, “He has done all things well…” As Jesus is we strive to be.

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Packages matching Tags:”Build-automation”

Magic script-based C# task runner with C# V6 support. Pask is a modular task-oriented PowerShell build automation for. NET. It provides a set of predefined tasks and the ability to create custom ones. Daterpillar is a miro-orm that currently supports SQL Server, MySQL and SQLite. Generate a database schema from classes marked with specific attributes. Daterpillar is a build automation tool and miro-orm. Psen provides convention-based and out-of-the-box builds, tests, installations and deployments for. Find more details in readme file on github and an example in the folder packagespsen. Pask extension that provides NuGet functionality to create and publish a package. Pask extension that provides test automation functionality. Contains build automation psake task scripts for local environments. Pask extension that provides test automation functionality with code coverage reports generated by dotCover. Pask extension that provides database migration functionality using FluentMigrator. Event-Catcher with variety of advanced Actions for service of your projects and libraries, the build processes and processes at runtime from Visual Studio and MSBuild Tools. Official package of libraries for support of the CI /Build Servers.

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