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How to Create a Table of Content Automation In PowerPoint

Security Content Automation Protocol A protocol leveraging a suite of seven preexisting open specifications that standardize the format and nomenclature by which security software communicates information about software flaws and security configurations. SCAP For Product Vendors Product Names Provide CPE names for all products Configuration Controls Each security relevant configuration control is assigned a CCE through a federated CCE creation process. Secure Configuration Baselines Development of configuration checks to confirm that a system is running under the specified secure configuration. Enable automated secure configuration checking – Enables automated checking during NIAP evaluation. Structured secure configuration guides – Enables automated checking for adherence to the policy. 

Standardized configuration item identification Configuration Controls – Enables fast, accurate correlation across information sources. Enable automated secure configuration checking Support Automated System Integrations – Enables automated checking during NIAP evaluation. Structured secure configuration guides Secure Configuration Baselines – Enables automated checking for adherence to the policy. Standardized configuration item identification Assign a CCE to all security relevant configuration controls in the product. Vendor Actions: – Identify all security relevant configuration controls – Assign CCE IDs to all security relevant configuration controls Validator Role: – CCEs are listed for the product – Product’s Secure Configuration Guide includes CCE references. 

Enable automated secure configuration checking Instrument security relevant configuration controls for automated configuration checking. Structured secure configuration guides Enable standardized automatic software configuration checking using CPE, OVAL and XCCDF. Vendor Actions: – Create an SCAP-expressed benchmark for the secure configuration of the product Validator Role: Verify that the SCAP-expressed benchmark is available and valid Benefit: – Enables faster more accurate checking for adherence to the policy. 

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How much does a content marketing consultant or agency cost?

Having become one of the premier leaders in the field of content marketing workshops over the past few years, we at The Sales Lion find that most businesses are best served with a 3-5 hour workshop with the main portion of the team and then another few hours with management to discuss the workshop’s results as well as other details for successful implementation. To read an extensive breakdown about the keys to a great content marketing workshop, read the following article: How to Give an Incredible Content Marketing Workshop that Gets Results. Great content marketing consultants understand just how important it is to give world-class marketing training to those higher up in the organization as well as those folks that will be doing the day to day tasks. For a content marketing campaign to be very successful, it’s generally necessary that someone on staff is the main champion, leader, and organizer of the marketing efforts within this realm. A great PPC campaign works in fluid conjunction with a successful content marketing strategy. 

Content marketing consultants are often highly skilled in organizing a successful PPC campaign. Just as with PPC, email marketing is a MAJOR component of a great content marketing campaign, especially if it’s used to deliver blog articles, videos, etc. In other industries, platforms like Twitter and Facebook may not be nearly as important, but this does not mean they shouldn’t be considered in the content marketing process. A great content marketing campaign is one that is tracked, followed, experimented with, and scrutinized when it comes to site analytics. Many of our clients here at The Sales Lion are taught how to use HubSpot to measure their inbound and content marketing efforts and the true ROI of their work. 

As you can see from the list above, the duties of a content marketing consultant or agency can get pretty expansive, as well as the time it takes each week to properly perform these duties. We can tell you that if you think hard about those two questions, your process of hiring a content marketing agency/ consultant will be much, much easier. 

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APPLICATION NOTE BD Biosciences Navigating the High-Content Imaging Process Introduction High-content imaging is a rapidly growing field that has shown great potential in all phases of the drug discovery process. The high-content imaging process can be divided into four major stages: biology, image acquisition, image analysis, and data analysis. A 4 x 4 montage consisting of 16 adjacent image fields is shown in Panel A. A plot of the Z′-factor values for four parameters obtained from analyses of images of various montage sizes is shown in Panel B. Images were acquired using a 20x objective on a BD Pathway 855. 

Application Note – High-Content Imaging Stage 3 – Image Analysis Once images are acquired, the next stage of high-content imaging is image analysis. Image analysis consists of a series of image processing and segmentation steps designed to extract quantitative data from images. The Image Processing Handbook by John C. Russ is an excellent resource for a more in depth discussion of image processing techniques. 6 Image Processing An initial step of image processing often involves the removal of artifacts in the image. Some image processing steps alter images to improve segmentation. 

Although a multitude of image processing techniques are available, a typical sequence of steps may include a combination of any of the following: Flat field correction Background subtraction Other preprocessing filters Flat Field Correction Flat field correction is an image processing method designed to correct uneven illumination across the image field or shadows generated from the imaging system. Application Note – High-Content Imaging Segmentation After image processing, the next step in image analysis is segmentation. For fluorescent images of cells, the threshold intensity is the image gray value below which image data is determined to be background and above which the data is considered foreground or part of the objects of interest. An automatic threshold is adjusted based on individual image content and typically varies between images of an experiment. 

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