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Marketing Content Automation Software: Is It Effective?

After recently closing a. $30 million investment round in April from major investors like Goldman Sachs, Persado, a content automation software business, is looking to make digitized copywriting the future of marketing and many other sectors. Content automation software and services, like the AI-driven platform created by. Persado, provide content and copy to businesses by evaluating current messaging and then crafting new copy variations via a smart computer. Breaking it down even further, Persado’s content automation software analyzes a brand’s marketing language, formats values for emotional and descriptive phrases, then creates millions of variations of content after considering every type of emotional, formatting, and feature option. Before we discuss whether content automation software is here to stay, let’s touch on the effectiveness of the software. 

Although Persado has a limit of producing copy up to 600 characters, it seems to be incredibly useful for marketers looking for the most effective short marketing messages. Before you start firing your Content Writers, it’s important to note that Persado is currently only capable of producing short copy, so internal Content Writers are still able to outperform the software since they can write additional, longer content that the software can’t. Length is one limit to the software’s potential to change content writing entirely and the human element is also something to consider. The main argument against the software’s ability to become the future of content writing is that perhaps it is only capable of creating above-average content, but that writers alone are capable of crafting even better content that builds lasting relationships with clients and consumers. Only time will tell what this means for the role of Content Writers and the future of content writing. 

If your business needs help with content creation or content strategy, contact Mondo today. We can help solve your content problems and develop an effective, engaging content strategy guaranteed to provide results. 

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How Dynamic Content Makes Your Marketing a Helluva Lot More Personal

Eighteen flippin’ times more revenue! And leads who are nurtured with targeted content produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities. A Centralized Marketing Database: Your marketing database is the brain behind your dynamic content. A Smart Content Generator: Informed by the database, a smart content generator will show or hide content based on rules you set. Malleable Web Pages: A dynamic site has to be one that is easily editable and typically marketing-controlled, rather than run through another department like IT. 

An Integrated Email System: Extending smart content to the emails you send will require an email system that is tied into your contact database. When you’re integrating smart content of any sort into your marketing strategy, start with the question of how it will improve potential customers’ time on your site or with your emails. Here are a few places to start if you’re having trouble envisioning how to integrate smart content into your marketing. We’ve talked a lot on this blog about mapping content to the stages of a potential customer’s buying cycle. Rather than having a customer fill out yet another form, using smart or dynamic content can enable you to recognize a visitor as a customer, and give them a call-to-action that either minimizes the form fields or lets them bypass the download form entirely. 

While it may be difficult to tailor to every different industry you touch, dynamic content can help you create a highly customized experience for your highest-value industries. Smart content leverages the valuable insights your visitors, leads, and customers have provided you with: their interests, preferences, and historical behavior. Every potential buyer should be recognized as an individual with unique and evolving questions; smart content is one tool in your arsenal for creating marketing that’s more personalized and tailored to their needs. To learn more about smart content or get additional personalization ideas, take a look at my new ebook, An Introduction to Using Dynamic Content in Your Marketing. 

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Content Strategy’s Role in Marketing Automation and Lead Nurturing Gravitate

When it comes time to map your content to the nurturing process, all this knowledge of audience archetypes and content will be invaluable to building your marketing automation nurture streams. The vast majority of people who stumble into contact with you will never buy from you no matter what you do. Even the ones who become known to you – who have jumped the Snake River Canyon that is any web form – will never, ever, ever buy from you. For a B2B company, lead nurturing is really just reminding and waiting: reminding people you exist and waiting for the time they have the budget or the urgent need for the service you provide. In between now and then you can educate, entertain, and represent your brand in the most positive light possible. 

Season 1 may be three episodes, la BBC’s Sherlock Holmes: three emails aimed at putting your best foot forward and at being as useful as possible to your leads so that, one day, in the near or distant future, they’ll add you to their shortlist when it’s time to buy or take an action that results in you advancing them down the sales funnel. A content strategist who specializes in the ideation of compelling content for specific audiences should be in the room of every brainstorm for your next series of lead nurture campaigns. In the same way Netflix recommends a similar series if you like Sherlock Holmes, marketing automation software can trigger the delivery of similar content if a lead clicks on an email or consumes a piece of specific content. You will gain more from your content if it’s delivered to your audience at the right time, and marketing automation tools can provide you the data you need to determine the right time. If you’re a content strategist or a content creator, knowing how marketing automation works will make you better at your job. 

If you’re a marketer, you need the guidance of a content and audience expert to make the best decisions about reaching your audience. That’s why every marketing automation effort should involve content strategists from day one. 

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