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Automation and Robotics

A weld’s strength and durability are paramount. Advancements in robotic welding have made it possible to achieve the GTAW look with the GMAW process, particularly on aluminum. Air-cooled robotic welding torch offers 360-degree rotation December 6, 2017. Abicor Binzel has introduced the Abirob Cyclone air-cooled robotic welding torch. Heavy-duty mechanized welding carriage achieves high stability December 5, 2017. The Wel-Handy Multi II from Koike is a light, compact, all-wheel-drive mechanized welding carriage. Strong magnetic force enhances traction, and a low center of gravity allows the heavy-duty welding carriage to achieve high pulling power and stability. According to the company, the welding carriage…. Continue Reading. Robot designed for arc welding, machine tending applications November 29, 2017. Is one-third the size of the company’s previously smallest control cabinet IPC.The unit facilitates implementation of automation, visualization, and…. Continue Reading. Robot track motion module made for arc welding applications November 10, 2017. Güdel has introduced ArcTrack, a preconfigured robot track motion module for arc welding applications. The company has pre-engineered a TrackMotion Floor configuration with an auxiliary shelf to carry welding equipment, large wire spools, and torch cleaning and reaming devices with the…. Continue Reading. Resistance welding gun opens and closes quickly October 19, 2017. Nimak offers the galaxyGun for resistance welding of mixed materials, conventional steel, and aluminum.

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Products For Automation

Products for Automation is the online store associated with Major Electronix Corp. We primarily specialize in the supply and distribution of industrial automation components. Our online selection features over 6000 products ideal for the industrial and automation sectors, including a few discontinued or hard to find items. Products such as DIN 43650 solenoid valve connectors, liquid tight cable glands, industrial Ethernet switches, molded cable cordsets, and industrial connectors are among our largest product lines. Molded cable and hardwired connectors include M8, M12, and M23 versions. You’ll also find a wide selection of LED lighting options, as well as hose and cable reels, electric wire strippers, testing & measurement equipment, and computer cooling fan equipment. We make it easy to contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff, with the guarantee that you’ll always reach a live person when you call during business hours. Our staff is willing to work with you if you need specialized parts for a certain application. Among the services we offer are customized DIN 43650 connector assemblies. Products for Automation also features an extensive library of articles to fill you in on our newest products, or to give you an in-depth view of our existing product line. Our products include accurate descriptions, with specifications listed to help you make sure that product meets the requirements of your application. New products are being added to the site daily, so check back often to see the latest additions, as featured in our New Arrivals section.

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The Benefits of Automation

Granted, most of us can’t create complex control systems, so we will have to do our best with what is available, but having the most mundane tasks automated will help free up some time. If every time you checked your e-mails, all the messages had been sorted into folders before you logged on, you save time that you would have previously spent. If your Twitter account posts a message every time you update your website, you save time because you don’t need to do it yourself. If you spend an hour a day doing small tasks like these, you’re wasting a considerable amount of time. Automating these tasks will allow you to be able to work on what you consider is important. A good starting point is to automate the things that we don’t want to spend time doing. Sorting e-mails into folders, de-cluttering your hard drive, updating all of your social media profiles. These little monotonous tasks can begin to take up a significant part of our day. Automating your e-mail sorting is a good first step for many. From having Gmail automatically sort your emails with labels, or having a program record what you do in Microsoft Office and then repeat that when necessary. Carrying out repetitive monotonous tasks so that we don’t have to. What do you spend your time doing that you could automate? Free up some time and you could be spending it doing something worthwhile. After you get one task automated, you’ll find others that you can automate too. Having all those small tasks automated will really affect the amount of free time you have. That’s time you can spend doing something you want to.

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XL Automation, Inc. Automation for Industry

XL Automation is an industrial design, automation and controls company whose skill sets range from executing projects on the plant floor to interfacing to the boardroom level. Today’s highly complex control and information systems that run plant operations require higher levels of integration, and XL Automation has the experience to provide these solutions. The complex integration of mechanical systems and controls in industries utilizing robotics, winders, pick and place, and process lines highly benefit from an all-in-one design house. Our core specialties center on automation and controls design and fabrication, and mechanical modeling and analysis. XL Automation’s mission is focused on delivering on-time, state-of-the-art, cost effective solutions to manufacturing clients. We help our clients achieve competitive advantage and profit improvement by providing intelligent integrated systems and comprehensive services. We lower client risk by using the latest proven technologies while maintaining the highest possible performance-to-cost ratio. Our industry experience covers Aerospace to Wastewater and our technical experience includes nearly every aspect of systems integration and industrial automation. Our engineers, designers and project managers come from a wide variety of industries and have in-depth knowledge of specific industries’ needs and issues, as well as intimate familiarity with multiple vendors’ hardware and software. We work with all major control system manufacturers. Our team of professionals can integrate our experience with your needs.

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