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Automation and Control Technology Final Year Project

Frost & Sullivan Research Reports

Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, works in collaboration with clients to leverage visionary innovation that addresses the global challenges and related growth opportunities that will make or break today’s market participants. Transportation and Logistics Market Insights-Russia … equals 51.0% of the GDP. The FMCG market is saturated by international firms, with increasing competition from domestic producers due to the growing focus on local production and imports embargo. European Swimming Pool Water Treatment Systems Market, Forecast to 2023 … bringing in more smart systems such as smart sensors and controllers in the swimming pool water treatment market. Analysis of the Global Consumer Headphones Market … an overview of the global market for consumer headphones used in music and sports. Transportation and Logistics Market Insights-Belgium … private consumption in 2017 and 2018. Latin American Commercial Vehicles Market, Forecast to 2023 … economic activities, new regulations aiding for CV fleet renewal, new business models being adopted by OEMs and Tier 1 providers, as well as technology innovations reshaping the logistics industry. Global Executive Analysis of the Fuel Cell Passenger Car Market, Forecast to 2030 … fuel cell vehicles and bring in new business models for private and public sectors to develop the hydrogen fuel stations across the world. North American Trailer Telematics Market, Forecast to 2023 … last decade, the logistics industry has undergone transformational changes by adopting effective management and utilization of fleets, manpower, warehouses, and assets. Growth Opportunities in the Chinese Fuel Additives Market … and the introduction of China V specifications takes center stage. Transportation and Logistics Market Insights-Italy … is experiencing a trend of reversal and is picking up the first signals of growth, thanks to the positive recovery in exports. Southeast Asian Aerosol Spray Paints Market for the Two Wheeler Aftermarket, Forecast to 2020 … leading the group in terms of volume and value. Growth in the aerosol spray paint market is closely associated with the population of two wheelers and the number of repainting jobs. Global Wind Power Market, Forecast to 2025 … climate change and air pollution. The global wind power market has achieved exceptionally high growth rates over the past few years. Australia Data Center Services Market, Forecast to 2023 … looking to base their local operations in other cities within Australia.

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Offering state of the art technology solutions for todays control needs. E.L. Automation was started in 1995, providing programming services primarily for the Wood Products industry. Since that time the company has grown into a full service control house capable of providing state of the art control solutions for almost any application, large or small. We are a U.L. 508 approved panel shop and are capable of providing complete system installations from engineering and panel construction through to PLC programming and system commissioning. Some of our sawmill applications include multiple debarker log handling systems, log sortlines, Hewsaw & Chip-N-Saw machines, boiler controls, and several multi-drive common DC bus applications with as many as 85 individual drives in the same control network. As a licensed public works contractor, we also have specialized experience in municipal potable and waste water system controls, hydro electric dam controls, and SCADA systems, most recently using new wireless Ethernet technology to solve some of the demanding terrain applications with a more cost effective solution. Some of our other control support comes in many different fields. We currently provide services to companies using plastic rotational molding equipment, concrete and aggregate systems, and are currently developing a control system for Old Castle Materials to use on their portable rock crushing equipment. Although E.L. Automation continues to diversify into new fields, we remain close to our roots in the wood products industry, most recently by partnering with MMRI Corporation, the parent company of AccuDry In-kiln moisture meter systems. As the authorized AccuDry service company, we are happy to offer onsite testing and repair of existing AccuDry systems as well as installation support and commissioning of new systems. We are proud to announce that we are currently in the development stages with MMRI for a new kiln control system based around the Moisture Saturation Point of wood fiber, an AccuDry System exclusive feature. With this new feature, the lumber drying process can be greatly improved, not only just in terms of drying time, but also with reductions in lumber damage due to over drying. Moisture saturation point drying allows for kiln units to be accurately dried until the moisture content of the wood reaches the point that enough moisture has been released from the wood fiber cells that they can then begin a programmed drying recipe based on species. This allows for consistent results on each unit, no matter how high the beginning moisture level.

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Americans and Automation in Everyday Life

Americans express more worry than enthusiasm about coming developments in automation – from driverless vehicles to a world in which machines perform many jobs currently done by humans. A Pew Research Center survey of 4,135 U.S. adults conducted May 1-15, 2017, finds that many Americans anticipate significant impacts from various automation technologies in the course of their lifetimes – from the widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles to the replacement of entire job categories with robot workers. To gauge the opinions of everyday Americans on this complex and far-reaching topic, the survey presented respondents with four different scenarios relating to automation technologies. Americans express widespread concern – but also tempered optimism – about the impact of emerging automation technologies. Americans generally express more worry than enthusiasm when asked about these automation technologies. Most prominently, Americans are roughly twice as likely to express worry than enthusiasm about a future in which robots and computers are capable of doing many jobs that are currently done by humans. 76% of Americans expect that economic inequality will become much worse if robots and computers are able to perform many of the jobs that are currently done by humans. Majorities of Americans are reluctant to use emerging automation technologies themselves and express concerns about removing the human element from important decisions. In the event that robots and computers become capable of doing many human jobs, for example, 85% of Americans are in favor of limiting machines to performing primarily those jobs that are dangerous or unhealthy for humans. A key attitudinal divide around emerging automation technologies: Those who are excited to try these technologies themselves versus those who are more hesitant. Many Americans expect a number of professions to be dominated by machines within their lifetimes – but relatively few expect their own jobs or professions to be impacted. Beyond the examples noted above, Americans anticipate significant changes to the nature of jobs and work in the coming decades as a result of automation. 6% of Americans report that they have already been impacted by automation in the form of lost jobs and/or wages. Much of this survey focuses on possible future impacts of automation, but a minority of Americans are already being impacted by these technologies in their own jobs and careers. Many Americans anticipate that various automation technologies will make significant inroads in terms of their development and adoption in the coming decades.

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