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The Danger of Marketing Automation

The larger your company, audience or stakeholder group, the less your most useful marketing will scale. That is, if you accept the notion that social marketing, word-of-mouth marketing and one-to-one marketing is your most useful. Surveying the greater blogosphere in the marketing space these days, I’m a bit concerned at the recent thrust for everyone to discuss and promote the idea of marketing automation. Don’t get me wrong, I use it, believe in it and know that it does one critical thing that your business will at some point need: It scales one-to-one communication. Marketing automation – having auto-responders and timed email and other messages sent to individuals based on their previous behaviors and interactions with your brand – is incredible. As much as I believe in the power of marketing automation, I also believe in the lazy marketer’s ability to muck it up, royally. Marketing automation is a big, frosty, glazed, delicious one just waiting for us to sink our teeth into. For the set-it-and-forget-it set, marketing automation is an open invitation to extra Words With Friends time during work hours. All we have to do is set up the auto-responders and schedule our content posts to open the top of the funnel and marketing is easy it’s automated. This marketing automation frenzy we’re in now leads many to believe all they need to do is buy some marketing automation software and set it up and you’re done. The meat in using marketing automation software is actually in how you fill the gaps in non-automated ways. You need to make your job easier – generate leads, cultivate and segment prospects and nurture the superficial relationships – with automation. In order to be the company we all hope for in the ideal of the social business world, the proof to your pudding will be whether or not you are there when customers have questions your automation doesn’t answer. Marketing automation does not infer nor permit you to do it and only it. Marketing automation exists to make the necessary hard work, day-to-day interactions with your audiences easier to fulfill.

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What is home automation system?

We are living in the world of automation where most of the systems are getting automated, such as industrial automation, homes and other business sectors. Home automation systems are advancement to the mechanization processes wherein human efforts are needed with the machinery equipments to operate various loads in homes. Home automation system makes the operations of various home appliances more convenient and saves energy. With the energy saving concept, home automation or building automation makes life very simple nowadays. Centralized control of lighting equipments, air conditioning and heating, audio/video systems, security systems, kitchen appliances and all other equipments used in home systems is possible with this system. Actuators are the final controlling devices like limit switches, relays, motors and other controlling mechanisms which finally control the home equipments. Communication plays an important role in this home automation system for the remote access of these operations. Implementation of the home automation depends on the type of controls like wired or wireless. In this type of automation, all the home equipments are connected to a main controller through a communication cable. The GSM based home automation provides the controlling of home equipments by an SMS to the GSM modem. As a practical example, the following home automation system project, in which loads are controlled by a touch panel, is very informative. This touch-screen based home automation project explains how the automation can be implemented to our homes at lower costs. It is therefore possible to implement home automation using GSM as extension to the above project by simply adding a GSM modem to the receiver side of the microcontroller in place of an RF receiver. This is all about the home automation systems with a practical example. In addition to this, it is also possible to build the best home automation system using advanced controllers like PLCs. We hope that you might have received very informative and insightful knowledge from this article.

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SEO Automation: 4 Ways to Get Boring Tasks Done Quickly

For brands that can’t afford a full-service SEO agency, the mention of the word “Link building” is enough to make them flinch. Sure, identifying the components you need for your SEO strategy is more than doable – thanks to the wealth of learning resources available online. Remember that your success in SEO is directly proportional to the amount of effort you exert. A handful of SEO tasks – from link building to blogger outreach – can now be automated with the right tools. It’s no secret that SEO is like a giant puzzle with pieces that are unique to each brand. Due to the complexity and scope of SEO, analysis can easily turn to paralysis, especially if you aren’t really well-versed in SEO vocabulary. The Yoast SEO plugin, for example, not only identifies on-page SEO issues but also provides you with actionable recommendations on how to solve them. If you want a more thorough investigation of your site’s SEO, including off-page factors such as your site’s backlink profile, then you should check out a free audit tool like Seoptimer. Take note, SEO audit is a service that’s usually offered for “Free” by a number of small SEO agencies. When it comes to SEO, monitoring for keywords and changes in your website’s backlink profile is one of the most tedious tasks. A tool like SE Ranking can help you shave off several hours from your monitoring tasks by providing you with a unified dashboard. SE Ranking can also assist you when it comes to setting marketing and SEO goals for your site. Sure, social shares may not have a direct impact on crucial SEO metrics, but to say that social media is a non-factor in SEO is outright wrong. If you look at the big picture, social media opens opportunities that eventually lead to SEO benefits. Rather than sharing every piece of content as soon as they go live on your blog, a much more efficient way is to use a social media scheduling tool like Buffer and then directly connecting it to your site via IFTTT. Buffer is a popular social media automation platform that can be used to schedule posts across networks.

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