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The Benefits of Automation

Granted, most of us can’t create complex control systems, so we will have to do our best with what is available, but having the most mundane tasks automated will help free up some time.

If every time you checked your e-mails, all the messages had been sorted into folders before you logged on, you save time that you would have previously spent. If your Twitter account posts a message every time you update your website, you save time because you don’t need to do it yourself. If you spend an hour a day doing small tasks like these, you’re wasting a considerable amount of time. Automating these tasks will allow you to be able to work on what you consider is important.

A good starting point is to automate the things that we don’t want to spend time doing. Sorting e-mails into folders, de-cluttering your hard drive, updating all of your social media feeds. These little monotonous tasks can begin to take up a significant part of our day.

Automating your e-mail sorting is a good first step for many. From having Gmail automatically sort your emails with labels, or having a program record what you do in Microsoft Office and then repeat that when necessary. Carrying out repetitive monotonous tasks so that we don’t have to.

What do you spend your time doing that you could automate? Free up some time and you could be spending it doing something worthwhile. After you get one task automated, you’ll find others that you can automate too. Having all those small tasks automated will really affect the amount of free time you have. That’s time you can spend doing something you want to.

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Source: http://www.lifehack.org/articles/productivity/the-benefits-of-automation.html

Maximizing The Benefits Of Automation

Automation has been changing the face of manufacturing for decades, and innovation in automation continues to create processes that are more intricate, efficient, and effective.

With very few exceptions, automation will provide benefits to your production efficiency and bottom line, and by examining your existing processes you can determine where automation can help.

Complex automation relies on several input and processing methods, primarily by combining sensors and human inputs to “learn” how to execute complex processes with higher quality levels.  

While these processes exist, a more middle ground-level of automation exists – one that can provide a more palatable entry point of investment, and can deliver even greater efficiency and return on investment.  These types of mid-level automation are typically those that involve artificial intelligence robots assisting people in tasks such as moving medium-weight components from one production area to another, or assisting in complex assembly processes.

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Source:  https://revpart.com/are-you-automated-enough

Smart Home Automation


While it’s easier to fully automate a house that was wired for automation at construction, there are many wireless products that can be used in an existing home. Devices are available to automate simple repetitive chores, such as turning on the coffee maker, feeding the pets, or watering houseplants. Some products can help enhance safety and save energy. For example, motion detectors will turn on a light when you enter a room, and then turn it off when your leave, which eliminates having to grope around in the dark for a light switch.

Families with small children might appreciate the remote monitoring devices that can transmit either video or sound from a child’s bedroom. Parents could set this up for either i

n-house monitoring, or for monitoring via the Internet. Other security products include hidden video systems to monitor who’s at your door, and electronic door locks that automatically lock after the door has been closed. Biometric door locks are another neat automation, and require only a fingerprint scan to open, eliminating the requirement for keys.

If you prefer to keep the heat or air conditioning turned off while you’re at work, you can turn it back on via the Internet before leaving work. That way, the house can be at a comfortable temperature by the time you get home.

Modern electronics technology can help simplify home life by having certain chores performed automatically. People find many uses for smart home automation, and there are hundreds of vendors that have built products to address your needs.

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Source: http://my-smart-home-automation.com/home-automation


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