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Zaphne – Content Automation News for 01-21-2018

Autonomic test automation

It was an exciting time when at Mercury, we first introduced Winrunner. There hasn’t been much innovation in this space ever since. Newer tools in test automation made minor incremental upgrades from the record and play technology. The outcome is clear; major studies show organizations struggling with the % of reliable automated testing they can achieve. Despite being a programmer’s tool, no wonder Selenium is gaining popularity given that other tools have not been able to bring the needed flexibility or handle technical complexities. Selenium also comes with its own baggage of custom frameworks, elevated levels of code maintenance and specialized programming skills. Given the demands of today’s continuous delivery models, it really needed a true ground up innovation to bring test automation in sync with the rest of the software delivery cycle. When I say innovation in test automation, we got to break the silos; Automation cannot afford to live on an island anymore. Automation testing has to be integrated with its manual counterpart. Test automation itself has to be technically a lot more robust than the record & play, while still focusing on the business process and SME driven validation. AccelQ approaches automation with a lifecycle approach to integrate these islands into one tool, one optimized process. The cognitive engine drives all aspects of test automation from element capture, to natural language automation “Code” to self-healing heuristics. The autonomic core is able to drive intelligent path analysis to automation scenario design and intelligently drive automated test generation. We need to break out of the mindset that automation means overhead of frameworks before it can give us the ROI. It’s time the best practices and frameworks are embedded into the automation tool you use, and its intelligent to help you accelerate. Learn more about accelQ’s Codeless natural language automation and self-healing automation.

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Source: https://www.accelq.com/blog/autonomic-test-automation

Countrywide Home Automation

Home Automation is defined as the application of technology in the home, but this is not the full extent as there are many applications for the same or similar technology within business premises. Applications can include security systems with access control, monitoring and control of equipment either local or remote, closed circuit television with local or remote viewing and recording. In fact the applications and permutations of ‘home automation’ are endless and only limited by the imagination. Imagine adjusting the temperature in any part of your home from your bed or controlling the volume of your whole house audio system from any room. Did you let the cat out, lock that door or close that window? – now you can check remotely or just leave your home automation system to automatically complete the task. Security and safety are always high on the list for a home automation system. Use intelligent controllers to light up the exterior and interior of your home and control the curtains. Turn on your driveway lights and open and close your garage door automatically as you arrive home on that wet and windy night. Let your system alert a neighbour or yourself by phone when something is amiss in your home. View your home remotely over the internet, wherever you are in the world. The basic technology of home automation has been around for many years in amateur versions, with many projects being published in electronic hobbyist magazines using new, reclaimed or modified equipment. Home Automation also has an additional benefit – it can save you money! Accurate control of energy consuming equipment in your home, such as heating systems can show a continuous return on your investment. Control your garden watering automatically and save money on your water meter. High tech products in your home are fun to use as well as providing a useful function. Some of these products need not be built into your home and can operate as stand alone units.

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Source: http://countrywidehomeautomation.com/index.html

Makino Machining Automation

In the second part of this webinar on pallet handling systems, we will demo…. View webinar The Complete Solution: Turnkey Engineering Services. With more than two decades of successful installations, Makino has delivere…. View webinar Automation and Integration Machining to the Max. Tim Jones, horizontal machining center product manager, and Dave Walton, pr…. View webinar Boosting HMC Productivity with Makino’s Fixture Hydraulic Unit System. Are your fixtures allowing you to unlock the full productive capabilities o…. View webinar MyMakino Customer Portal: A Valuable Tool to Enhance Your Makino Experience. Makino has developed MyMakino, a web portal that provides a personalized, s…. View webinar Die Mold Automation: Achieving 80% machine utilization rates through systemic planning, sc…. It is now practical to realize dramatic improvements in machine utilization…. View webinar 5-axis Automation. Automation will be essential for North American manufacturers to compete gl…. View webinar Manufacturing System Simulation. This webinar will explore how Makino has used software to simulate the man…. View webinar Simple Automation. Automation of machining operations will be essential for North American man…. View webinar A new concept in simple automation for horizontal machining centers. Automation of machining operations will be essential for North American man…. View webinar Utilizing Vision systems with machine automation. The use of vision systems with robot automation is expanding. Learn how to streamline your die and mold manufacturing using advanced cont…. View webinar Automation. It’s the ultimate tool in helping to reduce machining costs.

