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Global Excel Automation PowerShell Library

2015-12-16Version released!Version released! Psm1- Documented functions- Added method to receive messages. 2013-11-15Version has been released which contains several changes, including a new library to interact with Service Bus for Windows Server. See download page for list of all the changes in the release. Added functions documentation for libConfigurationDatabase. Added LoadBalancersClusterNodes table to store NLB/ARR cluster configuration. Added migration logic to load existing configuration in SQL Compact database. Modified existing scripts/libraries to use SQL Compact database to fetch configuration data:Assert-EnvironmentConfiguration. Added new functions to delete various configuration data. 2013-11-06Initial release available for version Configuration data migrated to SQL Compact database-Password protected, encrypted using AES256 using a password hashed with SHA512- Modified Deploy-Build. Ps1 to get the configuration data from the database- Modified function libApplicationRequestRouting. 2013-11-05Version has started today which includes a change from the XML configuration file to a SQL Compact database. This will allow the configuration database to be encrypted and facilitate basic CRUD operations in the configuration data. Deploy application code to IIS web front ends- Configure IIS sites- Configure Application Request Routing farms for web apps- Create Hyper-V parent disks from databases restores from Data Protection Manager- Create Hyper-V differencing disks from the parent disks with SQL data- And more!

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Home Automation « Smart Home Automation Systems

Modern electronics technology can help simplify home life by having certain chores performed automatically. You’ll find many uses for smart home automation. There are so many vendors, all selling products that you probably didn’t realize existed. It’s easier to fully automate a house that was wired for it at construction, there are many wireless products that can be used in an existing home. Devices are available to automate simple repetitive chores, such as turning on the coffee maker, feeding the pets, or watering houseplants. Some products can help enhance safety and save energy. Motion detectors will turn on a light when you enter a room, and then turn it off when your leave, which eliminates having to grope around in the dark for a light switch. Families with small children might appreciate the remote monitoring devices, that can transmit either video or sound from a child’s bedroom. Parents could set this up for either in-house monitoring, or for monitoring via the Internet. Security products include hidden video systems to monitor who’s at your door, and electronic door locks that automatically lock after the door has been closed for a number of minutes. Biometric door locks require only a fingerprint scan to open, eliminating the requirement for keys. If you prefer to keep the heat or air conditioning turned off while you’re at work, you can turn it back on via the Internet before leaving work. That way, the house can be at a comfortable temperature by the time you get home. A more controversial energy efficiency feature involves the “Smart grid”. This allows power companies to control electrical devices within your home in order to adjust the overall electrical load..

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At the same time materials, labor and other operating costs continue to rise. For many manufacturers the best solution to reducing cost-per-part is robotic automation. Gosiger Automation specializes in applying robotics to streamline workpiece flow. The result is improved throughput, reduced direct labor costs, consistent part quality and faster deliveries. Whether you’d like to automate the loading and unloading of a single machine tool or enhance the workflow of an entire production line, we can help. With dozens ofsuccessful installations in factories throughout the U.S. and 90+ years of working in the machine tool industry, Gosiger Automation has the talent and experience to develop a solution that precisely meets your needs. The Gosiger Automation ProcessHow we work with you to develop a robotic automation solution that fits your requirements perfectly. Why Robotic Automation?An in-depth look at the top 7 benefits. Return On InvestmentDollar and cents examples of how robotic automation provides excellent ROI. Gosiger Automation Products & ServicesStandard robotic systems, complete custom solutions and ala carte services. Case Studies & VideosSee for yourself how our customers benefit from robotic automation solutions. Every time we touch a workpiece we add cost to the final part or product. Industrial robots far more efficiently load, unload and reposition parts during a machining cycle. This means your machine operators can perform other tasks instead of waiting to load the next part. Robots never pause when a machining cycle is complete. They immediately perform the next task in the process, thus providing greater machine throughput on every job.

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Leading Camera Module Solutions, Lens Alignment

Automation Engineering, Inc. is a leading supplier of capital equipment used by manufacturers worldwide to assemble and test camera modules and optical subsystems used in the automotive, consumer, security and medical markets. The Company offers the most comprehensive portfolio of fully-automated manufacturing and test solutions available, which is used to assemble, measure and verify the mechanical, electrical and optical quality during volume manufacturing. AEi has built a reputation as the standard for opto-mechanical assembly and test equipment in the industry. The “CMAT” platform includes key differentiated features that address the needs of the broad market. These include alignment algorithms that have been optimized for computational cameras, comprehensive test suites for automotive standards, wide field of view optical targeting, ToF and IR-Laser alignment, high-speed image processing, and fast tool changes for high-mix manufacturing. This depth of feature capability goes well beyond what the competing systems can offer. AEi’s superior technology and experience are proven in the field by high yields and production volumes. AEi’s portfolio of patented and patent-pending technologies positions it as the leader in active alignment of optical assembly equipment. This technology leadership position enables both optimal image quality and economic performance for the leading digital camera companies worldwide using AEi equipment to build and test automotive forward facing stereoscopic cameras, ADAS and backup cameras, consumer drone and gesture recognition cameras and laser assemblies, smart phone cameras, and wearable technology and virtual reality devices.

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