Zaphne – Content Automation News for 07-31-2018

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The Formula for Content Marketing Automation ROI [Webinar]

WidgetBaiting Free Automated Content Generation Software

Blog spams -or- creates automated content -or- cloaks. I don’t necissarily think that one needs to use many automated tools to do well. I do well enough with this site without using any of those tools, but it does not mean someone is a bad person if they use a tool which may not comply with the search engine’s TOS. Search engines do not always comply with publisher’s TOS, either. There are large groups of people who move from business to business and person to person claiming how unethical they are and how right they are when a site eventually get penalized by Google. 

Now sometimes these people are right, and other times they rely on Google to tell them what is good and bad, right and wrong. My blog software was down a large part of the day :(. I think the web as a whole would do far better if on average we each looked for ways to do better ourselves than to point at the flaws with others. Now granted the fact that I have this blog makes me a bit of a pundit of sorts, but the point of this post is that generally the biggest gains are in improving our own sites, offerings, and marketing methods rather than wasting efforts on thinking about how unfair or unethical some idea may be. I do realize that some people expect certain things from me and from time to time my ideas or links or words will disappoint a few people. 

My buddy Jason Duke recently created Widget Baiting, which is a free tool that can be used to mix content. Set article length recreate at random or using Markov chains set the change percentage quickly change various words quickly regenerate up to 100 mutations of any article regenerate future generations from those articles. This tool is most likely used for spamming purposes and could probably do well when combined with things like Yahoo!’s autolinker, but is not something I would recommend using on sites that you had long term goals with. Having said that, this tool can also be used by professional SEOs to create similar mutations of pages to understand how conceptually related pages can be before they are hit by duplicate content filters and how some various search technologies may work. 

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5 Huge Benefits of Marketing Automation

According to Grand View Research, the marketing automation industry could be valued at $7.63 billion(!) by 2025, which means there’s no better time than now to adopt an automation solution in your own practices. Before you do let’s explain what marketing automation is exactly, and the benefits your company can reap from implementing it. In this blog, I’ll clarify the definition of marketing automation and explain five of the benefits your organization will see from adopting an automation solution and strategy. Perhaps the pinnacle of technological advancement lies at the heart of marketing automation solutions: what once took days, now takes hours, and what once took hours, now takes minutes. The bottom line: marketing automation solutions all but guarantee a positive ROI when effectively implemented. 

As your initial marketing efforts begin to find their groove, a great problem arises: your current marketing stack-whether that be an entry-level CRM or a Rolodex-will no longer cut it. Invest in an effective marketing automation solutions that can support both your short and long-term growth. Allow me to introduce the olive branch that has escaped modern businesses for decades: marketing automation makes quick work of strengthening the relationship between these two teams. CMOs are happy with their team’s increased productivity and cost reductions, but CEOs and board members will revel in the influx of closed deals, all thanks to the power of the right marketing automation solution. The top marketing automation solutions will undoubtedly have some manner of reporting on each campaign’s performance, which is critical in today’s data-driven world. 

The elite marketing automation solutions can even forecast future campaign performance based on historical data, using machine learning and AI. We all know the value of understanding which marketing initiatives work and which don’t, and nothing provides a clearer picture than a marketing automation solution with powerful revenue attribution capabilities. These are just five of what may be hundreds of benefits to investing in a marketing automation stack. 

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TransPerfect Announces First System for Labeling & Marketing Content Automation & MDR/IVDR Compliance

NEW YORK-()-TransPerfect, the world’s largest language services provider and the largest provider of language services and process automation technology to the medical device industry, today announced the introduction of its new EnCompass Solution, specifically configured to help address the estimated $20 billion cost of MDR/IVDR compliance. Built on modular, validated technology, the EnCompass system helps medical device manufacturers reduce the cost, risk, and turnaround time for labeling and marketing content creation, translation, and publication by up to 50%, while satisfying key MDR/IVDR compliance requirements. One year into the transition period for the new MDR/IVDR, manufacturers are just beginning to assess the operational challenges that compliance will require. This is especially true in the area of device content, where the effort to meet new MDR/IVDR requirements using traditional, manual processes is contributing to the estimated $20 billion cost of compliance. The EnCompass System is a modular solution that includes XML component content management technology, automated translation processing, and UDI-enabled digital publishing and master data management. 

Each component can be employed individually or together to deliver maximum control and MDR/IVDR compliance, while minimizing risk. The system’s UDI-enabled technology has multiple uses, including direct-to-user digital labeling and master data management. One major device manufacturer successfully employed this technology to solve a $3 billion supply chain issue and position itself for EU UDI compliance. TransPerfect Medical Device Solutions is the specialized medical device division of TransPerfect, the world’s largest provider of language services and process automation technology. From offices in more than 90 cities on six continents, TransPerfect offers a full range of services in 170+ languages to clients worldwide. 

With an unparalleled commitment to quality and client service, TransPerfect is fully ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified across all offices. The Medical Device Solutions group is further certified to ISO 13485 and ISO 14971. 

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