Zaphne, Inc. was formed in 2017 to create software and solutions that help humans apply artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing to data and metadata to automate research in any language.

Our platform has been extensively tested and is built to run securely in the public cloud and on private systems, as well as in secure environments.

Zaphne core technology has been deployed in banking and finance, scientific research, for government use, and in the legal field, and can be adapted to run as part of a larger data system.

The Zaphne Team

By bringing together complimentary talents and extensive industry experience, the Zaphne team addresses big issues with efficient technology solutions.

J.R. GETCHES, Programmer

Founder and programmer of Zaphne, J.R. started his professional career as Director of Data Processing for RJK Corporation, Virginia's largest private investment company.  Mr. Getches then moved to New York City where he was hired as a Senior Programmer/Analyst for Dow Jones developing their Foreign Currency and Precious Metals Trading Systems.  After eight years in New York, J.R. accepted an offer in Los Angeles to be Director of Strategic Development for the publicly traded Recovery Network, and then worked as part of the launch team where he was again Senior Programmer.  In 2004, J.R. moved back to the east coast to be closer to his family and became Webmaster of Motley Rice LLC, the world's largest plaintiff's law firm running all of their internet operations.  Since then, he has been an internet consultant for many regional companies including The Post & Courier, Charleston Mercury, People Matter, and Green Wizard.


Josh Silverman is an entrepreneur who has over two-decades of experience with the commercialization of applied technologies and automation of data for regulated industries including banking, finance, healthcare, and government entities.  He began his professional career in 2001 as an analyst and trader for Northwestern Mutual and then Merrill Lynch, developing contrarian strategies and proprietary algorithms for global stock and high-yield bond portfolios.  He then formed in 2011 to provide outsourced operational and financial management for technology startups, entrepreneurs, and growth stage companies.  Since 2016 he has worked with J.R. and Morgan on the development and application of Zaphne core technology to assist humans in the research and analysis of data at scale, and continues to be involved in special projects, turnarounds, and acquisitions as a consultant and investor.


In addition to being Zaphne's Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Malino is also active with Zwernerlaw, a boutique law firm, Transitiv, a buy-side programmatic advertising platform startup and VentureSouth, one of the largest early-stage investment firms in the US.  Mr. Malino was General Counsel to two previous companies: PureCars, which was purchased by Raycom Media for $125M and Unity Semiconductor, which was purchased by Rambus for $35M. Mr. Malino was also an adjunct professor at the Charleston School of Law where he taught patent law to upper level law students.


Allan Ramlall.2


Allan Ramlall is an experienced Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Specialist with deep expertise in setting up internal policies and compliance programs for an array of institutions. As part of his compliance duties, Mr. Ramlall conducts due diligence on U.S governmental institutions, major NGOs and multi-national companies, and the ‘vetting ‘of international counter-parties such as overseas banks and trading institutions.  Prior to Mr. Ramlall’s role as an AML/CFT Compliance consultant, his expertise centered on foreign exchange and metals trading, with over USD$1 billion annually in international banknotes and metals trades in the U.S – Spain – Africa corridor.  Mr. Ramlall holds BA in International Relations from American University and an MS from Georgetown University.

Board of Advisers

Jerry Nairne
Rich Conte
Charlotte Ziems
Richard Powers
David Wyman