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Welcome to Automation Components, Inc.

Automation Components, Inc. is a manufacturer representative specializing in engineered components for the automation industry. Our products help meet the productivity and quality demands of the new millennium representing industry leaders in the world of automation. Our service includes application and analytical engineering of your automation requirements. We provide the documentation of studies for your applications to ensure the proper equipment is being selected to provide many hours of life. Our calculations will include the inertia of your loads, torque demands, horsepower requirements, e-stop requirements, and a kinematics study of your automation application. We provide the pricing, delivery, and terms of sale to minimize the time required to get answers for your evaluation of a project. Having over forty years of engineering, machine production shop, sales, and service experience gives us the knowledge to respond to your requirements within a short period of time. Our sales engineers have been servicing the Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi area for the past twenty years. Our current customer base includes original equipment manufacturers, special machine builders, and manufacturing facilities with in-house engineering and build capabilities. Part of our responsibility includes after-sale servicing of the products we represent. If your future automation requirements include the usage of indexers, custom cams, grippers, feeder bowls, mechanical presses, slides, rotary actuators, pallet conveyors, low-profile belt conveyors, or dispensing equipment, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

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Fine Line Automation

Do you have ideas you want to make a reality? Projects back logged that you haven’t been able to get to? Build them all with our CNC machines. We have a full line of complete CNC Router kits and our new Saturn Series machines that are built for performance and durability. Want to design a custom machine? We have a full line of components for building your own CNC machine. Our CNC machines feature all steel and aluminum extrusion framing for extra rigidity. Combined with our innovative drive and linear motion systems, you get an affordable, well built machine that is strong enough to handle an almost endless array of jobs and projects. Our unique components and design make for expandable machines. We have expansion kits to make the machine grow, you just swap out the components. With true working areas of 2′ x 4′, 4′ x 4′, we have machines that will me the most demanding of your needs. Our Standard CNC routers use affordable custom components to provide the best value of any machine available. With true working areas of 2′ x 4′, 4′ x 4′, and 4′ x 8′, we have machines sized perfectly for your needs. Our Benchtop CNC line features smaller CNC machines that can fit in any workspace or garage. Introduced in 2009, it remains our bestselling CNC machine. A CNC machine can’t run without electronics to drive it. Making money with the machine? Want to eek out every single ounce of performance you can get from the machine? Our NEMA 34 Electronics are designed for you, the most demanding user. Still a little weary of getting a machine that has to be put together? Each machine has full pictorial and video instructions for assembly.

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American Grippers Inc

AGI manufactures a complete range of high quality sophisticated Pneumatic Automation Products for Industrial Automation. The company headquarters are in Trumbull, CT, USA. As a company specializing in Automation technology, we use the most modern manufacturing processes, as well as a commitment to continuous improvement. The modern and demanding user of end of arm tooling technology has confidence in the capabilities and products of AGI. Our products are used for a variety of manufacturing processes including: Assembly, Pick and Place, Packaging, Loading & Unloading, Part Transfer. All products are available in imperial and metric versions for flexibility of design for a world market. High-tech plants all over the world rely on automation components from AGI. Pneumatic Automation Products For Industrial Automation Include Parallel and Angular Grippers. “AGI is committed to innovation and service, working closely with our customers to find long term Automation solutions for their long term production success.” President Millo Bertini. AGI support, dedication to service and standardized quality checks ensure that our customers receive much more than just the industry standard – they receive the very best from “Start to Part”. We’ve been leaders in quality and customer service for over 20 years and our design confirms our commitment to the products we make and the people for whom we make them. Thorough employee training on processes and procedures. Product specification databases & control sheets for every part. Inspection processes at every step of the production process.

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Vbtron Automation Pvt Ltd

VBTRON AUTOMATION PVT. LTD is a manufacturer of Process Control & Automation Instruments for applications in a wide range of Industries. VBTRON AUTOMATION PVT. LTD has always been persisting in technical innovation, products improvement, so as to provide our partners and customers with better products and services. On the other hand, VBTRON AUTOMATION PVT. LTD also looks into the future to put in resources for developing next-generation automation products that meet various market demands and technologies. VBTRON AUTOMATION PVT. LTD has been satisfying its customers with pride for many years with the experience, dedication, and excellence in customer service. It is our company policy to conduct out business in a manner that gives full attention to providing the best service to our customers and also giving courteous and efficient service on which you can depend on. VBTRON AUTOMATION PVT. LTD has been providing customized automated turnkey complete automation solutions. Our long experience has resulted the perfection in designing & manufacturing with absolute control over quality and performance. VBTRON AUTOMATION PVT. LTD ensures the minimum gives maximum efficiency for the Automation Products and that is why our spirit of Dare to Commit. MISSION : To support our customers by providing superior products and services of exceptional value which help them gain competitive advantage in their industries. VISION : Vision is to offer the best possible range of automation products to their consumers grow how they can turn opportunities into reality.


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