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Types of Automation

Automation is a method using a wide range of computer- and machine-aided tasks to help improve productivity and create easier ways to do business. Different types of automation are commonly used in different types of industries. In industrial settings, different types of automation provide benefits to companies including decreased part-cycle times, higher quality products, and increased worker safety. Using technology to perform tasks that can be repetitive, dangerous, or otherwise unsuitable for humans is known as industrial automation. Numerically controlled equipment, industrial automated robots, flexible manufacturing systems, and computer-aided manufacturing are all types of automation that industries implement into their factories. Automating industrial applications with an automated robotics systems provides many of the same benefits as NC equipment – higher quality parts, reduced cycle times, and increased savings to name a few. Industrial robots, like other automation types, can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep up with industry demands. Environments that prove to be dangerous for human workers are suitable for industrial robots. Despite a high initial cost, the return on investment for an industrial automated robot is typically about six months due to the increased savings and production that robots provide. These machines can perform many industrial automated robotic applications including welding, material handling, assembly, palletizing, and painting. A flexible manufacturing system combines NC machines, industrial robots, and other types of industrial automation into one automation system. Computer-aided manufacturing generalizes industrial automation one step further. CAD and CADD make use of computer programs to digitally plan products, parts, layouts, industrial robots, and a variety of other aspects of industrial settings. Without various types of industrial automation, every aspect of manufacturing would have to be done manually. Cycle times would be much slower than they are today due to the reduced organization, consistency, and efficiency that various types of automation offer.

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InfoTrends InfoBlog ยป workflow automation

There are still a few more items in the Workflow Quiz to work through before we can say that every stone has been turned over in the quest for optimization and documentation. In this segment it’s time to look at what processes you have that might qualify as islands of automation that should be linked together. Tools are purchased to meet a specific need, and sometimes suites are brought in to automate specific sets of processes. What tools and suites have you brought in over the years to automate? Web-to-print solutions? Order entry and management solutions? Job tracking? Are your production processes linked to your accounting processes? Workflow Automation orchestrates the handoffs between processes to eliminate human intervention and create seamless activity from the start of a job to delivery. It may include automation of resource allocation, flow control, and consumables ordering, but always includes reporting as each step is completed. Over the years I’ve visited shops with some amazing automation. Some was assembled from a variety of software sources, and still other solutions were written in-house. In most cases the teams working in the shop started their automation out of a need to streamline multiple job onboarding processes or tie multiple touchpoints into a single process. On November 16th, Xerox announced two new workflow automation solutions for the insurance industry and HR departments, updated versions of two of their platforms, and new components of their MPS strategy for the channel. Despite the proposed acquisition of Kofax by Lexmark, Kofax is going about business as usual with the recent announcement of a $2.4 million deal with a leading U.S. financial services firm. Just days ago, Kofax, a leading provider of smart process applications that simplify the business critical First Mile of information-intensive customer interactions, announced that an undisclosed leading U.S. bank has invested in Kofax TotalAgility to automate their banking operations including new customer onboarding, and loan application processing.

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AE, Automation Expo, Mumbai India

Automation Exhibition is a 4 day event being held from 29th August to 1st Sept 2018 at the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre in Mumbai, India. This event showcases product from Automation & Robotics industry. A global platform for the innovators from the Indian subcontinent and Asia Pacific region, Automation India presents high end factory automation products, automation technology, assembly line systems, laser technology, turnkey solutions for industrial automation, advanced. The Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre where this event is held plays host to some of the most revolutionary technical procedures in the field of automation giving companies from the whole of the Asia Pacific and Middle Eastern region the technology to compete with global giants. If you are pressed with the need to re-look and conventional methodologies or rope in cutting edge technology, Automation India is the place to be in. Want to Exhibit?Exhibitor ProfileFACTORY AUTOMATION, Motion drives, servo drives, actuator drives, Sensors and measuring equipment, Assembly and handling systems, technologies, devices, assembly lines system periphery and application, Complete Factory Automation systems and equipment, Assembly and handling, Machine Vision, Laser Technology, TURNKEY SOLUTIONS, For industrial automation, assembly and handling technology, handling technology, Electric motors, frequency converters and magnetic technology, Laser technology. 4.3/5Visitor’s Reviews242 Ratings / 136 Reviews5 Arif shaikh Senior Manager at Hightemp-furnaces limitedWe could not spend more time but whatever time we were there it was very good time ,fantastic arrangements done & I can say that we missed it. Edition Attended : Aug, 2017.5 DILIP DIRECTOR at NISH TECH CONSULTANTSVery good, good business proposals, I need copy of exhibitor with addresses can you please forward copy on mail or hard copy by post Thanks. I mainly attended because of IOT related solutions and it was very informative. The transport & lunch were still terrible. Took more than 1 hr to queue for lunch & hardly find any local taxi.

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