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Beginning with the January 2018 Quarterly Release, DISA will publish updated benchmarks using the Security Content Automation Protocol, version 1.2. Migration to the SCAP 1.2 standard started with the recent release of the Windows Server 2016 Benchmark and will continue with the forthcoming release of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Benchmark. SCAP 1.2 introduces new capabilities for automated assessments through its updated component languages, providing more flexibility in developing new content. Some of these capabilities, listed below, may be utilized in future DISA Benchmark updates or new releases. The Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language, version 5.10, adds support for Windows PowerShell cmdlets, shared resource effective rights tests, and shared resource audited permissions tests. 

OVAL 5.10 improves support for Linux RPM verification. OVAL 5.10 also adds last-logon checks to Windows and UNIX/Linux checks. The Common Platform Enumeration, version 2.3, includes an applicability language that gives the benchmark the ability to determine whether a particular STIG Rule applies to the system being evaluated. This facility has allowed the Windows Server 2016 Benchmark to be published as a single benchmark, with domain-controller and member-server checks being evaluated only as necessary. DISA continues validation testing of SCAP 1.2 content with recent versions of HBSS/ePO/Policy Auditor, SPAWAR SCC, and ACAS. 

Though the content will be published as a ZIP file, ePO requires that the contents of the ZIP be extracted and then imported, rather than the ZIP file itself. As SCAP 1.2 releases of benchmarks are posted, previous SCAP 1.1 releases will be removed from IASE. To prepare for SCAP 1.2 content, please ensure your organization is using the current STIG tools and automation content available from IASE.​​. 

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Free Automated Content Downloads

It is used by webmasters in need of automated content for their pages. Phrase Generator v.3.0It is used to generate multiple phrases, used for creativity or automated content generation by webmasters. Combinatorial Phrase Generation based on synonyms or synonym phrases. WordPress Automated Blog Content v.2.0Caffeinated Content for WordPress Caffeinated Content for WordPress is a WordPress plugin that gives your blog a ton of legit automated content and serves it any way you want it. AXEPTool v.4.4AXMEDIS P2P client, a very easy to use P2P bittorrent client, joint the network with cross media content and tools, audio, video, animations and tools from axmedis partners: VRS, AFI, TISCALI, GIUNTI, XIM, BBC, etc. 

AXMEDIS Editor v.1.6AXMEDIS Editor is used for the manual production of AXMEDIS/MPEG-21 Objects, and allows creating and manipulating object features :structure and packaging,resource,metadata,visual and behavioral,protection,DRM editing, workflow, ….Axmedis Multiskin Player v.1.9.0This installer provides a Multiskin Player for AXMEDIS MPEG-21 Cross-media Contents. Customize your AXMEDIS Player according to your needs and style. The package contains AXMEDIS MPEG-21 demostrative contents as well. AXMEDIS ActiveX and DotNet Players v.1.8.3This installer provides two Players for AXMEDIS MPEG-21 Cross-media Contents ….AXMEDIS ActiveX Cross Media Player v.1.9.2This installer provides two Players for AXMEDIS MPEG-21 Cross-media Contents ….Toko Content Editor v.1.5.1Toko is a compact multi language, open source content editor and content management system. It is advanced easy to use yet fully featured program that takes 2 minuets to install even for non technical users. 

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Best Web Scraping Tools 2018

Web Scrapers are tools designed to extract / gather data in a website via crawling engine usually made in Java, Python, Ruby and other programming languages. Web Scrapers are also called as Web Data Extractors, Data Harvesters , Crawlers most of which are web-based or can be installed in local desktops. Web scraping software enable webmasters, bloggers, journalist and virtual assistants to harvest data from a certain website whether text, numbers, contact details and images in a structured way which cannot be done easily through manually copying and pasting due to the large amount of data that needs to be scraped. List of Best Web Scraping SoftwareThere are hundreds of Web Scrapers today available for both commercial and personal use. is has a great set of web scraping tools that cover all different levels. 

Content Grabber is the only web scraping software scraping. 80 legs offers customized web crawling that lets you get very specific about your crawling parameters, which tell 80legs what web pages you want to crawl and what data to collect from those web pages and also the general web crawling which can collect data like web page content, outgoing links and other data. ScrapeBox are most popular web scraping tools to SEO experts, online marketers and even spammers with its very user-friendly interface you can easily harvest data from a website;. Off course the list would not be cool without Scrapy, it is a fast high-level screen scraping and web crawling framework, used to crawl websites and extract structured data from their pages. Design with simplicity- Just writes the rules to extract the data from web pages and let Scrapy crawl the entire web site. It’s the latest in a long tradition of tools that lets a user click through the logic of web scraping. 

Your main goal is to get the specific images like web backgrounds, buttons, banners, header images and product images which is very useful for web designers. 

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