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Source: https://www.makino.com/engineering-services/machine-tool-automation

Zaphne – Content Automation News for 01-20-2018

Power Automation

Jpg, custom-engineered automation solutions; Power Automation; Control and Monitoringhttps://0e6c0198a8005da94e3f-dd02ea46495c57511aab8e4b7d0f0d6a. Jpg, custom-engineered automation solutions; Control and Monitoringhttps://0e6c0198a8005da94e3f-dd02ea46495c57511aab8e4b7d0f0d6a. Jpg, custom-engineered automation solutions; Power Automation; Control and MonitoringTrust the experts. We know the importance of power management for an islanded facility and have implemented sophisticated systems to ensure capacities are not exceeded. With hundreds of substation automation systems deployed in a variety of refineries and LNG terminals, we have the application expertise to tackle the specific requirements of downstream facilities. Powell has a staff of automation professionals ready to provide assistance for new or existing systems. Power quality is critical for Data Centers due to the nature of the environmental controls and the stringent temperature boundaries for proper operation. With so much riding on these elements, Powell can provide a single-source power monitoring and control system to help you manage these needs. Power generation systems are extremely complex in today’s world. A custom engineered solution for your power network. When the equipment needs are joined together with the commercial, ridership, and safety portions of the system, the operators are under great pressure to be aware and understand how to act within a moments notice. Powell can provide your system with a unique and custom engineered solution to do exactly that. Powell provides custom-engineered automation solutions ranging from transfer schemes to power management and load-shed applications. Our proven experience includes oil and gas production, refineries, power generation, mining, and data centers. Our experience and application knowledge of intelligent electronic devices and networking solutions allows us to engineer a modern, open architecture system for your control and monitoring needs.

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Source: https://www.powellind.com/ProductsServices/Pages/Power-Automation.aspx

5 Best Test Automation Tools

I believe, and always try to explore other tools and techniques to find what more we can have to put in test automation. There are many great tools available, I have listed the commonly used five best test automation tools. Telerik TestStudio is the easiest software testing tool you’ve tried – watch a couple of videos and you are ready to go. It is an all in one testing software for functional, load, performance and mobile app testing. The in-depth functional testing includes native web and desktop apps testing along with mobile and tablet apps, HTML5, AJAX, Silverlight and WPF apps testing. Additionally testing teams can rely on the product to test JavaScript calls, Telerik controls, dynamic page synchronization, client-side behaviors, UI virtualizations and XAML animations. This software testing tool streamlines teamwork by introducing a common platform for testers and developers to work together. A single solution for testing GUIs, APIs and multi layer applications. HP Unified Functional Testing software is an automated software testing solution addressing the challenges of constant change in technology and processes. Automation testing is a leap forward in modern applications, and it can dramatically improve software quality while cutting testing costs and complexity even in the most rapidly changing environments. With its integration with HP Application Lifecycle Management, it significantly enhances developer and tester productivity and collaboration. TestComplete is a powerful and robust automated testing tool for mobile, web and desktop applications. Create accurate and repeatable automated tests across multiple devices, platforms, and environments quickly and easily – whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced automation engineer. When testing today’s modern applications, it’s important that your tools are as agile and flexible as you need to be. With TestComplete, you can create, manage and run tests for any mobile, web, or desktop software.

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Source: http://automated-360.com/automation-tools/5-best-test-automation-tools

Automation and Robotics Articles

A weld’s strength and durability are paramount. Cosmetics also are important, particularly on consumer products and many other visible welds. Advancements in robotic welding have made it possible to achieve the GTAW look with the GMAW process, particularly on aluminum. A factory may have thousands of sensors on the production floor, hundreds in the welding line, but all that data may not be very useful. A company has introduced a new way for a fabricator to use automation: not by investing in a permanent system, but by hiring them and paying for their use by the hour. A robot is only a part of a robot-based automation system, whether the system is for welding or other applications. Shopping cart manufacturer Technibilt has been incorporating automation little by little over the last few decades, but recently took a big step when it solicited bids for a transfer system that would bend and punch tube to make shopping cart frames. Finding good welders is a real issue for some fab shops, but so is the anxiety attached to integrating robotic welding to help fill the gaps. Pinpointing the appropriate skill set for robotic welding programmers is important to ensure you have the right person in place to run the machine. TnL Welding, Sidney, Ohio, is a two-person operation with four robotic cells. Todd Whitt is the welder with the talent for getting automation to work smoothly. Kristen Whitt is getting her B.S. degree in welding technology by learning tips and tricks from her dad. Continue Reading. The Ask Elmer column, written by Hobart Institute of Welding Technology instructor Elmer Swank, appeared in Practical Welding Today for four years. Even though the column no longer exists, Swank is still in the business of answering questions and developing good welders. Installed and used properly, a reamer minimizes spatter and debris, prolongs consumables life, improves weld quality, and keeps a robotic welding cell productive.

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Source: http://www.thefabricator.com/?category=automationrobotics&filter=article


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