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McDonald’s rolls out automated kiosk ordering

Best Home Automation for 2017

FRONTPOINT Frontpoint provides the best value in home automation systems today. Easy installation and a host of interactive features have made Frontpoint popular with customers looking for an affordable, user-friendly home automation system integrated with home security. You’ll find some nice features within their home automation system but we were less excited about the Apple device requirements. As a retailer of these home automation products Smart Home is a good option. Home automation can also be enhanced with a home security system to offer added security for your home and family. If you have a question or problem with your home automation system, will there be someone who can quickly answer your questions? Guarantee. If the home automation system doesn’t work, or you change your mind, can you return it for your money back? has reviewed and ranked the best Home Automation solutions available today. Benefits of a Home Automation System Our home is our castle, the archive of our lives, the repository of our treasures, and with ever-rising energy costs, an increasing expense. A home automation system can provide you with peace of mind and lower our energy consumption, a good thing for our environment and your wallet. Compared with earlier generation home-monitoring systems, the benefits of the new generation of home automation systems – systems that enable us to interact, directly and in real time – with our most expensive possession, can be equated to the difference between owning a horse and buggy and a hybrid automobile. Today’s home automation systems allow more control over home heating and cooling than programmable thermostats that can only follow preset instructions. With most new home automation systems, a Smartphone call from you can bring your home to your preferred at-home temperature settings, rather relying on the clock to make the changes. Suspect someone is cranking up the heat or air conditioning when he is home and you are not? Home automation systems can monitor and report on this. Add-on water sensor devices available on today’s generation of home automation systems can text or email you that the hot water tank has sprung a leak, so you can call the plumber who you can let into your home using add-on remotely controlled door locks. It is also possible to realize a savings on your home insurance premiums when you have a home automation system in place, yet another benefit of owning a new generation home automation system.

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Webinar: Getting Test Automation Right!

With the emphasis placed on agility in today’s software development industry, testers and developers need to know how to properly utilize test automation. Manual testing can never be replaced completely by automated testing, but there are plenty of situations where it makes sense to use automated testing, freeing up your team to address more pressing matters that require manual intervention. Are you considering the use of test automation at your organization or on a specific project? Do you know the limitations of automated testing, as well as the risks associated with it? Watch our recorded webinar with SimpleProgrammer, TestTalks, and Dave Haeffner to learn the proper utilization of test automation! You will learn all about the different technologies available to support your efforts, as well as the key roles each of your team members will assume when infusing automated testing. When should you consider test automation? What are good candidates for automating and which should be left to manual testing? What are some of the risks associated with automated testing? What can you expect to gain when you use test automation? John Sonmez – John Sonmez is the founder of Simple Programmer, where he tirelessly pursues his vision of transforming complex issues into simple solutions. John has published over 50 courses on topics such as iOS, Android,. John is a life coach for software developers, and helps software engineers, programmers and other technical professionals boost their careers and live a more fulfilled life., a blog dedicated to test automation, and www., a weekly podcast that geeks out on all things software test automation. He is also the author of the UFT API Testing Manifesto and his mission is to help people succeed with test automation. He has over 15 years experience successfully developing and implementing numerous software automation and performance testing solutions, using both vendor-based and open source technologies. He also has a passion for teaching others by creating test automation training content and videos. Dave Haeffner – Dave Haeffner a test automation expert and is the creator of Elemental Selenium, a free, weekly e-mail that offers tips and guides on how to use Selenium like a pro. He is also the author of the Selenium Guidebook and has helped numerous companies successfully implement automated acceptance testing; including The Motley Fool, ManTech International, Sittercity, and Animoto.

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Industrial Automation Software Solutions by Inductive Automation

Ignition software is the first truly universal industrial application platform for connecting all your data, and designing and deploying industrial applications throughout an enterprise, without limits. It consists of the Ignition platform and Ignition modules that add powerful functionality, empowering the creation of virtually any kind of industrial application including SCADA, MES, IIoT, reporting, alarming, and more. You can extend the development power of Ignition by adding fully integrated software modules. Because Ignition is a modular platform, you only pay for the functionality that you need. Ignition has a server-centric web-based deployment model so you can instantly web-launch an unlimited number of zero-install, full runtime clients on virtually any device. Ignition’s architecture is flexible and scalable – from a small single-client installation to an enterprise-wide system – so it can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Ignition connects seamlessly to any SQL database and to practically any PLC through third-party OPC servers and its built-in OPC UA. Ignition can also easily connect to SMTP, VOIP, SMS, serial devices, web services, MQTT, and more. Ignition is cross-platform compatible so it can run on Windows 7, 8, and 10, and Windows Server 2008, 2012, and 2016, as well as Linux and macOS. Ignition can run on any device that runs Java, including PCs, laptops, servers, tablets, smartphones, remote field devices, and even Raspberry Pi’s. Ignition is sold by the server, so you get an unlimited number of clients, tags, and connections, all for the affordable cost of one license – the only limiting factor for Ignition is the performance of the hardware you install it on. You can download the full version of Ignition for free on our download page. Ignition only takes three minutes to install and it comes with all the core modules. By default, Ignition will run in trial mode which will timeout after two hours but you can manually reset it as many times as you wish, which allows you to build and test a full project in Ignition without buying a license. Once you’re ready, you can purchase and install your Ignition license key, which will take Ignition out of trial mode by removing the two-hour timeout. Ignition is made by Inductive Automation, based in Folsom, California. Ignition was born out of his vision to empower our customers to swiftly turn great ideas into reality by removing all technological and economic obstacles.

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